French Supersport: Debise Clinches Championship At Circuit Carole

French Supersport: Debise Clinches Championship At Circuit Carole

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Former MotoAmerica regular Valentin Debise clinched the 2021 French Supersport Championship in style with a pair of victories on his Michelin-shod Weber Motos Racing Kawasaki ZX-6R August 22-23 at Circuit Carole, in Tremblay-en-France.

Debise has won 11 of 12 races so far in 2021, allowing him to clinch the Championship with two races still to run.

Debise also holds a seven-point lead in the French Superbike Championship with two races remaining September 10-12 at Pole Mecanique d’Alès, in the south of France.

In addition, Debise is currently second in the IDM (German) Superbike and Supersport Championship standings with two rounds and four races remaining in each class.



Valentin Debise (153) at speed on his Kawasaki ZX-6R. Photo courtesy Valentin Debise.
Valentin Debise (153) at speed on his Kawasaki ZX-6R. Photo courtesy Valentin Debise.



More, from a press release issued by FSBK:

The penultimate round of the French Superbike Championship took place this weekend on the Circuit Carole to the clamor of the Ile-de-France public. For the occasion, the Moto Club Motors Events and the FFM welcomed the elite of French speed. Although threatening, the weather remained mild, allowing the drivers to express themselves fully and to offer exciting races.



On a drying track, Kenny FORAY (BMW Tecmas – Michelin) takes a perfect start and keeps the first position ahead of Mathieu GINES (Yamaha Tech Solutions – Michelin) and Valentin DEBISE (Kawasaki Twist Ring Racing – Dunlop) who is already under threat by David MUSCAT (Ducati – Michelin). In the peloton, Axel MAURIN (Yamaha CMS – Michelin) fell in the first corner and took back the track in last position.

After 4 laps, the FORAY – GINES duo is already more than 3 seconds ahead of MUSCAT, 3rd following a successful pass on DEBISE. The latter was then relegated by Alan TECHER (BMW Tecmas – Michelin) who then attacked the driver of the Ducati n ° 3.

On the side of the head, the two former teammates continue their duel in front of Alan TECHER who gives off company to the train of pursuers: David MUSCAT, Valentin DEBISE, Guillaume ANTIGA (Honda – Michelin) and Morgan BERCHET (Yamaha – Dunlop).

At the halfway point, it was very close between MUSCAT and DEBISE, which broke away from ANTIGA and BERCHET. In the process, the latter goes to the fault and gives up.

While FORAY and GINES fight, TECHER manages its race in 3rd place. MUSCAT also makes a mistake while trying to stay in contact with DEBISE who increases the pace. For his part, Guillaume ANTIGA defends his 5th place against the return of Nicolas ESCUDIER (Yamaha Tech Solution – Michelin).

At 3 laps from the finish, the race leader is putting on a show! GINES puts the brakes on FORAY and immediately distances the driver of BMW n ° 78.

Finally, Mathieu GINES will never be caught, the defending champion offers himself a 2nd victory this season ahead of Kenny FORAY, 2nd. Glorious return for TECHER which climbs on the 3rd step of the podium. After a difficult start to the race, DEBISE still managed to grab the points for 4th place ahead of the Challenger ANTIGA. Nice performance also from ESCUDIER who completed the top 6.

The following places are to be credited to Challengers riders, Martin RENAUDIN (Yamaha Moto & GPAddict – Pirelli) ranks 7th ahead of Guillaume RAYMOND (Suzuki LMS – Michelin), 8th and Valentin SUCHET (Suzuki LMS – Pirelli), 9th.

ANTIGA therefore won the category of young pilots. RENAUDIN and RAYMOND accompany him on the podium.


The premier class pilots attack the first corner at daggers drawn!

While Mathieu GINES (Yamaha Tech Solutions – Michelin) resists attacks from BMW Tecmas riders Kenny FORAY and Alan TECHER, Valentin DEBISE (Kawasaki Twist Ring Racing – Dunlop) is forced to leave the track to avoid a collision in the heart of the peloton and back in the rankings.

After 5 laps, a quadruple fall involving the members of the top 10 Valentin SUCHET (Suzuki – Michelin), Morgan BERCHET (Yamaha – Dunlop), Alexis LAMIRE (Yamaha – Michelin) and Vincent GAUTHEREAU (Suzuki – Pirelli), leads to the exit of the flag red by the race director.

The race then starts again for 16 laps and it is GINES which carries out the holeshot while FORAY remains in its aspiration. Behind the two men, Alan TECHER and David MUSCAT (Ducati – Michelin) remain in contact.

After 5 laps, while he occupies the 5 th position and gives everything to pick up at the head, Debise fall at Turn Hotel. Driver Kawasaki # 153 shows the track and passes through the pit lane to emerge 15 th .

With 6 laps to go, nothing is decided between the 4 leading men who stand in one second. On 5 th rank, Nicolas ESCUDIER (Yamaha Tech Solution – Michelin) battle with William ANTIGA (Honda – Michelin).

The hierarchy does not move until the last laps where FORAY increases the pace and takes the best from GINES. The classification remains unchanged on the finish line, the driver of BMW n ° 78 takes the victory ahead of GINES. TECHER confirms the 3 rd place ahead MUSCAT and ESCUDIER.

ANTIGA, meanwhile, finished in 6 th place and first among drivers Challengers. Despite a last daring maneuver to try to recover instead of William ANTIGA Axel Maurin (CMS Yamaha – Michelin) concludes the 7 th rank.

Martin RENAUDIN (Yamaha Motorcycles & GPAddict – Pirelli) and Guillaume RAYMOND (Suzuki LMS – Michelin), 8 th and 9 th at the finish, completed the podium Challengers drivers.

Note, Debise finished ranking bottom in the race and wins the point of the 15 th spot.

When the two parts of the race are combined, the classification remains unchanged.

In the provisional classification, DEBISE remains leader with 254 points ahead of GINES, which reunites with 247 points and FORAY, 172 points.



Author of the pole position, Valentin DEBISE (Kawasaki – Michelin) made a success of his start and quickly took shelter from the attacks of his pursuer Ludovic CAUCHI (Yamaha – Pirelli).

On the 4th lap, Damien MARMION (Yamaha – Pirelli) fell in the first corner, the race management stopped the hostilities with a red flag. Following this incident, the pilots set off again for 17 laps.

This time, the young CAUCHI takes the best of DEBISE and takes the lead. Despite everything, the leader of the Championship is very urgent in the wheel of CAUCHI. Behind, the Challengers Matthieu GREGORIO (Yamaha – Pirelli) and Tom BERCOT (Yamaha – Pirelli) are in the fight.

On the 5th lap, DEBISE applied the brakes to CAUCHI at the Hotel corner and took control of the race. In the process, the pilot of Yamaha n ° 74 loses pace and is joined by GREGORIO and BERCOT while DEBISE escapes. Behind their backs, Kilian AEBI (Suzuki – Dunlop) is 5th at a comfortable distance from Cédric TANGRE (Yamaha – Michelin), 6th.

Finally, DEBISE easily wins the combination of the two parts of the race and, subject to a compliant machine, wins the title of Champion of France Supersport 600: it is the first title of the 2021 season! CAUCHI took advantage of his good start to the race to take 2nd place ahead of GREGORIO who completed the podium. AEBI takes advantage of BERCOT’s 10 seconds of penalties for having exceeded the limits of the track and is classified 4th. The rider of Yamaha n ° 98 therefore finished 5th.

In Challenger, the same pilots are honored, CAUCHI climbs on the top step of the podium completed by GREGORIO and AEBI. Penalized, BERCOT only ranks 4th in the category.


Serene after having obtained the title, Valentin DEBISE (Kawasaki – Michelin) does not weaken. Instead, the Albigensian pilot retains the benefit of pole position and finished the first lap with nearly a second ahead of Ludovic CAUCHI (Yamaha – Pirelli) in second place after starting from the 2 nd line.

On 6 th round, Valentin Debise continued increased the lead as Ludovic CAUCHI takes Matthew GREGORIO (Yamaha – Pirelli) in its wake. Behind, the public observes the battle between Cédric TANGRE (Yamaha – Michelin), Kilian AEBI (Suzuki – Dunlop) and Dylan MILLE (Yamaha – Pirelli).

With 9 laps to go, while DEBISE manages his effort, GREGORIO takes the upper hand over CAUCHI and escapes in 2 nd row. For their part, TANGRE, AEBI and MILLE always stand in less than a second.

Upon arrival, famous Debise his 11 th win of the season. Beautiful performance of the young GREGORIO: he climbs on the 2 nd step of the podium completed by his friend and opponent CAUCHI. In the struggle for the 4 th place AEBI is illustrated before Tangre, 5 th and THOUSAND, 6 th .

In Challenger, GREGORIO and CAUCHI are therefore classified 1 st and 2 nd ahead of AEBI which offers itself a podium to close an encouraging weekend.

With 304 points DEBISE won the French Supersport 600 Championship thanks to a sufficient lead over CAUCHI, also assured of remaining second with 213 points. GREGORIO provisionally completes the podium with 138 points.



At the start of the race, Yannis RAINGARD (Beon Yamaha) and Amaury MIZERA (Beon Yamaha) were the most enterprising, the two pilots escaped. Mattéo ROMAN (KTM RC4R) tries to stay in contact with the two leaders but quickly sees them disappear.

Over the course of the race, RAINGARD and MIZERA remain neck and neck and fight for the head while the peloton withers… For his part, Mattéo ROMAN is still in 3rd place more than 5 seconds ahead of Jules BERCOT (Beon Honda), 4th.

5 laps from the finish, RAINGARD fell in the Delta bend. With his machine lying on the track, the race management deploys the red flag and puts an end to the race. MIZERA therefore won ahead of ROMAN and BERCOT who seized the opportunity to get on the box. Discreet throughout the 15 laps, Rémy SANJUAN (KTM RC4R) finished at the foot of the podium.

In the NSF 250, the public finds Evan BOXEBERGER (Honda), 5th overall and the only driver classified in his category following the abandonment of his opponents.


In good shape after his victory in race 1, Amaury MIZERA (Beon Yamaha) made the difference at the start of the race. Behind his back, the fight begins between Mattéo ROMAN (KTM RC4R), Rémy SANJUAN (KTM RC4R) and Jules BERCOT (Beon Honda).

Halfway through the race, MIZERA has more than 6 seconds ahead of its pursuers who are still battling for 2nd place. In turn, the driver of the No. 39 NSF 250 Bartholomew PERRIN is isolated in 5 th place.

Upon arrival, MIZERA concludes a weekend crowned with two victories. On the 2 nd step of the podium, the public finds SANJUAN who brakes in the last bend in ROMAN, 3 rd . In the closing laps, PERRIN grants itself the 4 th place ahead BERCOT, 5 th .

PERRIN therefore won the NSF 250 category ahead of Lucas BOSSON (Honda), 9th overall.

ROMAN leads the provisional classification with 173.5 points, just ahead of MIZERA (165 points) and BERCOT (159 points).



From 2nd place, Diego PONCET (Kawasaki – Pirelli) takes the best flight but Anatole BEAUPÈRE (Kawasaki Moto & GP Addict – Pirelli) and Alexis BOUDIN (Yamaha FT Racing Academy – Michelin) respond immediately. After 3 laps, it’s BOUDIN who is leading ahead of BEAUPERE and PONCET.

Over the laps, Alexis BOUDIN increases the pace but his opponents do not give him any ground. After a mixed start from 3rd place, Championship leader Florent DA CUNHA (Kawasaki – Pirelli) managed to move up to second place ahead of Anatole BEAUPÈRE. Diego PONCET, meanwhile, fell in the standings to 5th place behind Alexy NEGRIER (Yamaha – Pirelli).

In their 9th lap, the leaders BOUDIN and BEAUPERE cling to the Golf turn! The two pilots fell and left the profit of the first position to DA CUNHA who took PONCET and NEGRIER on his wheel. For his part, Adrien QUINET (Kawasaki – Pirelli) is isolated in 4th row more than 10 seconds from the leading men.

A few laps from the finish, PONCET managed to regain the leading position. In pursuit of him, DA CUNHA and NEGRIER gradually fell behind.

In the last laps, PONCET confirmed and offered the victory with more than a second ahead of DA CUNHA who resisted the final attack by NEGRIER, 3rd. Adrien QUINET, meanwhile, maintains his position and ranks 4th ahead of Paul CAILLOL (Kawasaki – Dunlop) and Evann PLAINDOUX (Kawasaki – Pirelli).

In Challenger, first place is to the credit of Fergus CHRETIENNOT (KTM – Pirelli), 8th overall. The category podium is completed by Enzo DAHMANI (Kawasaki – Dunlop), 11th and Lohan GEISER (Yamaha – Pirelli), 12th.


Anatole BEAUPÈRE (Kawasaki Moto & GP Addict – Pirelli), revenge after his retirement in race 1, took the start from pole position with the knife between his teeth. In the fight to keep the leadership in the 2 nd lap, the young protector of the Moto & GP Addict team made a mistake and fell. The situation benefited Diego PONCET (Kawasaki – Pirelli) who took control of the race.

In the following laps, a quartet formed in the lead, Diego PONCET led Florent DA CUNHA (Kawasaki – Pirelli), Alexis BOUDIN (Yamaha FT Racing Academy – Michelin) and Alexy NEGRIER (Yamaha – Pirelli).

Halfway through the race, the four young men are still wheel to wheel in this order: DA CUNHA, PONCET, BOUDIN, NEGRIER. On 5 th rank, Adrien Quinet (Kawasaki – Pirelli) is isolated and lives a quiet race.

At 4 laps, DA CUNHA makes the difference before escaping to NEGRIER and Poncet while PUDDING distanced the 4 th rank.

At the checkered flag, DA CUNHA won with 1”204 ahead of NEGRIER, 2 nd , resisting successive attacks from PONCET who completed the podium. From his side PUDDING concludes at 4 th place ahead Quinet, 5 th .

Challenger, Fergus CHRETIENNOT (KTM – Pirelli) wins again with its 9 th place overall. 13 th arrival, Enzo DAHMANI (FT Yamaha Racing Academy – Michelin) was second in the category of young drivers before Valentine BRULEY (Yamaha – Pirelli), 15 th .

DA CUNHA provisionally remains leader in Supersport 300 with 214 points ahead of its direct competitors NEGRIER (198 points) and PONCET (197 points).



On a wet track, LEGLISE / LAVOREL made an impressive start to the race and had a good lead of 5 seconds after 3 laps. His first pursuer PERILLAT / KOTCHAN quickly found himself isolated in second row ahead of GUIGNARD / POUX and LUNEAU / BIDAULT. While the trajectory dry gradually BARBER / RIGONDEAU pays his choice from rain tires, the side # 72 backward to the 5 th  place and only maintain a high rate.

At the halfway point, the leader is calm with more than 20 seconds ahead of PERRILLAT / KOTCHAN while GUIGNARD / POUX, 3 rd , distance LUNEAU / BIDAULT, 4 th .

After 14 laps, GUIGNARD / POUX made the junction on PERILLAT / KOTCHAN before passing it to temporarily climb onto the podium.

Thanks to perfect management of the track conditions, LEGLISE / LAVOREL won without contest and signed the double this weekend. Very quick end position, Guignard / POUX ranks 2 nd on arrival before PERILLAT / Kochan, 3 rd .

Rounding out the top 5, the paddock find LUNEAU / BIDAULT, 4 th and BARBER / RIGONDEAU, 5 th , which manages to retain its position.

As for F2, faster are CHANAL / Lassia and MOREL / MOREL, both teams are ranked 7 th and 8 th overall. To complete the podium in the category of short chassis, MICHON / MUGNIOT concludes the 10 th position.

LEGLISE / LAVOREL takes the lead in the Championship with 227 points ahead of PEUGEOT / PEUGEOT (192 points) which is paying dearly for its weekend package. Provisionally, GUIGNARD / POUX completes the top 3 with a total of 163 points.

FOLLOW THE 2021 FE-SUPERBIKE FRENCH CHAMPIONSHIP, the website dedicated to the French Superbike Championship always offers to follow the news of the weekend live, detailed information, photos, results, videos …

For this 2021 season, the FFM will broadcast a video of the best moments of the day each evening on the official FSBK-FE facebook page and the website.

Other meetings will punctuate the weekend through a device specifically focused on social networks via Twitter:  @FSBK_officiel , Facebook: fsbk, Youtube:  ffmfsbk  and Instagram:  fsbk

September 10 – 12 – Alès (30) – MC Motors Events

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