French Superbike: Valentin Debise Continues Domination At Ledenon

French Superbike: Valentin Debise Continues Domination At Ledenon

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More, from a press release issued by the French Superbike Championship:



Ledenon (30)

This weekend of 29 and 30 May, the Ledenon circuit hosted the 3 rd stage of the France Superbike Championship organized by the MC Lédenon under the aegis of the FFM. In each category, the leaders achieved doubles! Find out who were behind the weekend’s exploits.



Author of a good start, Valentin DEBISE (Kawasaki Twist Ring Racing – Dunlop) sets the tone from the first seconds. Unstoppable, he applies the same strategy as in the last races: take off! The paddock thus finds the rider of the Kawasaki n ° 153 in the lead at the finish, more than 6 seconds ahead of the other competitors.

Launched in pursuit of him, Mathieu GINES (Yamaha Tech Solutions – Michelin) resisted in the first laps against Alan TECHER (BMW Tecmas – Michelin) who moved to 3rd place after a very good start from 6th place on the grid. The hierarchy changes in the 14 th round, TECHER elbowing and relegates GINES in 3 rd position. At the end of a game that continues until the last laps, it is finally the reigning French Champion who stands out in second place ahead of TECHER, 3 rd .

Axel MAURIN (Yamaha CMS – Michelin) was hit with a real blow! In 4 th place until the 19 th lap, the CMS team rider pulled straight into the gravel trap and lost a considerable amount of time. He nevertheless managed to get back on track and finished 13 th . For its part, Morgan BERCHET (Yamaha – Dunlop) will grant the 4 th place after having faced Kenny Foray (BMW Tecmas – Michelin). The driver of BMW n ° 78, determined to take the first place, seemed to have some problems and slowed down in the second part of the race. Kenny Foray will still wins an honorable 5 th place after having resisted Sébastien SUCHET (Kawasaki – Dunlop), 6th .

Already very fast during testing, the Challenger, Martin RENAUDIN (Yamaha Motorcycles & GPAddict – Pirelli) took the 7 th place ahead of Gregory LEBLANC (Ducati TWR – Pirelli) and Matthew Lussiana (Yamaha – Dunlop).

In Superbike Challengers pilot, William ANTIGA (Honda – Michelin) and Alan AGOGUE (Yamaha – Dunlop) respectively 12 th and 14 th in the scratch, complete the podium. Note, the resident of Team Le Mans Sud Guillaume RAYMOND (Suzuki LMS – Bridgestone) and the winner of the European Bike 2020

Leo Challamel (BMW – Dunlop) finished 4 th and 5 th .


Would the scenario repeat itself for Valentin DEBISE? His opponents try to answer in the negative! Mathieu GINES remains in the leader’s wheel in the first laps. Then, in the 5th lap, Kenny FORAY takes the ascendancy over the reigning French Champion who then finds himself in the sights of Alan TECHER.

Halfway through the race, DEBISE is moving less than a second from FORAY. GINES, meanwhile, manages his race in 3 rd rank and TECHER the 4 th . Despite the efforts and the implementation of the pilot 78, Debise finally widens the gap and is essential for a 6 th place win in MotoGP. FORAY confirms an honorable second place ahead of GINES and TECHER.

The gain of 5 th place, on the other hand, stages a battle between Morgan BERCHET, Gregory LEBLANC, Sébastien SUCHET and Axel MAURIN. The quartet finished in the same order with BERCHET in 5 th row ahead of LEBLANC, SUCHET and MAURIN.

Rigorous, the current leader of the Superbike Challenger Martin RENAUDIN ranks 9 th in the scratch and first in its class. Author of the same result as in the morning, Guillaume ANTIGA wins the points for second place ahead of Alan AGOGUE. Note Clement STOLL (Kawasaki – Dunlop) and Bryan Chuat (Yamaha – Pirelli) finished 4 th and 5 th in the Challenger category.

In the provisional, DEBISE is in the lead with 154 points ahead of GINES (112 points) and BERCHET (74 points).

As a challenger, RENAUDIN is in the lead with 145 points ahead of ANTIGA (124 points) and AGOGUE (97 points).




Despite his very good time during practice, Valentin DEBISE (Kawasaki – Michelin) encountered strong resistance from the young Challenger Tom BERCOT (Yamaha – Pirelli) who applied continuous pressure on the Albigensian rider for a large part of the race. race! However, the latter relaxes his effort in the last laps in front of the frantic pace of DEBISE which is illustrated in this first race. BERCOT therefore finished second.

In 3 rd place, the Challenger Ludovic CAUCHI (Yamaha – Pirelli) fails to keep pace with the two leaders. However, it manages its management and confirms the 3 rd place on the podium, synonymous with “big points” for the general classification.

Despite a good start to race in 4 th place, the pilot Challenger Matthew GREGORIO (Yamaha – Pirelli) is penalized because of too noisy machine. He then finds himself obliged to make a passage through the pit lane and concluded the race in 7 th spot.

The foot of the podium is contested by two SSP600 riders. After a long battle, finally found Hugo CLERE (Yamaha – Pirelli) in 4 th place ahead Enzo DE LA VEGA (Yamaha – Pirelli), relegated to the 5 th rank. Effective during tests, Kevin LONGEARET (Yamaha – Dunlop) wins the 6 th place in race.

The top 3 Challenger consisting of Tom BERCOT Ludovic CAUCHI and Matthew GREGORIO, the paddock, however, notes the strong performance of Kilian AEBI (Suzuki – Dunlop) pilot from Cups of France Promosport, which ranks 8 th in the scratch and 4 th of its category.


The wild flight of Valentin DEBISE from 2nd place on the starting grid is to be put into perspective with the missed start of poleman and Challenger pilot Tom BERCOT. The Albigensian takes the lead in the first lap while BERCOT, who saw a few drivers pass in front of him in the first corner, must increase his efforts to come and wedge his wheels behind the other Challenger Ludovic CAUCHI, 2nd at the end first round. BERCOT finally takes the ascendancy over the rider of Yamaha n ° 74 and tries to join DEBISE. This will not happen: the rider of Kawasaki n ° 153 drives the point home and wins in front of BERCOT.

CAUCHI his side, is found in the clutches of his colleague Challenger Matthew GREGORIO and fails to contain his opponent: he goes down to 4 th place. Yet in the last round, CAUCHI his attack on the driver No. 24 and recovers the 3 rd spot leaving GREGORIO settle for the podium.

Note Enzo DE LA VEGA and Hugo CLERE battled for 3 rd place alongside GREGORIO and CAUCHI before falling in the 11 th round. The pilot Challenger Kilian AEBI inherits the 5 th place in front of the driver SSP600 Dylan THOUSAND (Yamaha – Pirelli).

The top 3 Challenger is therefore made up of BERCOT, CAUCHI and GREGORIO.

In the provisional, DEBISE is in the lead with 148 points ahead of CAUCHI (117 points) and BERCOT (99 points).

In Challenger, CAUCHI is in the lead with 142 points ahead of BERCOT (134 points) and GREGORIO (78 points).




Following his domination during practice, the young Amaury MIZERA (Beon Yamaha) made a faultless race and won after having outdistanced his main opponent: Mattéo ROMAN (KTM RC4R). The latter, also too fast for the rest of the OGP field, consolidates the 2 nd place with more than 15 seconds ahead of Jules BERCOT (Beon Honda), 3 rd .

Mathis FARGIER (Brevo PM3) takes advantage of the fall of Clement Giabbani (Moriwaki) in the 13 th round and 4th class before Nathan AMIRAULT (Beon Yamaha).


After a red flag waved by the Race Direction following the fall of several drivers at the start, the race started again a few minutes later for 10 laps.

As fast as ever, Amaury MIZERA takes control and then pulls away slightly from his best opponent, Mattéo ROMAN. The latter nevertheless returned to the clinch at the halfway point and applied constant pressure on MIZERA until the very last lap. However, it was the driver of the Beon Yamaha n ° 111 who distinguished himself in front of ROMAN.

Mathis FARGIER completes the podium ahead of Remy SANJUAN (KTM RC4R) and Elliot KASSIGIAN (KTM RC4R).

In the provisional, MIZERA is still in the lead with 154 points ahead of ROMAN (83 points) and SANJUAN (79 points).


NSF 250


Like the qualifying practice, Lorenzo GUYAU (Honda) was faster than his opponents and won. As for Marius HENRY (Honda), he takes second place ahead of Ilan PERON (Honda).


It’s tight between the NSF pilots! Neck to neck at the end of the race, Lorenzo GUYAU won with only a few tenths ahead of Marius HENRY.

Ilan PERON could not take the start.

In the provisional, HENRY is in the lead with 87 points ahead of GUYAU (78 points) and PERON (77 points).




The best start can be attributed to the second fastest driver in testing: Florent DA CUNHA (Kawasaki – Pirelli). He takes Alexis PUDDING (FT Yamaha Racing Academy – Michelin) and Alexy NEGRIER (Yamaha – Pirelli) in his wheel and then sees lose the advantage in the 2 nd round. BOUDIN then takes control of the trio without detaching himself from his two opponents. After multiple passes of arms during the entire race, it is finally BOUDIN who wins by a hair on NEGRIER who himself stole 2nd place leaving the last step of the podium to DA CUNHA.

Behind the leading group, another trio made up of Line VIEILLARD (Yamaha FT Racing Academy – Michelin), Paul CAILLOL (Kawasaki – Pirelli) and Diego PONCET (Kawasaki – Pirelli) are in a fight for the foot of the podium during the first laps of race. Over the loops, the group “loose” and OLD installs an advance enabling him to sit the 4 th place on the finish line. CAILLOL fall after holding the 5 th row into the 13 th round. And it is a surprise that the paddock find the 5 th row: Anatole BEAUPÈRE (Kawasaki – Pirelli)! Author of a superb recovery from the 19 th place on the starting grid, he confirms here that can be counted on to play leading roles in Race 2. Poncet, meanwhile, finished 6 th .

Challenger side, Enzo DAHMANI (Kawasaki – Dunlop) confirmed his good form following the trials and wins by finishing 14 th in scratch just before Lucas LINXE (Kawasaki – Pirelli), 2 nd category. On the 3 rd place on the podium, Dorian JOULIN (Yamaha – Pirelli) finishes the race in 21 th place after starting in 32 th place on the grid.


Like the morning race, Florent DA CUNHA, Alexis BOUDIN and Alexy NEGRIER offer a three-way ballet for the victory. Truly above the rest, the trio with the mobile hierarchy continues the battle until the finish line where the three drivers are held in less than two tenths. Finally, BOUDIN scored a 2nd victory ahead of NEGRIER and DA CUNHA.

Within the group of pursuers, unlike in race 1, Line VIEILLARD found strong opponents with Anatole BEAUPÈRE, Diego PONCET and Adrien QUINET (Kawasaki – Pirelli)! After a magnificent play by heated exchanges, BEAUPÈRE finished 4 th at OLD, Poncet and Quinet.

On the Challenger side, Enzo DAHMANI wins once again ahead of Lucas LINXE. The latter was however first in the category at the start of the race but finished second in front of Fergus CHRETIENNOT (KTM – Pirelli).

In the provisional, NEGRIER is leading with 108 points ahead of PONCET (98 points) and QUINET (84 points).

As a challenger, DAHMANI is in the lead with 103 points ahead of CHRETIENNOT (102 points) and AMOURET (92 points).




After a great start, PEUGEOT / PEUGEOT took off on the first lap. It adopts a pace that is too fast to print for the rest of the sides board and widens the gap. On the finish line, the n ° 74 team finished king with more than 31 seconds ahead of their pursuers.

Less efficient when the lights were out, LEGLISE / LAVOREL competed with GUIGNARD / POUX in the first laps. The latter also manages to take the best of LEGLISE / LAVOREL which remains in its aspiration. The gap widens in the last part of the race and the hierarchy does not change. GUIGNARD / POUX therefore finishes 2 nd ahead of LEGLISE / LAVOREL.

It is also very tight for the 4 th place! LUNEAU / BIDAULT is holding up against LE BAIL / LEVEAU, both sides cross the finish line in that order and take 4 th and 5 th places.

In F2, it’s LEBLOND / CONIL’s turn to offer the laurels! Effective, the duo resisted the return of CHANAL / LAVOREL, which, unlike race 1, failed to win. In the 13 th round, the side No. 588 is even forced to stop due to a technical problem leaving LEGUEN / CESCUTTI seize the 2 nd spot.

PALACOEUR / CESCUTTI completes the F2 podium.

In the provisional, PEUGEOT / PEUGEOT is leading with 129 points ahead of REEVES / ROUSSEAU (93 points) and LEGLISE / LAVOREL (74 points).

In F2, CHANAL / LAVOREL holds the lead with 130 points ahead of LEBLOND / DOUANE CHAZELLE (88 points) and LEGUEN / CESCUTTI (72 points).


FOLLOW THE 2021 FE-SUPERBIKE FRENCH CHAMPIONSHIP, the website dedicated to the French Superbike Championship always offers to follow the news of the weekend live, detailed information, photos, results, videos …

For this 2021 season, the FFM will broadcast a video of the best moments of the day each evening on the official FSBK-FE facebook page and the website.

Other meetings will punctuate the weekend through a device specifically focused on social networks via Twitter:  @FSBK_officiel , Facebook: fsbk, Youtube:  ffmfsbk  and Instagram:  fsbk

June 18 – 20 – Pau Arnos (64) – Moto Club Pau Arnos

July 02 – 04 – Magny-Cours (58) – Moto Club Nevers et de la Nièvre

August 20 – 22 – Circuit Carole (93) – MC Motors Events

10 – September 12 – Alès (30) – MC Motors Events

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