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“Roadracing World is by far the most targeted media source for us to reach our true, hardcore sportbike enthusiasts. Both the print and online resources available to Yamaha are in-depth, topical and well-read pieces of journalism that make a smart buy for us.”
Bob Starr, General Manager, National Communications, Yamaha Motorsports Group

“Roadracing World is THE ONLY print advertising we do. There was a time when we ran ads ranging from full to quarter page sized in several other publications. In early 2010 we discontinued the other ads and increased the size of our Roadracing World ad. The reason for this was simple: we received awesome customer response from our Roadracing World presence. We will run a full page ad in this publication for as long as I have ownership in STG!”
Brian Van, Owner/Founder, Sportbike Track Gear

“If you’re after sportbike riders and racers, and you don’t have ad money to waste, read just one issue of Roadracing World and convince yourself. It’s the prime platform for the most informed, passionate, aware, active readers in our sport. RW creates an aura of trust that I think its readers transfer to the advertisers as well. I know it’s worked for us, and results are the only barometer that matters.”
Rick Menapace, The Plummer Menapace Group

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Roadracing World is your direct line to road racers, track day riders, and serious high-performance enthusiasts; riders who spend money on their motorcycles and who influence spending decisions made by their motorcycling friends and neighbors.

Roadracing World & Motorcycle Technology’s credibility and expertise is something racers and serious race fans agree is worth paying for!

Colton Roberts (9). Photo by, courtesy AHRMA.

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