French Superbike: Debise Sweeps Again, At Nogaro

French Superbike: Debise Sweeps Again, At Nogaro

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On this first weekend of May, the FFM and ASMoto Armagnac Bigorre hosted the second round of the French Superbike FSBK-FE championship on the Paul Armagnac circuit in Nogaro. The reunion with the public of the south-west was a success since 13,220 enthusiasts gathered to watch spectacular races between the best French speed drivers, including local Valentin Debise who distinguished himself through new exploits.



First twists from the reconnaissance lap, victims of mechanical problems, Gregory LEBLANC (Ducati TWR – Pirelli), 4th, and Tom BERCOT (Honda CBO – Michelin), 8th, returned to the pits before the start of the race.

Mathieu GINES (Yamaha Tech Solutions – Pirelli) sets the tone and completes the first lap in a leading position ahead of Valentin DEBISE (Yamaha – Michelin) who remains in his wake. Respectively 3rd and 6th on the starting grid, Martin RENAUDIN (Yamaha Moto&GP Addict – Pirelli) and Kenny FORAY (BMW Tecmas – Michelin) are fighting for 3rd position.

Lap after lap, the 4 leading drivers remained extremely close. While GINES, DEBISE and FORAY go blow for blow, RENAUDIN waits behind the quartet. For his part, Alan TECHER (Honda CBO – Michelin) is in 5th place with a big second ahead of Axel MAURIN (Yamaha – Pirelli), 6th, and himself under the threat of Valentin SUCHET (Suzuki Junior Team LMS – Pirelli), 7th.

Before the halfway point, the red flag was raised by race management following a fall by Kévin JAECK (Yamaha – Michelin) in the peloton.

The race was restarted for 7 laps and GINES took control ahead of his rival DEBISE while FORAY remained in ambush behind the two Yamahas. In 4th place, RENAUDIN manages to distance himself from the Honda n°5 of Alan TECHER, still in 5th position ahead of David MUSCAT (Ducati TWR – Michelin), who is becoming more and more pressing in 6th place.

In the final loop, DEBISE, back in the lead, resists the ultra late braking of GINES at the end of the aviation straight. He thus secures a third victory in as many races. The rider of the Yamaha n°41 once again came up against second place but demonstrated a level of performance that was increasingly close to that of the winner. See you in Race 2 for revenge!

Starting 6th, FORAY did a great job by getting on the podium at the expense of RENAUDIN who nevertheless signed a very good 4th place synonymous with victory in the Challenger category. TECHER, 5th, redoubled his efforts and resisted the last attack of the emblematic local driver, MUSCAT who widened his trajectory and fell back in the classification to 9th place.

Axel MAURIN (Yamaha CMS – Pirelli), therefore moved up to 6th, after having made the effort to contain the Ducati n°26 of Guillaume ANTIGA (Ducati – Pirelli) which took 8th place overall for the two parts of the race. The Challenger Valentin SUCHET, meanwhile, is 7th and takes the second step of the podium in his category, completed by the Luxembourger Chris LEESCH (Honda – Dunlop) who closes the top 10 scratch.


After an exciting race 1, Kenny FORAY set off on pole position in front of the Gers public gathered in the stands of the Circuit Paul Armagnac in Nogaro.

After 1 lap, Valentin DEBISE (Yamaha – Michelin) already positions his R1 in the lead ahead of that of Mathieu GINES (Yamaha Tech Solutions – Pirelli). At the same time, Kenny FORAY is well placed in 3rd place under the pressure of Martin RENAUDIN who even manages to overtake him at the end of the 2nd lap. Good start to the race by Alan TECHER who places his Honda n°5 in 5th place while Gregory LEBLANC (Ducati TWR – Pirelli) makes a mistake and crashes. A weekend to forget for the multiple winner of the 24h Motos.

The situation is stable after 5 laps, the leading riders stand in less than 2 seconds. The chasing trio made up of Axel MAURIN (Yamaha CMS – Pirelli), David MUSCAT (Ducati – Michelin) and Valentin SUCHET (Suzuki Junior Team LMS – Pirelli) is more than 5 seconds behind the leader.

Some changes to note in the top 5 in the middle of the race but DEBISE is still in front despite the attacks of the resident of the Yamaha Tech Solutions team. At a higher pace than GINES, FORAY put the brakes on RENAUDIN for the benefit of 3rd place, the Challenger took its wheel. For his part, TECHER takes the hit in 5th place.

At the end of the race, Valentin DEBISE was the only driver to run in 1’28, a statistic allowing him to take off to validate a fourth victory this season, thus consolidating his status as leader of the Championship. On the last lap, FORAY raised his level of play and surprised GINES by taking the advantage under braking at the first corner of the track. FORAY then signs his best result of 2022 ahead of his former teammate GINES, 3rd. Another 4th place for RENAUDIN who finishes ahead of TECHER, 5th. A magnificent weekend for the young man from Sarthe who will still have to wait for a first podium in the queen category.

The fight for 6th place benefits MAURIN, an extremely consistent driver who is ahead of SUCHET, 7th , and MUSCAT , 8th. After starting from 14th place, Tom BERCOT (Honda CBO – Michelin) made a good comeback to 9th place, finishing 3rd in the Challenger category behind Martin RENAUDIN and Valentin SUCHET. The 17-year-old driver will probably be able to aspire to better when he has success on his side.


1 – DEBISE – 101 points

2 – GINES – 77 points

3 – FORAY – 70 points

4 – TECHER – 46 points

5 – RENAUDIN – 43 points




Excellent start from Valentin DEBISE (Yamaha – Michelin) who takes the lead and seems to be able to widen the gap in front of Loïc ARBEL (Yamaha – Pirelli) immediately attacked by Johan GIMBERT (Yamaha – Pirelli).

Despite the impression left in the first two laps, the Albigensian leader was joined by the young guard of the Supersport 600, namely Loïc ARBEL, Johan GIMBERT and Mathieu GREGORIO (Yamaha – Michelin) author of a good start from the second row. The surprising GIMBERT even manages to take the lead ahead of DEBISE for two laps.

Halfway through the race, the successive attacks that ARBEL and GIMBERT made mutually benefited DEBISE who escaped and gradually consolidated his lead. In ambush in 4th row, GREGORIO made the effort to stay in contact with the Yamahas n°85 and n°77. Behind these 4 men, the public witnessed a great battle for 5th place between 3 experienced riders: Matthieu LUSSIANA (Yamaha – Dunlop), Cédric TANGRE (Yamaha – Pirelli) and Enzo DE LA VEGA (Yamaha – Pirelli).

With 6 laps to go, the differences are made, DEBISE is still a solid leader while ARBEL increases the pace to second place while GREGORIO integrates the top 3 at the expense of GIMBERT whose tires seem to pay for an aggressive start to the race.

Challenged by the youngsters in the first rounds, DEBISE knew how to keep calm to win for the third time in as many races. When overtaking the laggards GREGORIO takes the advantage in front of ARBEL who is trying to take back his property.

But GREGORIO resists and takes a fine 2nd place ahead of the Doubiste who completes the podium. For his part, GIMBERT shows his good progress and retains 4th place.

In the fight to enter the top 5, LUSSIANA does not tremble and is ahead of DE LA VEGA, 6th, and TANGRE, 7th. Vincent FALCONE (Yamaha – Pirelli) finishes in 8th place in the scratch and therefore accompanies Mathieu GREGORIO and Johan GIMBERT on the box for the Challenger category.


From the left of the 1st row of the starting grid, Valentin DEBISE (Yamaha – Pirelli) makes the holeshot and immediately takes control of the leading group ahead of poleman Mathieu GREGORIO (Yamaha – Michelin) followed by Loïc ARBEL (Yamaha – Pirelli ) and Johan GIMBERT (Yamaha-Pirelli).

After 3 laps, within the leading car the order did not change, but behind, Enzo DE LA VEGA (Yamaha – Pirelli), 5th, made a mistake and crashed. The quartet then broke away from the chasing group led by Matthieu LUSSIANA (Yamaha – Dunlop), now 5th and threatened by his pursuer Cédric TANGRE (Yamaha – Pirelli).

Halfway through the race, DEBISE is in the lead, still followed by GREGORIO, ARBEL and GIMBERT, in that order, the gap between the 4 riders widens little by little. Only ARBEL remains in contact with GREGORIO and seems to be waiting for an opening.

2 laps from the finish, DEBISE drives the point home and secures victory while ARBEL seems to want to attempt an attack on GREGORIO for the benefit of 2nd place. However, a crash involving LUSSIANA forced the race management to put an end to the proceedings with a red flag and the classification therefore remained unchanged: DEBISE won ahead of GREGORIO, 2nd, ARBEL, 3rd, and GIMBERT, 4th, exactly as in race 1. .

Cédric TANGRE seizes the opportunity to enter the top 5 ahead of Challenger Kilian AEBI (Yamaha – Dunlop) who signs a superb result placing him on the third step of the Challenger podium alongside GREGORIO and GIMBERT.


1 – DEBISE – 101 points

2 – GREGORIO – 75 points

3 – ARBEL – 68 points

4 – TANGRE – 44 points

5 – GIMBERT – 42 points





Like what he had achieved at Le Mans in race 1, Matthias ROSTAGNI (Béon) imposed his pace from the first laps and none of his opponents was able to take his wheel. Quentin GODEFROY (KTM), Swan EMPRIN (Béon) and Célestin MASY (Béon) still start the fight for the other two steps of the podium.

Halfway through the race, ROSTAGNI already seems to have definitively ruled out the competition since GODEFROY, isolated in second place, is more than 10 seconds behind the leader. The best battle therefore opposes MASY and EMPRIN who exchange positions lap after lap to try to integrate the top 3.

Despite a more than comfortable lead, ROSTAGNI did not relax his effort and won by a wide margin in front of GODEFROY, 2nd. The fine operation of the last lap is to be credited to EMPRIN who put the brakes on MASY and got on the gearbox.


Mathias ROSTAGNI (Béon) takes the lead and already enjoys a good lead after one lap. Swan EMPRIN (Béon) is in 2nd place but knows he is threatened by Célestin MASY (Béon) not far behind him in 3rd position .

Halfway through the race ROSTAGNI is a solid leader far ahead of MASY who finally steals 2nd place from EMPRIN. It was then the turn of Quentin GODEFROY (KTM) to take the lead on Swan EMPRIN who fell back to 4th place.

At the finish, the positions remain unchanged in the top 4, ROSTAGNI wins by far for the third time this season ahead of MASY, 2 nd , GODEFROY, 3 rd , and EMPRIN is at the foot of the podium.


1 – ROSTRAGNI – 79 points

2 – MASY – 69 points

3 – GODEFROY – 56 points

4 – BISSANE – 49 points

5 – EMPRIN – 46 points




Jules BERCOT (Honda) started with a bang and took control at the end of the 1st lap ahead of Benjamin CAILLET (Honda). The leader of the Championship, CAILLET does not leave the opportunity to BERCOT to escape and maintains the pressure. Lorenzo GUYAU (Honda) is 3rd , behind the two leaders.

BERCOT leaves no space for CAILLET, but the 8th lap  is fruitful for the latter who takes the lead in NSF 250.

A few laps from the finish, BERCOT regained the advantage over CAILLET thanks to a good braking maneuver on the aviation straight. The gap is still just as slim in the last corners… At the checkered flag BERCOT, 13 years old and the youngest driver in the category, emerges victorious from this magnificent duel against CAILLET, 2nd. Solid race by another 13-year-old driver, Lorenzo GUYAU, who completed the podium ahead of Eliott KASSIGIAN (Honda NSF), 4th.


Perfect start to the race for Jules BERCOT (Honda NSF) in the lead at the exit of the 1st corner ahead of Benjamin CAILLET (Honda NSF), who immediately takes his wheel. We find Lorenzo GUYAU (Honda NSF), 3 rd , behind the two leaders.

Halfway through the race, the two leading drivers were still engaged in a merciless duel while GUYAU was left behind in 3rd place .

Thanks to the reacceleration of his machine, the championship leader CAILLET takes a decisive advantage at the checkered flag and therefore his revenge in front of BERCOT. Lorenzo GUYAU completes the podium more than 14 seconds behind the other two and Eliott KASSIGIAN (Honda NSF) finishes 4th just as he did in race 1.


1 – CAILLET – 98 points

2 – BERCOT – 82 points

3 – GUYAU – 61 points

4 – BOSSON – 47 points

5 – KASSIGIAN – 43 points




Author of the best take-off from pole position, Dorian JOULIN (Yamaha – Pirelli) keeps the lead ahead of Loris CHAIDRON (Yamaha – Pirelli), Evann PLAINDOUX (Yamaha – Pirelli), Oreste BAZE (Yamaha – Pirelli) and the Championship leader Enzo DAHMANI (Yamaha – Pirelli) which joined the leading group despite a difficult start.

While BAZE loses pace and sees himself outdistanced by the leading men, halfway through the race, we find CHAIDRON, DAHMANI, JOULIN and PLAINDOUX who hold on to the first 4 positions in one second, the attacks multiply.

On the last lap, PLAINDOUX made a mistake in the winding part and saw his three rivals slip away towards the podium.

At the checkered flag, JOULIN takes a first victory after a perfect race ahead of CHAIDRON, 2nd, and DAHMANI, 3rd. Almost 2 seconds behind the winner, PLAINDOUX ranks 4th and will be revengeful in race 2.

Another 5th place for David DA COSTA (Yamaha – Pirelli) who had to struggle against the best female representative Lucie BOUDESSEUL (Kawasaki – Pirelli), 6th at the finish. Note, despite a battle with the leaders at the start of the race, BAZE only finished 9th.


The best start was signed by Dorian JOULIN (Yamaha – Pirelli) who widened the gap in front of Lucie BOUDESSEUL (Kawasaki – Pirelli), 2nd. Enzo DAHMANI (Yamaha – Pirelli) immediately rises to his level. From 4th to 7th place, Loris CHAIDRON (Yamaha – Pirelli), Evann PLAINDOUX (Yamaha – Pirelli), David DA COSTA (Yamaha – Pirelli) and Louca FRIEH (Yamaha – Pirelli) are in ambush behind the trio.

The debates are extremely lively between the 7 leading drivers who regroup after 3 laps. JOULIN, DAHMANI and PLAINDOUX successively occupy the leading position until BOUDESSEUL surprises all these boys and takes the lead with great authority.

In the second part of the race, the public cheers BOUDESSEUL who amazes by resisting the attacks of JOULIN, PLAINDOUX, DAHMANI and even DA COSTA who attack him one by one.

On the penultimate lap, DA COSTA and PLAINDOUX finally manage to get the upper hand over the rider of Kawasaki n°3, the young Portuguese takes the lead. At this moment BOUDESSEUL is therefore 3rd ahead of JOULIN, 4th, followed in this order by DAHMANI, FRIEH and CHAIDRON.

At the finish, DA COSTA was the happiest, taking his first victory in the Supersport 300 ahead of PLAINDOUX, 2nd. The joy of the winner contrasts with the disappointment of BOUDESSEUL who had 3rd place stolen by JOULIN on the checkered flag after having been the great architect of this magnificent race. DAHMANI retains 5th position, his worst result of the season, ahead of FRIEH, 6th, and CHAIDRON, 7th.


1 – DAHMANI – 79 points

2 – JOULIN – 62 points

3 – DA COSTA – 61 points

4 – FRIEH – 59 points

5 – PLAINDOUX – 49 points




Following a heavy downpour at the very end of the event, LE BAIL / LEVEAU set off in peak position on a “WET” track. PERILLAT / KOTCHAN is struggling to get into the rhythm given the conditions and is already more than 10 seconds behind the leader after two laps, an impressive gap so early in the race which shows the quality of piloting of crew no. 99.

In the aftermath, BERTHET / VASSEUR put on a show by taking second place at the expense of PERILLAT / KOTCHAN now 3 rd . Just before halfway, the latter are also taken over by BARBIER / RIGONDEAU who joins the virtual podium.

At the end of the 10 laps of the race, LE BAIL / LEVEAU won easily for the second time of the weekend. BERTHET / VASSEUR and BARBIER / RIGONDEAU complete the podium in that order. In 4th place the public found BOUCHER / BOUCHER, who kept their initial position, while PERILLAT / KOTACHAN slipped to 7th place .

In F2 it is therefore, PALACOEUR / CESCUTTI 5 th scratch which imposes itself far ahead of MOREL / CARRE, 9 th and QUILBAULT / PESENTI, 10 th who complete the category podium.


1 – PERILLAT / KOTCHAN – 67 points

2 – LE BAIL / LEVEAU – 57 points

3 – REEVES / ROUSSEAU – 51 points

4 – BARBER / RIGONDEAU – 48 points

5 – BUTCHER / BUTCHER – 43 points


FOLLOW THE 2022 FRENCH FE-SUPERBIKE CHAMPIONSHIP, the website dedicated to the French Superbike Championship always offers to follow live the news of the weekend, detailed information, photos, results, videos…

For this 2022 season, the FFM will broadcast a video of the best moments of the day each event night on the official FSBK-FE Facebook page and the website.

Other meetings will punctuate the weekend through a device specifically focused on social networks via Facebook: fsbk , Youtube:  ffmfsbk  and Instagram:  fsbk



May 27 – 29 – Lédenon (30) – MC Lédenon

June 17 – 19 – Circuit Pau Arnos (64) – MC Pau Arnos

July 01 – 03 – Magny-Cours (58) – MC Nevers and Nièvre

August 19 – 21 – Circuit Carole (93) – MC Motors Events

September 23 – 25 – Circuit Paul Ricard (30) – Circuit Paul Ricard MC


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