French Superbike: Debise Sweeps Superbike & 600 Races At Le Mans

French Superbike: Debise Sweeps Superbike & 600 Races At Le Mans

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Eagerly awaited by all speed enthusiasts, the first round of the FSBK-FE French Superbike Championship on the Circuit Bugatti was a success on and off the track. The local club, the ACO and the FFM, represented by its President Sébastien Poirier, are delighted with the enthusiasm surrounding this flagship event bringing together the elite of French speed.



The excitement and tension are palpable at the start of this first race of the season in the premier category. The drivers observed each other in qualifying, now it is in the race that they will be able to measure themselves.

The holeshot is to the credit of poleman Valentin DEBISE (Yamaha – Michelin) who is ahead of Mathieu GINES (Yamaha Tech Solutions – Pirelli), Kenny FORAY (BMW Tecmas – Michelin) and Gregory LEBLANC (Ducati TWR – Pirelli) at the end of the 1st round. Despite several falls, without gravity, in the heart of the peloton during the first lap, the favorites are not affected.

In the second lap, the 4 leading men increased the intensity ahead of Alan TECHER (Honda CBO – Michelin), 5th who made a mistake and saw his competitors move away.

The skimming operates at the forefront, after 7 laps, DEBISE and GINES escape, like an air of deja vu… FORAY and LEBLANC remain wheel in wheel to fight for 3rd place. TECHER, isolated in 5th position, gradually took shelter from his pursuers and pushed to come back to the DEBISE – TECHER duo. Behind him, Axel MAURIN (Yamaha CMS – Pirelli) is struggling with the two Challengers Martin RENAUDIN (Yamaha Moto&GP Addict – Pirelli) and Valentin SUCHET (Suzuki Junior Team LMS – Pirelli). Diverse fortune for Maximilien BAU (BMW – Michelin), well placed in the top 10, the 2019 French Champion in Supersport 600 is unfortunately forced to retire.

5 laps from the finish, DEBISE stepped up its efforts to get rid of GINES who was gradually losing ground to his rival, same scenario between FORAY, 3rd, and LEBLANC, 4th. Alan TECHER manages his effort in 5th place while RENAUDIN, SUCHET and MAURIN are still close.

At the checkered flag, DEBISE celebrates another victory in the premier class with a 2”203 lead over GINES, who is still just as rigorous. It is the driver of the BMW 78, Kenny FORAY who climbs on the last step of the podium.

Also very diligent, we can count on Grégory LEBLANC, 4th today, to disrupt this top 3, the multiple French champion, more and more comfortable on his Ducati, intends to interfere regularly on the podium this season. Alan TECHER finished 5th and demonstrated a very good adaptation to his new machine.

6th at the finish, MAURIN resists the ardor of the young local drivers RENAUDIN, 7th, and SUCHET, 8th in front of their public. The latter therefore climb on the two highest steps of the podium in the Challenger category. Podium temporarily completed by Tom BERCOT (Honda CBO – Michelin), indeed, the latter will finally be downgraded by decision of the jury. The situation benefits Joseph FORAY (BMW – Dunlop) who inherits his first top 3 Superbike Challenger.


This time, Mathieu GINES (Yamaha Tech Solutions – Pirelli) got the better of the start and took the lead after the Dunlop chicane ahead of Valentin DEBISE (Yamaha – Michelin) and Axel MAURIN (Yamaha CMS – Pirelli) who also got off to a superb start.

After 3 laps, we find a configuration similar to that of race 1 with GINES and DEBISE in the lead in that order. After his good start to the race, Axel MAURIN was successively overtaken by Kenny FORAY (BMW Tecmas – Michelin), Alan TECHER (Honda CBO – Michelin), and Gregory LEBLANC (Ducati TWR – Pirelli), the rider of the retrograde Yamaha n°89 so in 6th place . In addition, the resident of Team CMS quickly finds himself under threat from Guillaume ANTIGA (Ducati – Pirelli), David MUSCAT (Ducati – Michelin), and Martin RENAUDIN (Yamaha Moto&GP Addict -Pirelli).

No notable change at the front after 9 laps, apart from an increase in the gaps between the different groups and the retirement of David MUSCAT due to mechanical problems. 6 laps from the finish, following an authoritarian overtaking by DEBISE, the latter got the better of GINES and immediately increased his lead.

In the last laps of the race, DEBISE manages its lead and wins again in the premier category. GINES is once again on the second step of the podium completed by FORAY, like in race 1.

For TECHER , no podium but a great weekend which ended with a fine 4th place ahead of MAURIN, 5th , LEBLANC , 6th and ANTIGA , 7th .

In Challenger, RENAUDIN wins for the second time of the weekend, a great performance for him who does not hide his ambition to win the title. Valentin SUCHET is once again 2 nd thanks to his 9 th place overall, ahead of Alexandre SANTO DOMINGUES (Yamaha – Pirelli) in both categories.



Author of an excellent start, Valentin DEBISE, keeps the advantage of his pole position and places his Yamaha n°153 in the lead on the first lap. However, the Albigensian was quickly put under pressure by Loïc ARBEL (Yamaha – Pirelli) and the young Mathieu GREGORIO (Yamaha – Michelin) who also started particularly well from the starting grid.

The leading trio imposes its rhythm in the first laps, only Matthieu LUSSIANA (Yamaha – Dunlop), very applied, remains in contact.

Before halfway, GREGORIO took control ahead of ARBEL, 2nd and DEBISE, 3rd. Behind, Matthieu LUSSIANA is slightly behind the leading men, while Cédric TANGRE (Yamaha – Pirelli) and Enzo DE LA VEGA (Yamaha – Pirelli) are fighting for 5th place by less than 2 seconds.

2 laps from the finish, ARBEL gives way to DEBISE and GREGORIO whose pace is still just as high. At the same time, DE LA VEGA successively overtook TANGRE and LUSSIANA to gain 4th place.

Put to the test by GREGORIO, DEBISE remains faithful to his habits and begins this 2022 season with a new victory, just ahead of the Challenger driver, 2nd in the race. For its return to FSBK-FE, ARBEL distinguished itself with a fine 3rd place. In the very last meters, TANGRE surprised his two adversaries and took 4th place ahead of DE LA VEGA, 5th and LUSSIANA, 6th.

Mathieu GREGORIO is therefore the best ranked among the Supersport Challenger riders, he is ahead of Vincent FALCONE (Yamaha – Pirelli), 7th overall after a fight with Johan GIMBERT (Yamaha – Pirelli) in particular, 9th and who completes the podium in the category .


As in race 1, Valentin DEBISE (Yamaha – Pirelli), Loïc ARBEL (Yamaha – Pirelli) and Mathieu GREGORIO (Yamaha – Michelin) take the lead. Once again we find Matthieu LUSSIANA (Yamaha – Dunlop) in ambush, but this time the rider of Yamaha n°95 remains very close to the trio of leaders, slightly behind Cédric TANGRE (Yamaha – Pirelli), is in 5th position after 5 rounds.

Halfway through the race, while LUSSIANA is gaining momentum and is placed in the suction of GREGORIO, the latter makes a slight error, spontaneously exploited by the resident of Moto Team 95. GREGORIO is now 3 seconds behind the trio of head. Cédric TANGRE is isolated in 5th place in front of 4 pilots, Johan GIMBERT (Yamaha – Pirelli), Kilian AEBI (Yamaha – Pirelli), Felix PERON (Triumph – Pirelli) and Vincent FALCONE (Yamaha – Pirelli) who give themselves up pass of arms.

Two laps from the finish, and after passing the laggards, a slight gap is created between DEBISE, 1st, ARBEL, 2nd, and LUSSIANA, 3rd.

Finally DEBISE took advantage of the duel between LUSSIANA and ARBEL to widen the gap definitively and win for the second time of the weekend with a 1”180 lead over ARBEL, 2nd. The latter managed to resist the repeated attacks of LUSSIANA, 3rd. Impossible to come back for GREGORIO who still retains 4th place, synonymous with the best Challenger. Cédric TANGRE also keeps his 5th position until the finish, the 2015 and 2017 French Supersport Champion ends a positive and encouraging weekend at Le Mans for the rest of the season.

To complete the Top 6, FALCONE dominates GIMBERT, 7th, AEBI, 8th and Félix PERON, 9th. Note, PERON is the only rider on a machine other than Yamaha to make it into the top 15!

On the Challenger podium, the public finds the same men: GREGORIO, 1st, FALCONE, 2nd and GIMBERT, 3rd.


In order to put all drivers on an equal footing, the tire manufacturer is unique in the Objective Grand Prix category from this season. Bridgestone equips all the machines, a way for these young talents to get closer to the regulations in force in the international championships.



Mathias ROSTAGNI (Béon) took off well, ultra dominating in qualifying, he was put to the test from the start of the race by Loris VENEMAN (KTM) who started 2nd on the starting grid. The two young drivers dominate the debates and increase their lead to more than 15 seconds over the 3rd , Célestin MASY (Béon), after 5 laps.

Halfway through the race, VENEMAN felt the blow, the driver of KTM n°71 was powerless against the pace set by ROSTAGNI who was racing alone towards victory. For his part, Célestin MASY, still 3rd, is racing alone while Camil BISSANE (KTM), Swan EMPRIN (Béon) and Quentin MANDINE (Béon) explain themselves for 4th place .

“Amazed by the performance of his machine”, he confided to the microphone of France 3 Pays de la Loire, ROSTAGNI is victorious for his first race in the category of hopes of French speed! VENEMAN manages his end of the race and retains 2nd place, just like MASY who gets on the box.

The battle for 4 th place ended on the last lap and it was BISSANE who took advantage of it ahead of EMPRIN, 5 th , and MANDINE, 6 th .


Like in race 1, Mathias ROSTAGNY (Béon) took the lead from the first lap . This time, the driver of Béon n°13 quickly took the lead despite Loris VENEMAN (KTM) trying to resist. Once again, Célestin MASY (Béon) finds himself isolated in 3rd position , already far from the drivers ahead of him after 5 laps.

Further on, we find Camil BISSANE (KTM) and Quentin MANDINE (Béon) in less than 2 seconds who claim 4th place .

A stroke of luck for Mathias ROSTAGNI two laps from the finish… After taking pole position in qualifying and winning race 1, the driver was unfortunately forced to retire due to a mechanical breakdown. Delicate situation which VENEMAN took advantage of to win during this race 2.

After having made the difference in front of MANDINE, 3 rd , BISSANE climbs on the second step of the podium. Nice 4th place for Quentin GODEFROY (KTM) who finished ahead of Nathan DELAUNAY (KTM), 5th .



Very good start from the leading trio led by Benjamin CAILLET (Honda) ahead of Lucas BOSSON (Honda) and Kyle PAYNE (Honda). The tone is set, 12 laps will allow to decide between these young drivers who do not shun their pleasure to evolve on the Bugatti circuit.

Despite starting in 6th position, Evan BOXBERGER (Honda) went up one by one each of his competitors to complete the first lap in the lead.

2 laps later, it was Jules BERCOT (Honda) who distinguished himself, passing in front of BOXBERGER. The driver N°25 finished the 7th lap at the head of the category. There followed a great battle between Lorenzo GUYAU, Jules BERCOT, Evan BOXBERGER and Benjamin CAILLET.

Kyle PAYNE, victim of a mechanical problem, is idling after 9 laps, he is forced to take the escape route. The member of MC Pau Arnos will not leave.

Author of a particularly diligent second part of the race, Benjamin CAILLET moved up from 6th to 1st position to win ahead of Lorenzo GUYAU and Jules BERCOT. Evan BOXBERGER, very prominent throughout the race, however, finished at the foot of the podium, ahead of Lucas BOSSON.


Like the first race this morning, Evan BOXBERGER negotiates his start well and finishes the first lap in the lead ahead of Jules BERCOT and Benjamin CAILLET. The trio is closely followed by Lucas BOSSON who spares no effort to set the pace, so much so that at mid-race, the N°28 driver passes Evan BOXBERGER to enter the top 3 behind Jules BERCOT and Benjamin CAILLET who took the lead.

Placed in 6th position, Kyle PAYNE, although author of good timed practice sessions yesterday, is struggling to keep pace with the leading men. Halfway through the race, he was nearly 15 seconds behind Evan BOXBERGER, 6th. Lorenzo GUYAU and Elliot KASSIGIAN bring up the rear.

Still just as consistent, Benjamin CAILLET completed this first leg with a double victory, a full card for the No. 6 driver, who collected precious points for the rest of the season. It is Jules BERCOT, who we find in 2nd position, after having fought well with Lucas BOSSON. the driver N°28 climbs on the 3rd step of the podium leaving Livio MIRABEL in 4th place.

Despite good starts and good performances at the start of each of the 2 races of the weekend, Evan BOXBERGER finished 5th and again saw the podium elude him. Let’s bet that it will improve in regularity to win, too, on the gearbox during the next race at Nogaro in May.



From pole position, Dorian JOULIN (Yamaha – Pirelli) took the best start and kept the lead ahead of Louca FRIEH (- Pirelli) and Enzo DAHMANI (Yamaha – Pirelli). The 3 leading men imposed the pace and escaped, only Evan PLAINDOUX (Yamaha – Pirelli) remained in contact with the leaders.

Despite a good qualifying and a start from the front row, Noa POTVIN (Kawasaki – Pirelli) was slow to get up to speed and dropped considerably in the standings.

Halfway through the race, the JOULIN – FRIEH – DAHMANI – PLAINDOUX quartet evolved in the same second, the four boys taking turns in the lead. For his part, David DA COSTA (Yamaha – Pirelli), alone in 5th place , had a fine first race in the Supersport 300 category.

A stroke of luck for Dorian JOULIN, while the driver was fighting for his very first podium in FSBK-FE, he fell two laps from the finish. At the finish, DAHMANI is ahead of FRIEH and PLAINDOUX and wins. FRIEH is therefore 2 nd and PLAINDOUX, 3 rd . Discreet and promising, DA COSTA is at the foot of the podium while POTVIN manages to save the points for 7th place .


In the 1st lap, Louca FRIEH (- Pirelli) took control of the race ahead of his adversaries Enzo DAHMANI (Yamaha – Pirelli), Dorian JOULIN (Yamaha – Pirelli) and Evan PLAINDOUX (Yamaha – Pirelli).

Once again the 4 drivers escaped to engage in battle, but this time, on the 4th lap, PLAINDOUX made a mistake and fell into the Dunlop chicane, leaving the trio FRIEH – DAHMANI – JOULIN to slip towards the podium.

Behind the leading men a group of drivers is positioned to take 4th place: Kilian ROSSIGNOL (Kawasaki – Pirelli), Noa POTVIN (Kawasaki – Pirelli), Cyprien BABY (Yamaha – Pirelli) and David DA COSTA (Yamaha – Pirelli ) .

Perfect race strategy for DAHMANI who attacks FRIEH and JOULIN on the last lap and overtakes them before the checkered flag. DAHMANI therefore narrowly won ahead of FRIEH, 2 nd , and JOULIN, 3 rd . At the same time, the battle for 4 th place benefits ROSSIGNOL ahead of DA COSTA, 5 th , POTVIN, 6 th and BABY, 7 th .



In the first laps, REEVES / ROUSSEAU took the lead of the race. The leading crew is pursued by PAYNE / WILKES and PEUGEOT / PEUGEOT. Side n°74 is determined to stay in contact to play for victory.

Positioned in 4 th position, LEGLISE / FARNIER is solid but the pace imposed by the 3 leading crews is too high.

5 laps from the finish, REEVES / ROUSSEAU put on a tough call to try to secure victory.

Paying strategy for the side n°77 which distances its adversaries and imposes itself for the 2 nd time of the weekend. PEUGEOT / PEUGEOT took advantage of the retirement of PAYNE / WILKES on the very last lap to take 2nd place. PERILLAT / KOTCHAN is also opportunistic and climbs on the 3rd step of the podium. Note, VINET / VINET is back at the forefront with a nice 4th place.

In F2, we find PALACOEUR / CESCUTTI, 6th and best in its category, CHANAL / LAVOREL, 12th and CROCHEMORE / CARRE, 14th .

FOLLOW THE 2022 FRENCH FE-SUPERBIKE CHAMPIONSHIP, the website dedicated to the French Superbike Championship always offers to follow live the news of the weekend, detailed information, photos, results, videos…

For this 2022 season, the FFM will broadcast a video of the best moments of the day each event night on the official FSBK-FE Facebook page and the website.

Other meetings will punctuate the weekend through a device specifically focused on social networks via Facebook: fsbk , Youtube:  ffmfsbk  and Instagram:  fsbk


May 06 – 08 – Nogaro (32) – ASM Armagnac Bigorre

May 27 – 29 – Lédenon (30) – MC Lédenon

June 17 – 19 – Circuit Pau Arnos (64) – MC Pau Arnos

July 01 – 03 – Magny-Cours (58) – MC Nevers and Nièvre

August 19 – 21 – Circuit Carole (93) – MC Motors Events

September 23 – 25 – Circuit Paul Ricard (30) – MC Circuit Paul Ricard



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Clt Course 2

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