36th Annual CCS Race Of Champions: More From Daytona International Speedway

36th Annual CCS Race Of Champions: More From Daytona International Speedway

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MotoGirlGT  Strong Presence At The 36th Annual CCS Race Of Champions

The CCS/ASRA MotoGirlGT Roadracing Championship Series bonus round held at Daytona Race Of Champions at Daytona International Speedway October 20th was a spectacular turnout in both MotoGirlGT Superbike and MotoGirlGT 500 Superbike with a total of 15 racers combined.

MotoGirlGT Superbike was the first race of the day after two rounds of practice and the ladies were on the grid with the Middleweight F40 class in a second wave with the Amateurs. Expert racer Jessica Capizzi dominated with a first place finish and a best lap time of 1:59.846 on her Kawasaki ZX-6R and second place amateur racer Nicole Goodrich (her first time at Daytona) with a 2:05.243 on her BMW S1000RR and third place expert racer and Daytona 200 alumni Kat Zimpel with a 2:07.183 on her Yamaha YZF-R6. Combined MotoGirlGT Superbike had a total of eight girls on the grid from the likes of Wisconsin, Georgia, Florida, New York, and Virginia.

MotoGirlGT 500 Superbike dominated with seven girls on the grid with many Florida racers being shut out by the likes of first place Pro racer Jamie Astudillo, of Pennsylvania, with a 2:13.391 (first time at Daytona) and second place amateur racer Mikayla Moore, of Maryland, with a 2:22.783 (first time at Daytona), and third place amateur racer and MotoGirlGT 500 Superbike Roadracing Championship Series winner 2019 Kristen Brand, of New York, with a 2:36.009. Brand battled back after a nasty get off in one of her races on Saturday.

“I’m excited about the future of the MotoGirlGT Roadracing Series” said Angela Izzo-Sink, the Operating Director of MotoGirlGT Roadracing Championship Series. “I’m proud of all the women who raced and grateful to CCS/ASRA for giving us this opportunity. I’m already thinking MotoGirlGT 200 at Daytona 2020.”

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