Video: Gas On Bike Up With Eric Wood: Less Crashing, Better Braking

Video: Gas On Bike Up With Eric Wood: Less Crashing, Better Braking

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Two motorcycle riding techniques to save crashes and drop lap times

Riding How To’s

This video covers two techniques that any rider can use to improve both your traction and confidence on corner entry. @gasonbikeup-motorcycles produces videos to show how the same techniques that are used by MotoGP and World Superbike riders can translate to all riders, track or street. If you’re interested in road racing, track days, or simply how to get the most out of your sport bike this video is for you! You’ll learn from Eric Wood, the head coach for the oldest motorcycle track training school in the United States. In this video, we discuss a common problem that affects both top racers and street riders when they need to stop the bike as quickly as they can. The solutions to better braking may surprise you!


0:00 Introduction

1:10 Foundations to getting a motorcycle deep into a corner

1:35 The most common mistake motorcycle riders make on the brakes

2:19 The first 5% of braking – your key to better entrances

2:38 How different corner entrances affect your brake application

5:14 Your weight is transferred, now ramp braking to full pressure

5:44 Balancing time to full pressure with stability – brakes zones are often short

6:43 The transition from throttle to brakes – a front fork’s view

8:36 Understanding how suspension action matters in braking

9:04 How physics comes into play with motorcycle braking

11:15 Secret #1 to mastering the brakes on a motorcycle

11:45 Secret #2 to mastering brakes and corner entry on a motorcycle

12:59 Demonstrating the technique for rolling off the throttle

13:30 Two places to apply GasonBikeUp techniques on the racetrack

14:51 Wrap up

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