Video: Gas On Bike Up With Eric Wood: Line Selection, Part One

Video: Gas On Bike Up With Eric Wood: Line Selection, Part One

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The Surprising Way Motorcycle Engine Size Impacts Your Riding!

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This is the first of a 3.5 part series on line selection and track strategy for @gasonbikeup-motorcycles. If you’re interested in road racing or track days, this video is for you! You’ll learn from Eric Wood, the head coach for the oldest motorcycle track training school in the United States. In this video, we discuss the origin of the GasOnBikeUp name, which is one the the foundations of our teaching and training at the Penguin Racing School.

The proper line choice is a challenge that all motorcycle riders face. Every choice is a balance of give and take, and many factors including corner speed, radius, duration, camber, bumps and what leads to an follows any particular corner all come into play. This video sets a foundation for looking at every corner and introduces an important concept that you can use to help evaluate every corner. Plus, at the end we’ve got a bonus tip that you won’t want to miss!


0:00 Introduction

1:12 Motorcycle line selection intro

2:05 Breaking down corner types

3:14 Our baseline corner for track days and racing

5:55 Roll speed corner fundamentals

6:38 Differentiating big bikes and little bikes

8:12 Two common mistakes track riders make

10:28 Threshold of Traction Speed

13:47 Other types of corners that are roll speed focused

15:29 Braking and Turning in s roll speed corner

18:19 Cornering force

19:36 Bonus content – how far to lean off your motorcycle

24:33 Summary and wrap up

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