UtahSBA: Hicks Wins Big On Borrowed Bike

UtahSBA: Hicks Wins Big On Borrowed Bike

© 2021, Roadracing World Publishing, Inc. From a press release issued By Travers Johnson on behalf of UtahSBA:

Utah Sport Bike Association (UtahSBA) was back on the grid for their Utah Motorcycle Law Masters of the Mountains Round 1 on Saturday, May 8th held on Utah Motorsports Campus’ East Track. As riders warmed their tires and revved up their engines, you could feel the excitement building in the paddock, as over 70 riders geared up for their practice and qualifying sessions.

The race day kicked off with King of the Mountain qualifying taking to the track in the early morning. Due to low overnight temperatures most riders chose to skip the first qualifying session, using it as an opportunity to check on bike changes. In the first qualifying session we saw racer Andrew Skov setting the best lap with a 1:42.82. As the second qualifying session got going Eric Jones set an early pace on his first flying lap, pushing his Yamaha R1 to a 1:39.194. Michael Bradshaw was pushing on lap three and came up just .288 seconds off Eric Jones’ time. On the fourth lap Braden Jones swooped in, trouncing both Eric Jones and Bradshaw’s time with a 1:38.938 which was enough to put him in pole position. Fourth and fifth place honors went to Genaro Lopez and Skov respectively, 2020 KOM champion Jerry Hicks took seventh on a borrowed Yamaha R1 following a nasty get off that totaled his Kawasaki during Friday’s track day.

The afternoon sun was heating  the track and it was time for the King of the Mountain combined race. The Grid Marshall cleared the track, rev limiters bounced, and it was time to go racing. The lights went out and Lopez, who sat fourth on the grid, had a picture-perfect start and was battling Eric Jones into and out of turn one to take the lead in turn two. Lopez’s lead in the race came to an end when he began having issues with his front end and lost the confidence to keep pushing as the other riders picked up the pace. Bradshaw was able to keep P3 held down by the end of lap one, and at the start of lap three Bradshaw was chasing Eric Jones and hoping to take that second position. In the fourth lap as Bradshaw and Eric Jones battled for position Bradshaw’s shifter came loose creating a massive upset. Bradshaw was forced to drop back and eventually retire from the race. By the start of lap six Eric Jones had retaken the lead followed by Anthony Norton, Braden Jones, Lopez, and Hicks. By lap seven Hicks started making his moves on the field, overtaking Lopez on the entrance to turn four bolstering his confidence and helping him put down some serious lap times. On lap eight Braden Jones was finally able to make an overtake on Norton and began the attack on his father Eric Jones, he then built a slight gap from Hicks and Norton. Braden was finally able to make a pass on his father stick when he overtook Eric between turns three and four to take the lead. Eric Jones began to get fatigued and started to fall back in the field to be overtaken by Norton, Hicks, Lopez and Bill Davis. By lap 10 Hicks had tired of following Norton, passing him to take P2. Meanwhile behind them Lopez and Davis had been dueling with their evenly matched BMWs for most of the race, but Lopez had hung on to the lead until Lap 11 when Davis finally passed Lopez to secure the P4 spot. Hicks, still on the charge, finally found a way to catch Braden Jones on lap 12, passing him on the drive out of Tooele turn to take first and making it stick the rest of the race. As the checkered flag flew it was Hicks taking home the gold followed by Braden Jones, Norton, Davis, and Lopez.

The afternoon continued with the club’s signature Deseret Dash race. The track went green, engines roared to life, and  Braden Jones’ bike stalled and he was left behind on the grid. With some quick thinking on Braden’s part he was able to get his Yamaha going and get back into the race while using every ounce of power that his R1 would give him. Meanwhile, Eric Jones got the holeshot and led the race at the start of lap two followed closely by David Meyer. By the start of the third lap every spectator was in disbelief to see that Braden had passed most of the field and was sitting in third place. Then on lap four, Braden rocketed his way past Meyer, however his father Eric Jones had already checked out, opening a substantial gap from the battle for second. Eric Jones went on to win with a 17.353-second gap to Braden Jones with Meyer sitting in third.

As the race day neared its end Open Superbike racers lined up and took their spots on the grid. The lights went out and Steven Marco surged forward from eighth on the grid maneuvering his Yamaha into the holeshot being trailed closely by Davis. Unbeknownst to our race leaders Norton was on the rampage, coming all the way from P19 on the grid into third place at the conclusion of lap two and overtook Davis on the front straight for second position. It wasn’t long before Norton came flying down the straight on his Kawasaki to take on Marco in turn one and lead the race going into lap four. Following closely behind was Davis who never let Marco or Norton out of his sights, and before lap four was over Davis found a way through Marco to take away second position. The race finished with Norton leading after a 19-position charge followed closely by Davis and Marco.

All told it was a fantastic day of racing and as the track went cold the BBQ in the pits went hot as racers and their families gathered for a meal and to celebrate the day’s triumphs. Missing during the 2020 season the club was excited to have the post-race BBQ and the community bonding that comes with it return during round 1.  In addition to the grilling action the club was finally able to give out its 2020 race season trophies and awards and bring closure to the challenges of the 2020 race season. We look forward to seeing everyone again for Utah Motorcycle Law Masters of the Mountains Round 2 on May 29th at UMC’s West Track.

The Utah Sport Bike Association is a Utah Non-Profit dedicated to promoting education, safe riding, and competition in the Intermountain West. You can find more information about the USBA, upcoming events, and schools at www.utahsba.com or find us on Facebook.




Motostation/Trackstar KOM Overall:

1. Jerry Hicks (YAM R1)

2. Braden Jones (YAM R1)

3. Anthony Norton (KAW ZX10R)

4. Genaro Lopez (BMW S1000RR)

5. Bill Davis (BMW S1000RR)

6. Eric Jones (YAM R1)

Motostation KOM GTO:

1. Jerry Hicks (YAM R1)

2. Braden Jones (YAM R1)

3. Anthony Norton (KAW ZX10R)

4. Genaro Lopez (BMW S1000RR)

5. Bill Davis (BMW S1000RR)

6. Eric Jones (YAM R1)

Trackstar KOM GTU:

1. Brian Childree (KAW ZX-6R)

2. Cole Phillips (YAM R6)

3. Richard Findlay (SUZ GSXR-600)

AZ Riding Academy Combined GTO

1. John Tran (YAM R1)

2. David Thomas (BMW S1000RR)

3. Andrew Skov (SUZ GSXR-1000)

4. Marshall Miller (BMW S1000RR)

5. Lee McNutt (YAM R6)

6. Peter Hofpointner (YAM R6)

C&R Coatings Combined GTU

1. Lee McNutt (YAM R6)

2. Peter Hofpointner (YAM R6)

3. Nicholas Schmit (SUZ GSXR-600)

4. Donald Rothfuss (DUC 848-EVO)

5. Braxton Young (HON CBR600RR)

6. Joshua Fisher (TRI DAYTONA-675R)

The Edge Powersports Deseret Dash – Expert

1. Eric Jones (YAM R1)

2. Braden Jones (YAM R1)

3. David Meyer (YAM R1)

4. Jason Johnson (KAW ZX10R)

5. Marshall Miller (BMW S1000RR)

6. Nicholas Schmit (SUZ GSXR-600)

The Edge Powersports Deseret Dash – Novice

1. John Tran (YAM R1)

2. Barry Ketmany (YAM R1)

3. Brock Jones (YAM R6)

4. Joshua Fisher (TRI DAYTONA-675R)

5. Kirk Doyle (KAW ZX-6)

6. Zach Jenson (YAM R6)

Harrison Eurosports Formula 40 – GTO

1. Eric Jones (YAM R1)

2. Michael JR Bradshaw (SUZ GSXR1000)

3. Bill Davis (BMW S1000RR)

4. Steven Marco (YAM R1)

5. David Meyer (YAM R1)

6. Tyler Jones (YAM R1)

Harrison Eurosports Formula 40 – GTU

1. Lee McNutt (YAM R6)

2. Donald Rothfuss (DUC 848-EVO)

3. Victor Arias (SUZ GSX-R600)

4. Mark Taylor (KAW NINJA-400)

5. Brian Gerwe (HON CBR600RR)

6. Dustin Lance (YAM R6)

Bingham Cyclery Lightweight Superbike

1. James Snow (SUZ SV650)

2. Jeff Masters (YAM FZ-07)

3. Brad Moore (YAM YZF-R3)

4. Chris Cramer (KTM 690-SMCR)

5. Daniel Egbert (SUZ SV650)

6. Alex Hatfield (KAW NINJA-400)

Blud Racing Lubricants Middleweight Superbike

1. Brian Childree (KAW ZX-6R)

2. Cole Phillips (YAM FZ8)

3. Michael Bishop (YAM R6)

4. Braxton Young (HON CBR600RR)

5. Richard Findlay (SUZ GSXR-600)

6. Kris Porntharavongse (KAW ZX6R)

Toxic Moto Racing Middleweight Superstock

1. Brian Childree (KAW ZX-6R)

2. Cole Phillips (YAM R6)

3. Nicholas Schmit (SUZ GSXR-600)

4. Peter Hofpointner (YAM R6)

5. Michael Bishop (YAM R6)

6. Richard Findlay (SUZ GSXR-600)

The Mechanic Modern Vintage – GTO

1. Kevin Dolan (KAW ZX10R)

2. Marshall Miller (BMW S1000RR)

3. Barry Ketmany (YAM R1)

4. Sam Arquit (HON CBR1000RR)

The Mechanic Modern Vintage – GTU

1. Richard Findlay (SUZ GSXR-600)

2. Nicholas Schmit (SUZ GSXR-600)

3. Kirk Doyle (KAW ZX-6)

4. Braxton Young (HON CBR600RR)

5. Shawn Rothmeyer (YAM R6)

6. Brian Gerwe (HON CBR600RR)

Karl Malone Powersports  Moto 2

1. Brian Childree (KAW ZX-6R)

2. Cole Phillips (YAM R6)

3. Peter Hofpointner (YAM R6)

4. Nicholas Schmit (SUZ GSXR-600)

5. Michael Bishop (YAM R6)

6. Brock Jones (YAM R6)

Redline Realty Moto 3

1. James Snow (SUZ SV650)

2. Mark Taylor (KAW NINJA-400)

3. Brad Moore (YAM YZF-R3)

4. Chris Cramer (KTM 690-SMCR)

5. Alex Hatfield (KAW NINJA-400)

Legion of Speed Novice GTO

1. John Tran (YAM R1)

2. David Behrend (YAM R1)

3. Joshua Fisher (TRI DAYTONA-675R)

4. Omar Carrillo (YAM R1)

5. Sam Arquit (HON CBR1000RR)

6. Pratt Wellman (APR RSV4-RR)

Brighton Peak Financial Novice GTU

1. Brock Jones (YAM R6)

2. Belisario Arango (KAW ZX6R)

3. Raymond Clark (TRI 675)

4. Kirk Doyle (KAW ZX-6)

5. Joshua Fisher (TRI DAYTONA-675R)

6. Zach Jenson (YAM R6)

Vortex Open Superbike

1. Anthony Norton (KAW ZX10R)

2. Bill Davis (BMW S1000RR)

3. Steven Marco (YAM R1)

4. Jerry Hicks (YAM R1)

5. David Thomas (BMW S1000RR)

6. Andrew Skov (SUZ GSXR-1000)

MotoUnited Open Superstock

1. Michael JR Bradshaw (SUZ GSXR1000)

2. Genaro Lopez (BMW S1000RR)

3. Anthony Norton (KAW ZX10R)

4. Bill Davis (BMW S1000RR)

5. Jerry Hicks (KAW NINJA-ZX10)

6. David Meyer (YAM R1)

Karl Malone Powersports Open Twins

1. Donald Rothfuss (DUC 848-EVO)

2. Raymond Clark (TRI 675)

3. James Snow (SUZ SV650)

4. Daniel Egbert (DUC 1199S)

5. Tyler Donaworth (TRI DAYTONA-675)

6. Jeff Masters (YAM FZ-07)

Velosio Production 500

1. Brian Childree (KAW NINJA-400)

2. Mark Taylor (KAW NINJA-400)

3. Brad Moore (YAM YZF-R3)

4. Rachel Kuns (KAW NINJA-400)

5. Alex Hatfield (KAW NINJA-400)

6. Brian Gerwe (KAW NINJA-400)

Monarch Powersports Sportsman

1. Shawn Rothmeyer (YAM R6)

2. Russell Carpenter (YAM R6)

3. Zach Jenson (YAM R6)

4. Dustin Lance (YAM R6)

5. Moe Fareed (TRI DAYTONA-675R)

6. John Tillotson (YAM R1)


Napa Auto Parts Tooele Stock 1000

1. Bill Davis (BMW S1000RR)

2. Genaro Lopez (BMW S1000RR)

3. John Tran (YAM R1)

4. David Meyer (YAM R1)

5. Jason Johnson (KAW ZX10R)

6. Michael JR Bradshaw (SUZ GSXR1000)

Carbonsmith Super Street Bike

1. Victor Arias (HON CBR1000RR-SP)

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