Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup: Race One Results From Le Mans

Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup: Race One Results From Le Mans

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RBR Race 1




More, from a press release issued by Red Bull:

Quiles wins over Salmela and Carpe in great Rookies Race 1 Le Mans battle

Màximo Quiles was congratulated by Marc Márquez in Parc firmé after a brilliantly executed last-lap pass on Rico Salmela stole victory in 15 thrilling laps of Le Mans.

The 3rd Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup podium of the season was completed by Álvaro Carpe and the 16-year-old Spaniards share the points lead going into Sunday’s race.


Finland’s Salmela is tied for 3rd on points with Argentina’s Valentin Perrone who took 4th in only his third Rookies Cup race, backing up the 2nd he grabbed in the season opener in Spain.


Fellow countryman Marco Morelli, winner of that first race, did his Cup chances no favours by falling on lap 1.


Max had it all worked out


“It was a great race, we could see a big crowd watching us and that also made me happy.”


“I tried to push from the beginning, to open a gap and I was able to stretch the group a bit but then one guy overtook me and slowed us a bit and the group closed up again. Then Rico tried to push again, I kept behind him because he had good rhythm and was fast.”


“Then on the last lap, I prepared to overtake him in corner 8, I managed it and it worked well. Then in the last sector, I just pushed hard to make sure no one could overtake me.”


“Then I crossed the line first and it was a great feeling, I’m looking forward to tomorrow.”


“It wasn’t an easy win at all. Rico was really fast, very late braking in corner 7 and some others. His riding style is really different to mine. I am carrying more mid-corner speed and a bit softer in braking so I can’t pass him everywhere but I made it work.”


“The bike was not totally comfortable because I had to save the front quite a few times and I couldn’t push as hard as I wanted and I felt the bike was better in FP2 and Quali but perhaps it was because the track was so hot I don’t know. Tomorrow in the morning will be cooler so maybe I won’t change anything.”


Rico will have a new plan for Sunday


“It’s my first podium of the year so I am happy with that. The race was good, I felt more or less good on the bike. I was struggling a bit on the front but I have a good feeling for tomorrow and I will take a look at the race and try to make another plan for Race 2.”


“I was not the best in the last sector and it was not possible for me to overtake Max at the end of the last lap. It was already difficult for me to stay with them in the last sector so I knew I did not have anything extra for the last lap there. I just decided to take the P2.”


“P1 was not possible but I tried, I came close to Maximo in the back straight on the last lap and he hit the limiter but was right on the white line and there was no way past. Now I will focus on tomorrow.”


“I do have a different style to Max, I am braking late and the only thing I am missing now is the mid-corner turning, I still need to practice this a bit but it is coming better all the time. I’m not planning to change the bike, I lost the front just a few times but more from my mistake I think than anything else.”


Alvaro already playing it clever


“I enjoyed that race so much,” enthused the 16-year-old. “It was a race with not too many overtakes but still a lot of fun, a great way to start the weekend. Max and Rico had a great pace, they were pushing very hard. I was at the back but still in the first group.”


“I think it was a really fast race, I did a really good job, thinking a little about the championship, making sure to get some good points. Finally, I got third and I can be very happy with that.”


“Tomorrow I plan to do the same, my KTM is working well, no thought to change anything, a little bit of chatter on the brakes, but nothing to worry about and I plan to run the same sort of race again.”


Valentin had nothing left


“It was a really difficult race,” stated the 16-year-old. “In the beginning, I was pushing so hard and closing the line all the time so no one could get past. Then in the last 5 laps I paid for it because Rico was in front pushing so hard with really good pace and doing 44s, I was on my limit.”


“The last lap was a bit crazy because I overtook Uriarte and then it was impossible to overtake Carpe but it is still a good finish and good points for the championship.”


“The bike is great I feel really comfortable and I can’t wait for tomorrow.”


Brian Uriarte 5th after a big risk


“I’m happy with that,” the Spanish 15-year-old stated plainly. “Yesterday I struggled a bit in qualifying and today I did better. I checked the lines some of the other guys were using and I learn from that.”


“So for my first time in Le Mans, I think it was OK, I will talk to the guys about maybe changing the bike a bit for tomorrow but also I am still learning.”


“There is time to be made using different lines but also perhaps with the bike if I can find more grip at the rear. The others didn’t seem to slide as much as me.”


“I was really fast in corner 11and I tried the move there with a couple of laps to go but lost the front so that was not the place on the last lap. Instead, I tried in the chicane off the back straight and risked a lot there, it didn’t work but you have to try.”


Hakim Danish wanted more than 6th


“I had a good start,” explained the Malaysian 16-year-old. “In the beginning, I was a little bit struggling with the pace because when the riders passed me their pace was very quick and it was a little bit difficult for me to follow.”


“I tried to find something more and to follow. I managed to stay in the group but then in the last couple of laps I made a little mistake and one rider passed me a little bit hard and I lost the group. I managed to push more and get the group back but it was only P6.”


“The bike is good, I will watch the race and see what I can do better for tomorrow.”


Ruche Moodley knows what he must do to better 7th


“It was a really fast race compared to last year and I struggled a lot in the first chicane,” The South African 17-year-old pointed out. “It seemed every time I went into the first chicane I made a mistake because my line going in is wrong and I would lose the group.”


“Then I would have to catch the group again and so I could never make my way through the group, I was always playing catch up.”


“So I’ve got to get to get that fixed tomorrow, work out what I need to do differently, then I can have a better race.”


Marco looking forward


“I feel OK, nothing hurt from the crash, this is the main thing,” said the 16-year-old. “I made a good start and I pushed, OK so I pushed a little too hard but this is racing.”


“Today it was too much, it might be different tomorrow, or in Mugello, in Racing you have to push and anything can happen.”

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