MV Agusta Unveils New Turismo Veloce Lineup

MV Agusta Unveils New Turismo Veloce Lineup

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Turismo Veloce is MV Agusta’s take on the high-performance Sport Touring segment. It includes all the distinctive traits ingrained in every MV Agusta’s DNA, but from a touring perspective, for two-people and luggage.

Comfort, lightness, performance, and roominess make Turismo Veloce a unique sports tourer that really stands out from other bikes on the market. Meticulously designed in every detail to be comfortable, fast and fun, Turismo Veloce is packed with technical and functional solutions for anyone seeking substance but refusing to compromise on form. For example, the practical pannier fastening system is easy to use and at the same time brings out the bike’s sporty or touring vocation, in just a few clicks.

The relentless development process and openness to feedback from the many owners worldwide helped develop the design or 2021, further increasing the focus on onboard comfort.

Unmistakably an MV Agusta, the 2021 Turismo Veloce represents another step forward in every area: engine, chassis, electronics and comfort. In short, MV Agusta Turismo Veloce has never been this quiet, high-performance and comfortable.



The in-line three-cylinder engine with counter-rotating crankshaft (still unique in the segment) has received numerous upgrades that improve its character and power output.

Obviously, Euro 5 compliant, it has not lost power but has actually gained both character and performance. And, compared to the other three-cylinder power units in the 800 range, the Turismo Veloce’s engine was designed explicitly for greater riding pleasure on the road. New intake trumpets, designed especially for this model, boost torque at low and medium speeds, thus improving output during general road use. Torque is boosted by 12% from 3000 to 6000 rpm, and this is now handled by a gearbox with new transmission ratios. This reduces engine speed, improves consumption and lowers operating temperatures. All of this naturally translates into greater riding comfort, in all conditions. These modifications go hand in hand with the changes made to all MV Agusta’s three-cylinder engines for the 2021 season. Particular attention was given to reducing internal friction and noise, allowing the engine to easily comply with Euro 5 noise and emissions limits while also improving performance. Further updates include new tappets with DLC treatment, new materials for the valve guides, a redesigned exhaust system, and latest-generation injectors that exploit the increased injection pressure (up from 3.5 to 4 bar) to improve both fuel atomisation and combustion. The new electronic control unit delivers even more responsive throttle management and contributes to the increased torque of the Turismo Veloce’s three-cylinder engine. The updated clutch improves take-off precision and a more robust clutch basket. At the same time, the EAS 3.0 electronic gearbox, now in its third generation, features a new sensor and offers more precise gear changes with more comfortable shifting.



The electronics of the new Turismo Veloce 800 unquestionably made the biggest generational leap. The arrival of the IMU inertial platform developed by Milan-based e-Novia exclusively for MV Agusta took the electronic controls to their current state of the art.

Traction control and ABS (with cornering function) are now extremely precise and accurate. They take safety to the limit, but without putting limits on riding, even sports riding. And it is not only the electronics that have taken a generational leap. The rider only has to climb on board to notice the brand new instrument panel. The new 5.5″ TFT dash makes for an undeniably premium display. Providing complete information, it can also communicate with a smartphone. The MV Ride app offers not only classic route recording and sharing functions, but has a new dashboard interface that allows customisation of engine output and electronic controls. Naturally, the rider can also adjust these settings from the handlebar. The mirroring function allows the dashboard to be used as a satnav unit with turn-by-turn directions. Every function can be accessed and browsed quickly using the new joystick on the left-handlebar control. For maximum security, the Turismo Veloce Lusso, Lusso SCS and Lusso RC SCS also feature an integrated satellite anti-theft system that uses the dedicated Green Box app to locate the bike in the event of theft.



Lightness, confidence, absolute riding pleasure. Over the years, the Turismo Veloce has earned a reputation as one of the best Sport Touring bikes on the market, standing out because of its chassis quality. And for 2021, the frame is very much part of the evolution. New settings for the Sachs semi-active suspension ensure an even more precise ride than before. However, the ergonomic research that went into re-designing the entire central section is even more significant. As a result, the seat is over 20 mm lower, allowing the rider’s feet to touch the ground more easily.

Despite this height reduction, the improved quality and increased thickness of the foam make the seat more comfortable than ever, even over long distances. So the rider not only feels safer when manoeuvring but is also better positioned on the bike with improved riding control and aerodynamic protection. The result? Greater distances, less fatigue. For a better touring experience, the new Turismo Veloce can accommodate the classic three-piece luggage set (panniers and top case). However, the original design features are retained, with an extremely streamlined tail-piece allowing for the mounting of two equally-sized side panniers while limiting lateral bulk to a minimum. The best in the segment.



The lights on the 2021 Turismo Veloce use full LED technology for optimum illumination at night.

The introduction of a larger windscreen for both sizes also ensures riding comfort at all speeds. The new plexiglas is higher and wider than its predecessor. Its height can be adjusted with a practical manual control, while the new riding position offers aerodynamic protection for riders of all sizes. The new plexiglas also boasts a special scratch-proof treatment to ensure greater transparency and durability.


A 2021-model MV Agusta Turismo Veloce Lusso SCS. Photo courtesy MV Agusta.
A 2021-model MV Agusta Turismo Veloce Lusso SCS. Photo courtesy MV Agusta.



Turismo Veloce Lusso SCS is equipped with the innovative Smart Clutch System developed by MV Agusta and Rekluse. This system eliminates the need to use the clutch to stop and restart by managing clutch engagement independently and efficiently.

Universally popular with anyone who has ridden it (journalists and users), the SCS is designed for maximum riding pleasure. Gear-shifting is still in the hands (or rather, the feet) of the rider, who has full control but is spared the tedium of operating the clutch lever when riding in the city, for example. ‘Automatic’ starts are a real plus for a bike like the Turismo Veloce that prioritises both long-distance and everyday riding comfort. All this is achieved with a system that adds just 36 grams of weight and continues to ensure riding pleasure and the pleasure of ‘manual’ shifting. Of course, all these updates are also shared with the RC version, instantly recognizable because of its dedicated livery.


A 2021-model MV Agusta Turismo Veloce Rosso. Photo
A 2021-model MV Agusta Turismo Veloce Rosso. Photo courtesy MV Agusta.



The spirit of an MV Agusta Turismo Veloce in a more accessible package. Rosso brings Turismo Veloce style and performance to customers who seek value for money. However, it sacrifices nothing in terms of performance: it features all the latest mechanical, electronic and onboard innovations, while its engine outputs the same 110 HP as other versions. Its mechanical suspension is entrusted to a Sachs mono-shock and a Marzocchi fork with 43 mm stanchions, which offer all necessary adjustments (preload, compression and rebound). That gives us a complete bike that’s high-performance, agile and comfortable, but available at a more competitive price.


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