March 2023

March 2023

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On the Front Cover: Racing Editor Chris Ulrich rides Tyler O’Hara’s MotoAmerica
King Of The Baggers Championship-winning Indian Challenger
at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway in Desert Center, California.


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Inside Info: A New RSD Hot-Rod Buell; A 16,000-rpm Kawasaki 400cc
Four; Race Team Testing All Over, And More…

Historic Racebike Illustrations: The 50th Anniversary Of Yamaha TZ Racebikes

Racebike Test: Riding Tyler O’Hara’s MotoAmerica Championship-Winning Indian Challenger Bagger

Army Of Darkness: The Racing River Rolls On In 2022, Part Three

At Home: Racer/Team Owner/Sponsor/Collector Geoff Maloney



MotoGP Analysis: The Race To Catch Ducati; A Moto2 Crew Chief Says
Winning Requires Perfection

Racing History: When King Kenny Roberts Won A Title,
Lost a Testicle, And Shot Himself

Editor’s Scrapbook: King Kenny Roberts in 1984 and 1978

Numbers & Trivia: King Kenny Roberts’ Career


Letters To The Editor: Turning Back Time in MotoGP, And 3D Photos

Editor’s Scrapbook: Riders Seen At AMA Pro National At Mid-Ohio, 1986

10 Years Ago, March 2013: Nicky Hayden On The Cover And Interviewed Inside; 30 Up-and-Comers Seen In The 17th Annual Young Guns Feature; Mat Oxley Looks
At Ducati’s Plan To Rescue Its Floundering MotoGP Program; And How
Steve McLaughlin Launched World Superbike

The Crash Page: Famous—Or Infamous—Fallers

New Products: Woodcraft Clip-On Adaptors, Pit Bull Helmet Holder

Racing, School, & Track Day Calendar: Where & When To Ride

Classified Ads/Advertiser Index

High Performance Parts & Services Directory

Chris Ulrich: Adventures Of An Ex-Racer: Baggers On The Racetrack

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