The 50th Anniversary Of Yamaha TZ Racebikes, In The March Issue

The 50th Anniversary Of Yamaha TZ Racebikes, In The March Issue

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Featured In the March 2023 issue of Roadracing World:

         “For me, it’s tough to realize that it’s been 50 years since Yamaha introduced the most famous and successful series of over-the-counter racebikes, the TZs! With its various models, the TZ range changed the face of club, National and International road racing for 35 years. If you dig back to Yamaha’s first production road racer, the air-cooled 250cc TD1, the company has supplied racers with competitive for-sale machines for 45 years. While some of us at the time complained of Yamaha domination, we have to acknowledge the company’s dedication to our sport…”

“Historic Racebike Illustrations: The 50th Anniversary of Yamaha TZ Racebikes,” By Mick Ofield


There were times when it looked like a Yamaha Cup series on the grids of races around the world, but that simply reflects the company’s commitment to road racing at all levels. Half a century ago, Yamaha introduced its TZ series of customer racebikes—machines that were genuinely competitive at the International and National level, motorcycles that made the dream a reality for generations of aspiring racers. Read about their history—it’s in the latest issue of Roadracing World!


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