Daytona 200: Scoring System Issues End Day One Early At Daytona

Daytona 200: Scoring System Issues End Day One Early At Daytona

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The 79th Daytona 200 already got off to a strange start this weekend with Daytona International Speedway (DIS) officials making the last-minute precautionary call to run the event without spectators. Now, the first day of the event has been forced to end prematurely due to technical issues with the electronic timing scoring system.

According to ASRA/CCS President Kevin Elliott, background noise in the scoring system has caused it to experience problems picking up the electronic scoring transponders on the competitors’ motorcycles, and electrical technicians from DIS are currently working to rectify the situation.

Things appeared to be running fine through the morning and the second of three Daytona 200 qualifying sessions, which was held right after the mid-day lunch break. But just before the ASRA SuperStock class went out for their 12-minute qualifying session, everything was put on hold.

Shortly after 3:00 p.m. local time, an announcement was made that the remainder of the day’s activities were postponed until later in the weekend and that a mandatory riders meeting will be held at 4:00 p.m. to discuss a revised schedule.

Events scheduled to run Friday afternoon that will have to be rescheduled include:

ASRA SuperStock Qualifying

ASRA ThunderBike Qualifying

ASRA SportBike Qualifying


CCS GT Lights/500 GT Race


CCS Unlimited SuperSport Race

CCS LW SuperSport Race

CCS Middleweight SuperSport Race

CCS Thunderbike/500 SuperSport Race

CCS Heavyweight SuperSport Race

Daytona 200 Qualifying Session Three


We will report more information as it becomes available.

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