Tuesday’s AHRMA Highlights And Results From Daytona

Tuesday’s AHRMA Highlights And Results From Daytona

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Advanced Motor Sports Ducati’s Jeff Nash won both the Battle of the Twins – Formula One and Sound of Thunder– races on his Dunlop-equipped Ducati 748RS. In BOTT-F1, Nash came from third at the start to pass the Ducatis of Al Charles and Jerry Wood through the International Horseshoe to take the lead. Munroe Motors’ Tom Montano was second, and Nash won by three seconds. Nash came from behind again in Sound of Thunder, catchin and passing Project Monza/ BCM Motorsports’ Bill St. John on lap five of the eight-lap race.

MB Motorsports’ Robert Fisher also won two races Tuesday, on his superstock-spec Suzuki SV650 running Pirelli tires. Fisher ran away to large margins of victory in both Battle of the Twins Formula Two and Formula Three.

After winning the Formula 750 race Monday, Adam Popp returned to the winner’s circle Tuesday in the Formula Vintage six-lap sprint. Popp diced with Yvon Duhamel for the first four laps of the race, Duhamel on riding Team Obsolete’s ex-Dick Mann BSA triple with Popp on a Honda CR750 Four. Duhamel went back and forth with Popp in every corner of the infield until Popp finally stretched the legs of his Honda on the banking and pulled away.

CLASSIC 1960s: 1. Josef Brenner (BSA 500); 2. Pat Mooney (Nor 500); 3. Alex McLean (BSA 500); 4. Rusty Lowry (H-D 750); 5. Allan Johncock (Mat 500); 6. David Breetwor (BSA 499).

SPORTSMAN 350: 1. Buff Harsh (Hon 350); 2. Tim Sheedy (Hon 350); 3. Chris Marshall (Hon 350); 4. Stanley Lipert (Hon 350); 5. Mike Mathews (Hon 350); 6. James Swartout (Hon 350).

BATTLE OF THE TWINS – FORMULA ONE: 1. Jeff Nash (Duc 748); 2. Thomas Montano (Duc 748); 3. David Podolsky (Apr 998); 4. Kiyo Watanabe (Hon 1000); 5. Al Charles (Duc 996); 6. Dario Marchetti (Duc 748).

BATTLE OF THE TWINS – FORMULA THREE: 1. Robert Fisher (Suz SV650); 2. John Staska (Kaw EX600); 3. Matt Winnacker (Suz SV650); 4. Howard Shemp (Suz SV650); 5. Dan Hankle (Nor 750); 6. Guenther Weickert (Suz SV650).

SPORTSMAN: 1. Chris Marshall (Hon 350); 2. Buff Harsh (Hon 350); 3. James Swartout (Hon 350); 4. Tim Sheedy (Hon 350); 5. Andrew Cowell (Tri 500); 6. Jesse Morris (Tri 500).

FORMULA 500: 1. Christopher Spargo (Yam RD400); 2. Harry Barlow (Yam RD400); 3. Les Trotter (See 492); 4. Richard Merhar (Yam 350); 5. David Crussell (Kaw 498); 6. Gary Smith.

SPORTSMAN 750: 1. Jesse Morris (Tri 750); 2. Tim Joyce (Tri 750); 3. David Temple (Yam 750); 4. Mark Nadelkov (Yam 650); 5. Craig Charles (Tri 750); 6. Cliff Murray (Yam 750).

BATTLE OF THE TWINS – FORMULA TWO: 1. Robert Fisher (Suz SV650); 2. Matt Winnacker (Suz SV650); 3. Keith Sanderson (Suz SV650); 4. Rick Patrolia (Suz SV650); 5. Howard Shempp (Suz SV650); 6. Guenther Weickert (Suz SV650).

INTERNATIONAL CLASSIC GRAND PRIX TWO-STROKE: 1. Eric Saul (Yam 350); 2. Chris Hurst (Yam 350); 3. Paul Gaskin (Rin 350); 4. Sandrine Dufils (Yam 350); 5. Tony Smith (Yam 347); 6. Richard Merhar (Yam TZ250).

FORMULA VINTAGE: 1. Adam Popp (Hon 750); 2. Yvon Duhamel (BSA 750); 3. Hasse Gustafson (Duc 750); 4. Calvin Rayborn III (H-D 750); 5. Keith Campbell (H-D 750); 6. John Long (Tri 750).

SOUND OF THUNDER: 1. Jeff Nash (Duc 748 RS); 2. Bill St. John (Duc 800); 3. David Podolsky (Apr RSV1000); 4. Kiyo Watanabe (Hon RC51); 5. Paul Vitale (Duc 748); 6. Al Charles (Duc 996).

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