Track Day Bike Transport, There And Back, In The Trackday Directory

Track Day Bike Transport, There And Back, In The Trackday Directory

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Featured In the Roadracing World 2020 Trackday Directory Special Issue:

     “There’s a difference in the way the paddock usually looks between a race weekend and a track day weekend. Racers tend to have the art of packing and transporting the peripherals of racing down to a science, and have invested in things like trucks and vans and enclosed trailers to make multi-day stays at the track more convenient, comfortable and efficient.

     “But for track days, there seems to be a lot more open trailers. And this makes sense. A flat, open trailer—especially one that folds so it takes up little space in the garage—can be towed by nearly anything, and doesn’t require owning an extra vehicle to transport a bike.

     “At some track days, it looks like every U-Haul motorcycle trailer in the area code has
shown up—and there’s a good reason …”

—Bike Transport: Getting There And Back

Sure, you can ride your streetbike to the track day, but it’s not ideal. And it’s not all that difficult to get your bike and your gear to the track, securely and comfortably. Read all about how to make that happen in the Roadracing World 2020 Trackday Directory! It’s the perfect way to hone your track day game, or the perfect gift to help a friend join you and have fun riding on the racetrack! Order your copy today, or pick one up at leading retailers, including Cycle Gear stores nationwide!

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