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Jun 25, 2014

The Final Round Of Press Releases From Last Weekend's Various Races (Updated)

Jake Gagne (32). Photo by @GeoCrash Photography, courtesy of RoadRace Factory.

Barber Motorsports Park, Leeds, Alabama

Tucked into the woods of Leeds, Alabama sits a track, a beautiful flowing track that holds surprises for all who attend its events. From the iconic Motorsports Museum to the artwork and sculptures that decorate the venue, it is truly one track a motorsports fan must attend. For the RoadRace Factory crew and riders, it was simply another weekend at the portable office. However there was a slight difference to this weekend than in races past, and no it wasn't the oppressive heat and humidity, it was a new race format for the weekend. Instead of three days of track time, the team only had two days.

Race Report

GoPro Daytona SportBike

A Tale of Two Riders

Barber is not a track that the RoadRace Factory has historically done great at. It's liked by the riders and crew, but for some reason it's been a difficult track to master. Mastery comes with track time and now track time was going to be limited. No more practice sessions on Friday, it's a jump-start right into qualifying on Saturday morning. Two qualifying sessions and then a short lunch break before Race 1. Jake and Tomas would have to be quick right out of the gate in order to establish any kind of precedent and place the other riders on notice.

Jake did just that. Topping the time sheets for much of qualifying session 1 to finish in provisional pole while Tomas continued his adjustment to the DSB class and ended the session in P13. The times were close all around them and so back to the pits for some adjustments before taking to the track in the second qualifying session. Jake and his crew had made some small adjustments in the hopes of continuing to dominate while Tomas' side searched for the magic set-up that would give him the maximum from his R6.

As the horn blew and the track went hot, Jake and Tomas both made great first flying laps. However, as the session wore on, the small changes on Jake's bike began to manifest in larger ways, as he was unable to repeat the dominant performance and would ultimately qualify in the third grid position. For Tomas, it was still a struggle to find the balance. His times increased, as did the other riders' times. When the session ended he found himself on the fourth row of the starting race grid.

After a brief lunch, the GoPro Daytona Sportbike riders were called to take the grid for their first race of the weekend. The riders and their crews doing all they can to help keep the heat and humidity at bay for as long as possible. Grid was cleared, Visors came down, revs went up and the DSB pack launched into turn 1 in a tight formation. Yamaha rider Garrett Gerloff had taken the hole-shot with Jake Gagne, Jake Lewis, and others in tow. By the end of lap 3 it was a hotly contested lead group that was dicing it up as if it was a "Dash for Cash" race. Unfortunately an incident early in the race involving the three main front-runners that took out Garrett and Jake.

Back in the mid-pack, Tomas was fighting with some of the most season vets in the class. By mid race he worked his way clear into P10 where he would battle with Kyle Wyman until the end of the race. It was a great battle for Tomas even though he and the team hoped for better, it was a hard fought race with a solid outcome that improved his standings in the championship.

Sunday was a normal Sunday in terms of racing schedule. On track activities began at a more normal hour and there was no compressed time format. An early morning practice session for every class followed by races in the afternoon. During those morning practice sessions, Jake and Tomas used that time as if it was another qualifying session. Each had something to prove. For Jake, it was to show that he had the pace to win on Saturday and that his crew can build and rebuild the best bikes on the grid, for Tomas it was to show that he continues to learn from each session and his times were improving lap by lap.

As the riders took their places on the grid for Race 2, the paddock and fans were all anticipating another barnburner. Unfortunately, fellow Yamaha rider, Garrett Gerloff would not partake in this battle as he suffered a broken arm during the incident in race one. That still left the battle to be decided by anyone of the top six riders on the grid. As the flag was dropped, the riders once again charged downhill towards turn one and the fight was on. This time it seemed that the entire class was one big mass for the first three or four laps. Jake was in an intense battle with Jake Lewis and Jason DiSalvo, each rider taking their turn at the lead until Jake Gagne put his head down and began to slowly pull a gap. Tomas was heavily engaged in his own battle with Jake Zemke and others. The positions at stake were P5 through P12, so the battle raged.

At the front, Gagne's lead was shrinking with enough time to be concerned. Jake Lewis and Dane Westby were coming up quick. On the last lap Jake was making a charge to retake the lead when a small misstep on the chicane had him run a little wide and was passed by two riders. A hard run back through the final section had him back into a podium spot where he would cross the line in P3. Tomas' battle group formation had separated out into a single file formation that would see him cross the strips in P10.

Great results to be sure, but not the results that anyone wanted. In the DSB world, the team has tasted victory and they all firmly believe that winning is the only outcome. So with that in mind, they will now move on and prepare to dominate the next round at Mazda Laguna Seca Raceway, a track that has is proven success for the team.

Jake Gagne - 1st in Standings

"Yeah, this weekend we came in with pretty high expectations coming off the double at Road America. I like this track a lot, last year I finished in second in both races so I felt pretty confident we could win here. First qualifying went great we were at the top of the charts. We made some changes before Q2 and that seemed to take us in the wrong direction but we were still on the front row and I knew I could win it. Race one was going well, had a pretty good battle going on and then it got all sketchy when Jake (Lewis) got a little sideways going into turn 13 and Garrett tried to make a avoiding move and he ended up hitting Jake in the rear tire and went down. I had no-where to go and got collected up in the wreck. I mean I'm pretty bummed, that's racing and it happens. The crew worked their butts off and rebuilt my bike overnight and had it up and running strong for the morning practice.

Race 2 was going as great. I was able to push when I wanted to and after a few laps I was building a little gap. I started having a little issue towards the end and the gap was closing. The last few laps had me battling again with Jake (Lewis) and Dane Westby. I felt I could make the charge for the lead but a I made a small mistake in the chicane and lost two positions. I finished 3rd and took some points but I can't say I'm too happy. At this point we're only going to be happy with wins so it's onto Laguna and another chance to win."

Tomas Puerta - 10th in Standings

"The weekend for me wasn't perfect but it was good. We're still working on finding the perfect set-up and I'm adjusting the class. But after Road America I felt that I could run up towards the front this weekend. After qualifying though, it was clear I was off the pace and we really went to work on the bike. We made some changes and were ready for race one. I got into a pretty good battle but couldn't really make any moves forward and got P10. Okay, so we worked on the bike some more before race 2.

I felt good on Sunday and was excited to see if the changes worked on the bike. Again, I got a good start but was running in a pack fighting for a top 10 position. When it was over, I got another P10. So now, I have to change my mindset. I'm disappointed when I'm not wining so I don't know if I have to change my style, my mind or what but I've learned to be ok with this season as a learning year. I mean I'm top 10 in my first year in this class, so I'm going to be happy and think about what else needs to change because I know the bike is strong. I'll be ready for Laguna and I like that track a lot."

AMA Pro SuperSport

For the team's newest rider, Felipe MacLean, Barber is another completely unknown track. Having run a handful of races last season with the team, Barber was missing from his repartee and there would have to be some educational time built into the schedule for him. However, this isn't the old schedule where you can "learn" the track on a Friday and go "Hammer Down" on Saturday and Sunday. No Sir, not this weekend. Felipe would be thrown right into a qualifying battle with 40 other riders on a track that he had only seen on a map moments before.

Felipe is the consummate professional, he had his strategy for the weekend and he followed it. Just like in Road America and Daytona, each lap would be faster than the previous. If only by hundreds of a second, so be it! That's what it would take to learn and come up to speed. So, following his strategy, Felipe clicked off laps that consistently got faster. By the end of qualifying Felipe would be in P36 on the starting grid.

Race one went off like a thundering herd as the group moved around the flowing track. Felipe was steadily moving up through the field and making progress lap after lap. When the he crossed the line in race 1 he found himself in P26. For race 2, he was more confident with the track and was eager to start. Again the field was turned loose and the massive groups began their assaults. Felipe once again, showed incredible determination and aggression by passing other riders using some impressive maneuvers. As the laps wore on, he would find himself running in P25 and staying there until the checkers were waved.

Felipe Maclean - 24th in Standings

"Yeah it was a pretty good weekend. This was our fist time here and I didn't know the track. We started like 10 seconds behind the pace and ended up like 3 seconds behind the pace which was really good progress. It's our first year, our goal is top 15 and I believe that is doable especially with tracks I know.

I want to thank the team for giving my this great opportunity, my family for always supporting me, my sponsors they are behind me 100% all the time, and to my father who comes to every race no matter where it is."

The Final Word - Danny Walker

"It was supposed to be a shorter weekend, but it seemed like it was a longer weekend. The new schedule has everyone trying to make adjustment and it just feels like there was just as much going on as before. The energy level to do the two days feels like it was more than doing the three day events.

Overall, it's hard to say it was a bad weekend. I mean Tomas got two top tens, and Jake getting on the podium. You know the crash on Saturday is probably what put the damper on the weekend. But Barber just is one of those tracks that we don't seem to gel with 100%. Last year Jake got two second places but crashed a few times, happened again this weekend. Tomas went well in SuperSport last year but struggled this weekend.

You know, Felipe did awesome this weekend. He showed up at the track having never seen it before and just put his head down and rode hard. He was aggressive and continued to drop his times. It's all we can ask for and he's nailing it.

So yeah, coming out this weekend, I can say we're happy that we still have the points lead if that's something we say we're concerned with but we're looking forward to Laguna."

More, from a press release issued by Sol Performance:

Sol Performance would like to congratulate Rob Christman on his 3 class lap and absolute track records at Pueblo Motorsports Park this past weekend.

Rob started his race weekend as he normally does. Arrived at the track on Thursday afternoon, set up this canopy, made sure his bike is clean and got everything in order that he needed. Little did he know that this would not be a normal race weekend.

During the middle of his practice sessions on Friday, Rob had discovered a couple of things just didn't feel right. He found that his data system was not working and his engine had a stumble of sorts.

Saturday morning he was able to sort out his data system and finally see what kind of pace he was riding while he was on the track. However his mechanical issues remained to be a thorn in his side. While trying to find a solution he began to start his races for the weekend. First up was the Sol Performance / Moto Garage sponsored Formula 40 race. He gridded up with a set of used Pirelli Superbike slicks. Taking the lead in the first lap and never looking back, Rob was able to pull off a lap time of 1:31.068. Which was good enough for a new record for that class.

Next up was the Open Endurance race. Not knowing if he would race in this class or not at the beginning of the weekend, Rob opted to participate for testing purposes. Again on used Pirelli slicks, Rob completed a few laps of the half hour race and realized he still had mechanical problems. He ended up pulling out of the race but not before he could secure the class lap record with a time of 1:30.663.

Sunday morning, Rob had tried to solve his mechanical issues by changing a short list of parts. But not only did that not work, the problem was getting worse. So during his first race, Rob fitted his GSXR 1000 with a new Pirelli Superbike SC1 front and a new SC0 rear. " I just put my head down and rode the smartest way I could." That thought process paid off really well as he claimed the class absolute lap record with a time of 1:29:200. Replacing the previous record set by Shane Turpin in 2012.

Rob will go on to participate in the Race of the Rockies, MRAs premier class. Due to the mechanical issues becoming increasingly severe, Rob was able to salvage what he could and round out the podium in third place.

"These are the best tires I have ever ridden by far! These tires felt like gum balls that did anything I asked of them," claimed Rob.

Sol Performance is glad to be a part of Robs racing program this year. It has been a pleasure working with him and all the hard work and dedication is definitely paying off. We are looking forward to the continuance of these positive results throughout the rest of the MRAs 2014 season.

Sol Performance is Pirelli's Rocky Mountain Region motorcycle race tire distributor. Contact us at 970.765.8473, [email protected] or for any questions or to order any tires in their region.

More, from a press release issued by Tuned Racing:

Tuned Racing riders had a difficult weekend at Barber Motorsports Park during the AMA Pro Road Racing Triumph SuperBike Classic.


The new 2 day format meant that Jason Aguilar’s first ever lap at Barber would be in qualifying. With 5 laps in, Jason was just learning the track when his bike slowed. The rest of the session was lost while the team worked on finding the problem. For the final qualifying session, the problem was corrected, but with 2 engine changes done while diagnosing the problem, an oil leak developed. Jason had to come in to clean the bike and his boots. Important time was lost that was needed for Jason to come up to speed at a new track, resulting in Jason’s worst ever qualifying position of 19th.

In Race 1, Jason quickly moved up, gaining 4 places on the first lap to 15th place. On the second lap, Jason advanced to 13th place. The seventh lap saw Jason pass 2 more riders to move up to 11th place. On the final lap, Jason caught and passed one more rider to secure a 10th Place finish.

Jason got a good start in Race 2, passing 6 riders on the first lap. Jason was still gaining on some of the higher placed riders and passed 2 more on the final lap to secure another 10th place finish. Jason is one of only 3 AMA Supersport riders who have finished in the top 10 in every race this season. As one of the top Supersport riders, Jason has been invited to ride in the AMA Daytona Sportbike class at Laguna Seca during the FIM Superbike World Championship July 11-13.

Daytona Sportbike

Bryce Prince qualified 16th on the grid Saturday that saw only 3 seconds separating first from last qualifying positions. In Race 1, Bryce moved up 3 positions on the first lap, but a mistake on the second lap relegated him to last place. Pushing hard to get back in the race, Bryce was able to salvage a 14th place finish.

Race 2 saw Bryce get a good start and jump up to 13th place on the first lap. Bryce passed another rider on the second lap to take over 12th place. A near highside coming out of the final turn dropped his position back to 14th. Pushing hard to make up time, Bryce was able to pass one more rider on the final lap to finish 13th.

Both Bryce and Jason will be competing in the AMA Daytona Sportbike class at Laguna Seca during the FIM Superbike World Championship July 11-13. This will be the team’s final professional race on the West Coast this season. Come out to watch some World Superbike, and support your favorite team at the same time!

Thanks to all of our sponsors:

Tuned Industries, Graves Motorsports, Dunlop, SolarMax Technology, Galfer Brakes, Worxxx Performance and Machine, Drive Systems USA, Torco Advanced Lubricants,, Let’s Ride Trackdays, Zero Gravity Racing, Dynojet, VNM Sportgear,,, Optimal Racing Bodywork, SpeedAngle, Shorai Batteries, ACT Leathers , NEXX-USA, and Onyx Oil Service.

Jason Aguilar also thanks his personal sponsors: RS Taichi, Moto Liberty, AXO, Vortex Racing, Impact Safe-T Armor, Spider Grips, HT Moto, GPR Stabilizers, and Chicken Hawk Racing.

More, from a press release issued by Apex Race Services:

Apex Race Services/TT Motosports Alan Slaney Podiums at Homestead CCS.

Apex Race Services/TT Motosports Alan Slaney was excited to get on track with his new Apex Race Service's prepared 2013 Triumph 675r during the CCS race at Homestead Miami Speedway.

Expert Alan Slaney spent Saturday's practice getting to know his new steed. "I felt Saturday would be a shakedown run. Even though I have been riding Triumph's for the last couple years, it is a new bike and I needed to learn her intricacies" Alan stated. Alan was happy with the way practice went and was ready for his first race on his new Triumph 675r on Sunday.

Slaney was scheduled to run six races on Sunday. Alan stared off the day with a sixth place finish in Expert GTU and kept moving up from there. With his second race he scored a top five in Expert Middleweight Supersport, and found himself on the box with a Third place in Expert Heavyweight Supersport. Alan was feeling good with the progerss he was making. In his next race Middle weight Superbke, he was running in the third podium position. He saw an opportunity to pass another rider on the outside of turn three, but unfortunately lost the front and went down. This ended his weekend due to several broken components.

Alan Slaney would like to say Thank you to all of his sponsors for helping to make this a successful weekend. Apex Race Services, TT Motosport, Ballistik Leathers, Pirelli tires, Bell Helmets, Amsoil, Rynopower, Fuel Clothing, and Spy Eyewear.

Alan Slaney- Team Rider

"My race weekend went well. Unfortunatly I had lost the front during a race and had to finish the weekend early. Thankfully my Ballistik leather and Bell helmet allowed me to escape unscathed as they always do. I want to Thank Pirelli tires for making me competitive against some of the top level expert riders, Apex Race Services, TT Motosport, Ballistik Leathers, Bell Helmets, Amsoil, rynopower, Fuel clothing and Spy eyewear. I am looking forward to the next race!"

Tim Hunt - Owner Apex Race Services

"I am very proud of Alan. He did a great job at Homestead this weekend. Looking forward to helping him get his new Triumph 675r dialed in. We are honored to have him representing Apex Race Services/TT Motosport."

For more about team and shop happenings visit our facebook page:

Apex Race Services/TT Motosport is a Motorcycle Race and Services center based in Pompano Beach Florida.

In addition we run a full service race team complete with track services, coaching, crew chief and team support.

Take a few minutes to look over our site at for more information.

More, from another press release issued by Apex Race Services:

Triple Threat Racing's Tim Hunt scores a top ten finish at Triumph Superbike Classic.

Triple Threat Racing/Apex Race Services Tim Hunt and Lee Farmer came into the weekend unsure of what to expect from the new shortened two day format. With no real practice time Hunt was hoping his previous data would help to start the weekend off on the right foot. Barber Motorsports Park is a physical demanding and technical track, So for Lee Farmer it was like being thrown head first to the wolves. Farmer has never set a wheel on Barber and it was only his second time on his Yamaha YZF-R6.

Tim Hunt started Q1 off right holding in the top five, while Farmer was simply learning his way around the new track. Q2 didn't go as planned for Hunt. He had a electrical issue on the track and had to watch from the sidelines. Tim was relegated to sixteenth position."I feel as tho if I was able to stay out there longer I would've gone faster and had a better grid position." stated Triple Threat Racing's rider Tim Hunt. Apex Race Services rider Lee Farmer went into Q2, knowing what he had to do. He put his head down and just turned laps until they threw the checkered flag. He was able to qualify in the thirty-ninth position.

Being that race one is on the same day as qualifying, the Apex Race Services crew had to work hard to find the electrical issue and get the bike back together in a couple of hours for Hunt to be able to make the first race. "I am so thankful for my mechanics! They worked hard to find the problem, fix it and get me out there in time for the race." said owner Tim Hunt. Getting a good start to the race was one key factor in Tim's top ten finish. He battled with a group of other racers making his way from thirteenth to take the checkered in ninth position. Lee Farmer had a little jump on the start of race one and incurred a ten second penalty. Farmer, even with the penalty was able to improve on his starting position and finished in Thirty-fourth.

Sunday's practice Hunt and Farmer went out together, with Tim showing Lee some areas to gain time on the track. Tim was able to make a good start again. He battled with a group for the top ten position through out the race and was able to finish thirteenth. "It was great to race with these younger guys. They kept me on my toes the whole race. I am ecstatic to have have a top ten finish yesterday and a top fifteen today." Hunt said after the race. Lee Farmer had a great start. He made up nine positions in the fifteen laps to come across the line in Thirtyth.

Triple Threat would like to say Thank you to all of our sponsors for helping to make this such a successful weekend for us all. Dunlop Tires, Arai Helmets, Ohlins, Ballistik Motorcycle Apparel, MedAge, GPR, Vesrah, Motul, Vortex, Motoheaven, Hel, Moto-D,, H2Pro Hydrate, Fuel clothing, Apex Motorcycle and Race Services and TT Motosport. Also we would like to Thank all of the people who stopped by our pits to wish us good luck and our growing fan base. We appreciate your love and support!

Tim Hunt - Team Rider and Owner Apex Race Services

"I am very happy with the weekend. A top ten finish against all of these young kids is a win for me. I felt great getting off the bike after the races thanks to Dr Laura Ellis and the whole MedAge staff. I had a great team of mechanics to keep my bike running right and it allowed me to focus on riding. Thanks Cory, Randy, Chase, Aaron and Kyle. I am looking forward to racing New Jeresy AMA and the rest of the CCS/Wera season."

For more about team and shop happenings visit our facebook page:

Apex Race Services/TT Motosport is a Motorcycle Race and Services center based in Pompano Beach Florida.

In addition we run a full service race team complete with track services, coaching, crew chief and team support.

Take a few minutes to look over our site at for more information.

More, from a press release issued by Shelina Moreda's publicist:


After nearly breaking into the top 10 in the AMA Pro Racing Vance and Hines Harley-Davidson race held at Barber Motorsports Park in Leeds AL on June 22nd, Shelina headed straight to Springfield IL for her first attempt at a Springfield Mile dirt track event. Shelina will be competing for Team DGR in the AMA Dirt Track Grand Championship, which is a 4 round event that utilizes the Mile, Half-Mile, and TT courses at the Illinois State Fairgrounds.

After switching to Nitron suspension and working on the set-up with Lenny Albin and Paul Diener, Shelina was able to drop her lap times by almost 7 seconds from first practice to final qualifying. Starting 17th on the grid, she was able to immediately move forward and battle for 14th thru 11th until the last lap, at the fourth to last corner, where she came together with a competitor with neither one of them wanting to give an inch. It was a high-speed, hard crash after Shelina tried to save it while in the gravel trap. Shelina was credited with 14th place for the race and is also tied for 14th in the season points standings.

July will be a busy month as Shelina gears up for the Laguna Seca WSBK/AMA round, The Mid-Ohio AMA round, and a new overseas adventure to be announced soon.

Shelina Moreda – AMA Pro Vance & Hines Harley Davidson #93:

“This weekend was all about making progress; my speed is improving, I’m able to articulate better what the bike needs, and what I need as a racer. I have to thank ChiliPepper Racing and Vet Motorsports for their support. I'm so thankful for my strong gear from AXO, Arai and Impact Safe-T Armor and the protection they provided. As a Dairy Farmer, I also have to thank Milk for building strong bones. I have to say that the race fans up on that hill were really encouraging, cheering when I got up and waved. Thank you everyone for your constant support and encouragement, it helps me so much. I can't wait to get back on that big ol' pig of mine, we sure were having fun together today.”

Paul Diener- Chili Pepper Racing technical consultant:

"Shelina was passing for 11th place and she crashed – I’m tickled to death because it shows she is pushing. She is going faster, and has almost broken into the top 10! Of course crashing is a bummer but this one shows that she is making progress.”

Shelina Moreda would like to thank her sponsors:, She’z Racing, AXO, Arai, Vance & Hines, K&B Motorsports, Impact Safe-T-Armor, GoPro, NP Moto, Team DGR, QMMF Racing Team, BMC Racing, Brammo, Parker Hannifin, Finish Line Fitness, GP Fabrication, and Christopher Kemp. Anyone interested in joining with support for the team or Shelina Please contact or

More, from a press release issued by JC Camacho's publicist:

AMA Pro SuperSport Rider JC Camacho and Family Battle the Birmingham Heat On and Off Track at the Triumph Superbike Classic

Three rounds of AMA Pro Racing are in the books, and JC Camacho currently sits seventh in points in the SuperSport class. In the first two rounds of the 2014 season at Daytona and Road America, the gifted young Texas rider had to learn new circuits with limited track time, but showed his ability with solid results. Camacho came into the Triumph Superbike Classic at Barber Motorsports Park last weekend riding high after a good showing at the last round, and returning to a track he had turned laps on before. But Barber's fast-paced two-day schedule, and a big crash in Sunday morning's warm-up session would challenge Camacho's character and desire in the sweltering Birmingham heat.

The race weekend would see the SuperSport class qualify twice before noon on Saturday, with the first race to be held in the afternoon. The first time Camacho and his fellow competitors would see the track on Saturday morning would be their first qualifying session -- no practice laps. That kind of pressure is probably tougher on privateer team, a team that doesn’t have tons of seat time or a data book to help with baseline setup, than it is on a more deeply financed factory effort. Camacho pushed hard as his team attempted to find him more grip around the 17 turn, 2.3 mile road course. A gamble with tire compounds during the second qualifying session did not pay off for Camacho, however, and he was unable to go faster than he did in the first qualifying session. The challenge of the AMA’s two-day format, combined with the searing temperatures, would battle test Camacho and his father.

Although he was unable to improve his start position in the second qualifying session, Camacho’s confidence was strong heading into the weekend’s first race held during the afternoon after the morning’s qualifying session. From the start of the race, Camacho put his head down, and soon dropped his lap times by almost two seconds per lap over his qualifying time. Because Camacho had qualified on the 5th row, however, he would have to work his way through a tough group of riders before he could break into the top ten and set his sights on the top five. The AMA’s Race Control had shortened the race to 15 laps, which didn’t do Camacho any favors, giving Camacho less time to get to the front pack after his subpar qualifying effort. Camacho rode hard, made up a lot of positions, and at the checkered flag he was in 8th spot, just 0.068 seconds behind 7th place. Camacho was right behind the rider in 7th position when they caught lapped traffic. This cost Camacho to lose the drag race to the line. “I kept losing front end grip and I didn’t want to push it and throw it down so I just rode within my limits knowing I had another chance on Sunday,” Camacho would say after the race.

After a solid top-10 run on Saturday, Camacho was quietly confident for Sunday’s race. Race 2, however, would not go as planned as the teenager experienced a nasty crash that damaged his hand and did significant damage his HOP Designs Yamaha R6. Camacho’s team, which consists of his brother and his father, worked diligently to prep the bike to pass technical inspection and get JC back on the bike for the race. This was a task that almost seemed too much to bear for the small privateer team, and, in fact, Camacho’s bike was being inspected by officials as the other riders took off for the sighting lap. Camacho was able to get to his position and start the race. Even banged up, and riding a bike that was severely tweaked after his earlier crash, Camacho managed a top 15 finish. He started the race on cold tires, without a quick shifter, a bent steering damper and was wearing a borrowed helmet from NEXX USA.

Camacho said of the race, “The bike was a mess. My dad did a great job of getting the bike together as best as he could. I feel bad because I destroyed the bike and with the two day schedule, he and my brother had to work really hard to get it fixed. We almost didn’t make it, and I got lucky to get some points. I just wish I had a team because it is sometimes too much for him to handle by himself.” Camacho, clearly disappointed in himself, said “I think I can run up front. Everyone said I did great to just bring it home, but that’s racing. If I am not winning it’s not good enough. This [weekend] only motivates me more.”

After a steamy weekend of AMA Pro racing, the Camacho family packed up and headed back to Texas. They have a lot of work to do to get prepped for the next round at Mid-Ohio on July 19-20, another two-day race weekend, and another weekend that Camacho will be an underdog, scrapping and fighting for a chance to show everyone what kind of talent he has.

For the 2014 season JC Camacho is proudly sponsored by House of Paint Designs, Raceworx USA, Nexx Helmets, AXO, Race Engine Services, Traxxion Dynamics, K&N Filters, Vortex, Spy Optics and

Camacho is seeking additional support to continue to compete in the final two rounds of AMA. If you are interested in helping young gun Camacho achieve his professional racing goals please visit or contact Camacho via email at [email protected] or on Facebook at

More, from a press release issued by Hindle:

Round 3 Barber Motorsports Park (Birmingham, Alabama) The Triumph Superbike Classic/Round 3 of the 2014 AMA Pro Roadracing Series took place this past weekend (June 21-22, 2014) at Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham, Alabama.

Latus Motors/Castrol/Hindle/Triumph rider Bobby Fong turned the second fastest lap on the Triumph 675R in Race 1 of the Go Pro Daytona Sportbike class, finishing in an amazing third place. Steve Rapp, on the D&D Cycles/Castrol/Hindle/Triumph 675R, finished in 6th place. Canadian rider Kenny Riedmann, on the Riedmann/Castrol/Hindle/Triumph 675R, unfortunately crashed after lap 4.

In Race 1 of the AMA Pro Supersport race, Miles Thornton, on the D&D Cycles/Castrol/Hindle/Triumph 675R just missed a podium finish, coming in 4th place.

Race 2 of the Go Pro Daytona Sportbike class was not so smooth as Race 1. Riedmann was determined to get back on the track (even with an injured foot) in Race 2 of the Go Pro Daytona Sportbike class, where he finished in 19th. Bobby Fong, on the Latus Motors/Castrol/Triumph/Hindle 675R, was in 2nd place in Race 2, but unfortunately crashed in the final lap. Steve Rapp also had an unfortunate crash in Race 2, after lap 4.

In Race 2 of the AMA Pro Supersort race, Thornton finished in 7th place on the D&D Cycles/Castrol/Hindle/Triumph 675R.

Next up is the FIM Superbike World Championship/Round 4 at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca in Monterey, California (July 11-13, 2014). For more information, check out AMA Pro Roadracing's website at

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