Suzuki SV650: Building A MotoAmerica Twins Cup Winner, P5, In August Issue

Suzuki SV650: Building A MotoAmerica Twins Cup Winner, P5, In August Issue

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Featured In the August 2020 issue of Roadracing World:

      From early on, the SV650 was running a Webcam I-11 intake cam with more lift than stock on the intake side, and a stock intake cam on the exhaust side, using stock valve springs. But it was soon obvious that the stock valve springs didn’t have enough pressure to avoid valve float.

      Engine builder Tim Anderson knew he needed stronger springs, but with input about reliability from Team Hammer’s longtime technical director and lead engine builder Keith Perry, decided against trying available aftermarket valve springs. Instead, he wandered through the team’s parts room and started measuring the outside diameter, length, and tension of valve springs from various GSX-R models, looking for a stock GSX-R spring that would fit and produce more seat pressure than the standard SV650 springs.

      He found what he was looking for with 2017+ GSX-R1000 outer valve springs; the inside diameter of the spring seat had to be slightly machined, but the spring worked with a standard GSX-R1000 steel retainer and produced 10 additional pounds of seat pressure, ending the problem with valves kissing the pistons.

      Perry’s philosophy from the start was to add power in steps, and keep the engine reliable. The replacement springs increased reliability and made it possible to run the higher lift cams – which produced additional power …

—Suzuki SV650 Project: Part Five, by John Ulrich

Power is nothing without reliability. And experience can find both in some of the most unexpected places. Read the latest installment of the development of Suzuki’s sweet little SV650 streetbike into a race-winning beastit’s all in the August issue of Roadracing World!


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