Riding Skills: Cover The Brakes, In The Trackday Directory

Riding Skills: Cover The Brakes, In The Trackday Directory

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Featured In the Roadracing World 2020 Trackday Directory Special Issue:

     “There are a ton of techniques taught and discussed around motorcycle riding. Some are for racers, some are for track day riders, and some are for street riders. I love the ones that apply to all three disciplines, especially when not everyone realizes it!

     “The best riders on track and street cover their brakes, especially the front, almost all the time. ‘Cover the brakes’ means riding with your fingers outstretched and resting on or hovering over the front brake lever, and your foot hovering over the rear brake pedal …”

—Riding Skills: Cover Your Brakes, By Keith Culver

It’s a skill set that shortens the time between when you decide to apply the brakes and when you actually apply the brakes. Yamaha Champions Riding School Chief Operating Officer and partner Keith Culver explains it all in the Roadracing World 2020 Trackday Directory! It’s the perfect way to hone your track-riding game, and a perfect gift to help a friend join you in having fun at the track! Order your copy today, or pick one up at leading retailers, including Cycle Gear stores nationwide!


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