Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup: Three Americans Invited To 2024 Tryouts In Spain

Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup: Three Americans Invited To 2024 Tryouts In Spain

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Guadix is the place – Rookies Cup Selection for 2024

It’s that very special time of year, no not Christmas yet, but for young racers around the world it is even bigger, it’s time for the Selection Event for the 2024 Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup.

This is the way that Brad Binder, Jorge Martín, Pedro Acosta and more than 200 other riders have made the step into the Cup. 112 Rookies Cup riders have started in GPs, 30 of whom have won 179 GPs and 10 World Championships. Currently, they lead the Moto3 and Moto2 World Championships and Martín is 3 points off the lead in MotoGP after winning the Japanese Grand Prix this weekend.

111 riders from across the globe, from 30 different nations, are expected to attend this year’s Selection event in Guadix, near Granada in southern Spain for 3 days of track action starting on Monday.

Roughly half the assembled riders take to the track on Day 1, the other half on Day 2. Those who are considered to have the best chance of being invited to join the Cup are offered the possibility of riding again on Day 3.

At the end of Day 3, the Selection Committee will draw up a list of 10 riders invited to join the Cup for 2024.

Show your support for your favourite rider by voting for them to wear the Golden Bib. It will encourage them even though it does not directly affect the outcome of the Selection. Vote here –


Riders expected at the Selection Event


Leonardo Abruzzo (Italy)

Luca Agostinelli (Vietnam)

Julius Ahrenkiel-Frellsen (Denmark)

Pedro Alomar Bover (Spain)

Hamad Khamis Alsahouti (Qatar)

Pau Alsina Sanchez (Spain)

Emanuele Andrenacci (Italy)

Evan Belford (Great Britain)

Enzo Bellon-Hoarau (France)

Edoardo Bertola (Italy)

Mohammed Abdalaziz Binladin (Saudi Arabia)

Lucie Boudesseul (France)

Amanuel Brinton (Great Britain)

Lucas Brown (Great Britain)

Josephine Bruno (Italy)

Benjamin Caillet (France)

Lorenzo Cavalletto (Italy)

Yvonne Cerpa (Spain)

Julian Correa (United States)

Adrian Covarrubias (Spain)

Adrian Cruces Serrano (Spain)

David Da costa (Portugal)

Enzo Dahmani (France)

Kristian Daniel Jr (United States)

Diego-Troy de Ponte (Portugal)

Kadir Erbay (Turkey)

Or Farhi (Israel)

Beñat Fernandez (Spain)

Alejandra Fernandez Garcia (Spain)

Ryan Frost (Great Britain)

Juan Pablo Galvis Quintero (Colombia)

Luana Giuliani (Italy)

Quentin Godefroy (France)

Nazareno Leonel Gomez Arrieta (Argentina)

David Gonzalez Perez (Spain)

Angus Grenfell (Australia)

Tony Guerrero (France)

Eduardo Gutierrez Cobo (Spain)

Valentino Herrlich (Germany)

Uriel Hidalgo Mimbrero (Spain)

Elliot Kassigian (France)

Denis Kiesewetter (Austria)

Tyler King (New Zealand)

Daniel Krabacher (Austria)

Ryan Larkin (New Zealand)

Edoardo Liguori (Italy)

Marco Ludeña Navarro (Spain)

Keiran Mair (New Zealand)

Quentin Mandine (France)

Carolina Manzano Afonso (Spain)

Hodei Martinez (Spain)

Gabriele Masarati (Italy)

Harley McCabe (Great Britain)

Valdemar Mellgren (Sweden)

Erik Michielon (Italy)

Gun Mie (Japan)

Henri Mignot Kokora (France)

Kevin Milani (Italy)

Livio Mirabel (France)

Lucas Mohedano Hernandez (Spain)

Lorenzo Mohedano Hernandez (Spain)

Mateusz Molik (Poland)

Kgomotso Mononyane (South Africa)

Sullivan Mounsey (Great Britain)

Marianos Nikolis (Australia)

Filip Novotny (Czech Republic)

Pablo Olivares Rodriguez (Spain)

Francisco Javier Palomera Ibañez (Spain)

Vasilis Panteleakis (Greece)

Milan Pawelec (Poland)

Justine Pedemonte (France)

Tobias Pedersen (Denmark)

Gonzalo Perez Alvarez (Spain)

Valentin Perrone Canton (Argentina)

Levin Quentin Phommara (Switzerland)

Ilnoxx Phommara (Switzerland)

Joel Pons Llubes (Spain)

Guillem Planques (France)

Giulio Pugliese (Italy)

Leandro Quintans Sans (France)

Martim Marco Ramos Reis (Portugal)

Geoffrey Reviven (India)

Jesus Rios Maldonado (Spain)

Natalia Rivera Resel (Spain)

Cayden Robert (South Africa)

Matteo Roman (France)

Matthias Rostagni (France)

Mario Salles (Brazil)

Max Sanchez Quesada (Spain)

Rémy Sanjuan (France)

Dustin Schneider (Germany)

Jesse James Shedden (United States)

Valentino Sponga (Italy)

Filip Surowiak (Poland)

Gabriel Tesini (San Marino)

Jesús Torres (Spain)

Antonio Torres Dominguez (Spain)

Owen Trigt (Netherlands)

Jean Turner (Japan)

Kotaro Uchiumi (Japan)

Brian Uriarte (Spain)

Jurrien Van Crugten (Netherlands)

Tibor Varga (Hungary)

Kiyano Veijer (Netherlands)

Pierfrancesco Venturini (Italy)

Ollie Walker (Great Britain)

Niklas Wannenmacher (Austria)

Alexander Weizel (Germany)

Finnan Wherity (Ireland)

Jeremiasz Wojciechowski (Poland)

Leonardo Alessandro Zanni (Italy)

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