New Triumph Scrambler 1200 X Targets Value And Accessibility

New Triumph Scrambler 1200 X Targets Value And Accessibility

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Modern adventure bikes are capable, sophisticated, and versatile motorcycles–for riders who can afford them and also get their leg over the tall saddle.

Triumph’s new 2024 Scrambler 1200 X is designed to be accessible in price, and accessible to shorter riders who want to be able to flat-foot it at a stoplight.

“Time and time again, we heard, ‘I love the Scrambler, I just wish I could get my feet down. Why does it have to be so tall?'” said Alastair Fairgrieve, Triumph Global Product Marketing Manager, at the introduction of the new Scrambler 1200 X and the revised Scrambler XE.


A lower seat height and road-oriented suspension, tires and geometry allow the new 2024 Triumph Scrambler 1200 X to make the adventure bike more accessible to more riders. Photo courtesy Triumph.
A lower seat height and road-oriented suspension, tires and geometry allow the new 2024 Triumph Scrambler 1200 X to make the adventure bike more accessible to more riders. Photo courtesy Triumph.


The Scrambler X, which replaces the Scrambler XC in Triumph’s lineup, features a seat height of 820mm (32.2 inches), which is right in line with most modern sportbikes and super naked machines. That is 20mm lower than the seat on the outgoing XC, 50mm lower than the higher-spec, more off-road-oriented XE, and there is an optional seat for the X that is 25mm lower still, leaving its seat at an accessible 795mm (31.2 inches).

Styling and configuration of the X straddles the line between street and off-road. While the bike features a 21-inch wire-spoke front wheel, a high-mounted exhaust and twin shocks, the ride is biased toward road use. The handlebars are 65mm (2.55 inches) narrower than on the XE model, the swingarm is 32mm (1.25 inches) shorter than on the XE, and wheel travel drops from 250mm (9.84 inches) on the XE to 170mm (6.69 inches) on the X. The Metzeler Karoo tires on the X are aimed at street duty, while on the XE, Metzeler Tourance dual-purpose tires come standard, and the optional Dakar Rally-inspired Michelin Anakee Wild tires are handbook-approved for the XE, expanding its off-road capabilities even further.

Suspension for the X is handled by a set of 45mm Marzocchi forks in the front and Marzocchi piggyback shocks in the rear, while braking takes place via twin-piston Nissin calipers on 310mm (12.2-inch) discs in the front and a single-piston caliper operating on a 255mm (10-inch) disc out back.

The cornering-optimized ABS comes with two modes, on-road and off-road, with the cornering optimization feature deactivated in off-road mode. Similarly, the five-setting traction control system is cornering optimized. Five riding modes include a Rider mode in which individual elements can be customized for rider preference.


A new engine, long-travel suspension and higher-spec rider electronic aids to the Triumph Scrambler 1200 XE give it more capability off-road, allowing it to bridge the gap between street and off-road riding more effectively. Photo courtesy Triumph.
A new engine, long-travel suspension and higher-spec rider electronic aids to the Triumph Scrambler 1200 XE give it more capability off-road, allowing it to bridge the gap between street and off-road riding more effectively. Photo courtesy Triumph.


The XE and X share a dedicated scrambler frame and the company’s 1200 HP (High Performance) engine, which produces a claimed 89 bhp at 7,000 rpm and 81.1 lbs.-ft. of torque at 4,250 rpm. In addition to the differences in swingarm, handlebars, and suspension listed above, the off-road-oriented XE gets a different electronic rider aid package, with six riding modes and one-button cruise control.

Suggested retail for the Scrambler X model starts at $13,595, while the XE model starts at $15,295, with delivery to dealers expected in early 2024.




More, from a press release issued by Triumph:


  • Updated Scrambler 1200 XE – For the road, for adventure touring, for extreme off-road fun
  • New Scrambler 1200 X – For the road and beyond, built to be more accessible.

Triumph is launching its Scrambler lineup for 2024, with the introduction of the new, more accessible Scrambler 1200 X, and an enhanced top-specification Scrambler 1200 XE.

Featuring the Triumph high-torque 1200cc Bonneville engine with powerful performance, off-road ready 21-inch front wheel, and a premium quality and finish, the two new models will raise the bar even higher for performance and style in the Scrambler category.

The new Scrambler 1200 X delivers the same exceptional core capability, commanding riding position, and torque-rich performance Scrambler customers love, combined with a generous specification of equipment and technology. Built to be more accessible, the Scrambler 1200 X has a seat height of 32.28” (820mm), reducing to 31.29” (795mm) with the accessory low seat, a dedicated specification that offers exceptional functionality at a more competitive price, and a 10,000 mile (16,000 km) service interval to lower the cost of ownership.

The cool and capable Scrambler 1200 XE also hits the road in the new year sporting updates including latest-generation Brembo Stylema® calipers, new suspension with enhanced adjustability, enhanced styling details, and improved touring capability.


Steve Sargent – Chief Product Officer, Triumph Motorcycles

“Built for both on-road and off-road adventures, the new Scrambler 1200 XE sets an even higher bar for performance, capability, and modern classic style. The Scrambler 1200 X is a new choice for our customers, optimized to deliver the specification riders have asked for, with a lower seat height, even more competitive pricing, and an even better road ride than the previous Scrambler 1200 XC.”


A 2024 Triumph Scrambler 1200 X. Photo courtesy Triumph.
A 2024 Triumph Scrambler 1200 X. Photo courtesy Triumph.


With the high specification and technology that customers value, the new Scrambler 1200 X features:

  • New MarzocchiTM suspension, 1.77” (45mm) USD forks and RSU with piggyback reservoirs and preload adjustability delivering 6.69” (170mm) wheel travel optimized for road riding
  • Advanced rider technology (not fitted to the previous Scrambler 1200 XC) to make the Scrambler 1200 X even better on the road, including new optimized cornering ABS, switchable optimized cornering traction control
  • Multifunction instruments with an integrated TFT display
  • Five riding modes, including Off-road
  • USB charging
  • Accessory activated connectivity, turn-by-turn navigation, Bluetooth phone & music operation.


A 2024 Triumph Scrambler 1200 XE. Photo courtesy Triumph.
A 2024 Triumph Scrambler 1200 XE. Photo courtesy Triumph.


Updates for the Scrambler 1200 XE in 2024 include:

  • Updated latest generation Brembo Stylema® radial monoblock calipers with twin floating 320mm discs, and single piston Nissin caliper on the rear
  • Optimized MarzocchiTM  1.77” (45mm) USD forks and ‘twin-spring’ RSUs with piggyback reservoirs
  • New optimized MarzocchiTM suspension with long 9.84” (250mm) wheel travel front and rear is fully adjustable with enhanced adjustability
  • Revised intake & exhaust headers delivering a broader spread of torque through the upper rev range
  • Enhanced styling details including new compact taillight
  • Improved touring capability with accessory high screen and rugged luggage system with tail bag accessory options.


Both models sport the same 1200cc Bonneville twin engine and torque-rich Scrambler tune with a new, single 1.96” (50mm) throttle body and revised exhaust headers, delivering improved flow and a broader spread of torque through the upper rev-range, from 5,000 RPM through to the redline.

The 2024 models have also been precisely tuned to deliver the perfect balance of power delivery for both on and off-road riding. Peak power now arrives slightly earlier in the rev range, reaching 89 HP at 7,000 RPM, with peak torque of 81 lbs.-ft. also arriving earlier, at 4,250 RPM.

The unmistakable high-specification twin-exhaust system is completed by brushed stainless steel silencers, delivering that trademark deep and characterful Scrambler tone.


Both variants share the same dedicated tubular steel Scrambler frame, as well as high specification side-laced stainless steel wire spoked wheels with lightweight and durable aluminum rims. The two models provide key ergonomic differences, including different handlebar designs, with the XE measuring 2.56” (65mm) wider than the X ensuring greater control on more challenging off-road terrain. Reversible risers enable riders to adjust the handlebar position, and the XE also features a removable spacer, for a .39” (10mm) height adjustment. Expanding ergonomics even further, the XE also boasts adjustable foot controls to suit a variety of riding styles and footwear.

Both bikes feature a twin-sided, premium cast aluminum swing arm. At 22.8” (579mm), the XE has a 1.26” (32mm) longer swingarm and a longer wheelbase than the X, enhancing control and confidence on difficult off-road terrain, while the X’s shorter wheelbase contributes to an agile and responsive road-ride.

These bikes are also equipped with top of the range Metzeler tires. The X benefits from the road-focused, dual-purpose Karoo Street, while the XE variant runs on Metzeler Tourance, contributing to its unparalleled balance of road and off-road capability. For even more extreme off-road capability, the Triumph-approved Michelin Anakee Wild is the tire of choice.

Both models are kitted out with high specification suspension. The X variant features road biased MarzocchiTM 45mm cartridge forks at the front and suspension units supporting at the rear. The rear suspension units come with piggy-back reservoirs and adjustable preload, allowing customers to fine tune their riding experience on the road and beyond.

The XE has a more off-road focused setup, with optimized MarzocchiTM 45mm forks and premium, twin spring MarzocchiTM suspension units which are fully adjustable and have more incrementality in adjustment for compression and rebound, giving even greater control. This optimized suspension provides a significant 250mm of wheel travel front and rear for unparalleled off-road capability and ground clearance.


When it comes to braking, both models feature state of the art equipment for guaranteed efficiency across road and dirt. The XE boasts powerful latest generation BremboTM Stylema® radial Monoblock front calipers with twin 12.6” (320mm) floating discs, providing class-leading braking performance. While the front is taken care of, the rear is held down by a 10.04 (255mm) disk with a Nissin caliper, further maximizing braking performance.

The X model features twin 310mm floating front discs, with Nissin twin-piston axial calipers. Meanwhile, the rear is supported by a 10.04” (255mm) rear disc and a Nissin floating brake caliper, to deliver a confident braking performance on the road. The front brake lever position can also be adjusted to the rider’s preference on both models.


The Scrambler X and XE both feature optimized cornering ABS and optimized cornering traction control, regulating intervention to deliver and maintain optimum traction at any lean angle. Five rider modes are available for the Scrambler 1200 X, each with their own dedicated throttle response and specific ABS and traction control settings. Riders can choose from Sport, Road, Rain, Off-Road and Rider Configurable, while the XE also has Off-Road Pro to allow the experienced rider complete uninterrupted control for the most challenging off-road riding.

Greater riding stability is achieved thanks to a high specification Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) which has been developed in conjunction with Continental. This system enables the optimization of cornering ABS and Traction control, automatically selecting the correct setting by measuring roll, pitch, yaw, and acceleration rates to calculate lean angle. With particular focus on enhancing the overall riding experience, the X and XE are both equipped with a torque assist clutch.

The Scrambler 1200 XE features integrated and customizable full color TFT instruments. Two minimal and stylish information layout design themes are available, each with a further three options to change the level of information displayed. The choice between a high or low contrast display is also available, as well as personalized start up screen to make the latest Scrambler XE feel more like your own.

The Scrambler 1200 X features a dedicated hybrid multi-function LCD/TFT display, incorporated in an elegantly styled circular instrument dial. This compact, and minimal display can be easily read at a glance.


Both models feature the key elements that make the Scrambler simply unmistakable, from their distinctive silhouettes to the signature high-level twin exhaust design and beautifully sculpted fuel tank. Both models feature a classic one-piece ribbed bench seat, in black for the XE and brown for the X and both boast enhanced styling details and compact taillight housing.

The bikes are complete with a variety of striking finishes and details, including sculpted side panels with brushed aluminum Scrambler 1200 badge, the iconic Triumph triangle tank badge, a brushed aluminum Monza-style filler cap and brushed stainless strap.  The XE is finished with brushed aluminum mudguards, while the X features high quality painted mudguards.

There are three unique color schemes available for each model. The Scrambler 1200 XE will be available in contemporary Phantom Black & Storm Grey, which features red accents, the bold new Baja Orange & Phantom Black, or ever-popular Sapphire Black. The Scrambler 1200 X is available in rich Carnival Red, cool Ash Grey, or classic Sapphire Black.


More than 70 genuine accessories are available to bring an even greater touring capability, ranging from heated grips, 9.25 Gallon (35 L) tail bag and high ‘Dakar’ screen, to high-level front mudguard, handlebar brace and stainless-steel engine bars. The complete rugged luggage system now offers 26.95 Gal (102 L) of total stowage capacity.


The new Scrambler 1200 line-up can trace its roots directly back to the original Scrambler scene of the early 1950’s, where Triumph played a pivotal role and set the template for what made a Scrambler great. Building the leading bikes of the day, stripped back with straight-through ‘twin pipes’ fitted high or low slung and chopped off – Triumphs were the original desert sleds. These inspired the world’s first production scramblers, with the Bonneville T-120TT and the TR6’SC’. In 2006, with the launch of the very first ‘modern era’ Scrambler, Triumph again delivered the genesis of a new category. This triggered the world of Scramblers we see today and a whole new global fan base, from urban riders to movie stars, even featuring in the latest Bond film, No Time to Die.


The Scrambler 1200 X will start from $13,595 USD and $14,795 CAD. The Scrambler 1200 XE will start from $15,295 USD and $16,595 CAD. Orders can be placed now at Triumph dealers, with bikes arriving for retail from February, 2024.



Scrambler 1200 X Scrambler 1200 XE
Type Water Cooled Parallel twin, 270° firing order, SOHC
Capacity 1200 cc
Bore 3.84” (97.6 mm)
Stroke 3.15” (80 mm)
Compression 11:1
Maximum power 89 HP (90 PS)
(66.2 kW) @ 7,000 rpm
Maximum torque 81.1 LB-FT (110 Nm) @ 4250 rpm
Fuel system Ride by wire, multipoint sequential electronic fuel injection
Exhaust Single skin, brushed 2-into-1 exhaust system with single high-level silencer.
Final drive X-ring chain
Clutch Wet, multi-plate assist clutch
Gearbox 6 speed




Scrambler 1200 X Scrambler 1200 XE
Frame Tubular steel, with steel cradles
Swingarm Twin-sided, aluminum fabrication
Front wheel Tubeless 36-spoke 21 x 2.15in, aluminum rims
Rear wheel Tubeless 32-spoke 17 x 4.25in, aluminum rims
Front tire 90/90-21
Rear tire 150/70 R17
Front suspension Marzocchi Non-adjustable USD forks

6.7” (170mm) wheel travel

Marzocchi Ø45mm 1+1 forks, fully adjustable

9.8” (250mm) wheel travel

Rear suspension Marzocchi twin RSU’s with piggyback reservoir, preload adjustable

6.7” (170mm) wheel travel

Marzocchi twin RSU’s with piggyback reservoir, fully adjustable

9.8: (250mm) wheel travel

Front brakes Twin 310 mm floating discs, Brembo M4.32 4-piston radial monobloc calipers, OC-ABS Twin 320mm discs, Brembo 4 piston M4.30 radial caliper, ABS
Rear brakes Single 255mm disc, single piston floating Nissin caliper, ABS
Instruments TFT/LCD hybrid instruments Full-color TFT instruments




Scrambler 1200 X Scrambler 1200 XE
Length 89.5” (2273 mm) 91.7” (2330 mm)
Width (handlebars) 32.8” (834 mm) 35.6” (905 mm)
Height without mirrors 46.6” (1185 mm) 49.2” (1250 mm)
Seat height 32.3: (820 mm) [31.29” (795mm) with accessory low seat] 34.3” (870 mm)
Wheelbase 60” (1525 mm) 61.8” (1570 mm)
Rake 26.2° 26.9°
Trail 4.9” (125 mm) 5” (129.2 mm)
Wet weight 502.65 lb (228 kg) 507.06 lb (230 kg)
Fuel tank capacity 3.96 gallons (15 liters) 3.96 gallons (15 liters)



Scrambler 1200 X Scrambler 1200 XE
Service interval 10,000 miles (16,000 km), or 12 Months, whichever comes first

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