MotoGP: Quartararo Loses Appeal, Penalty Stands

MotoGP: Quartararo Loses Appeal, Penalty Stands

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FIM MotoGP™ Appeal Stewards Notification of Decision: Fabio Quartararo

Thursday, 16 July 2020

Following an appeal from Petronas Yamaha SRT and MotoGP™ rider Fabio Quartararo, the FIM MotoGP™ Appeal Stewards held a hearing yesterday at 18:30 (GMT +2) and made a decision today.

The sanction given by the FIM MotoGP™ Stewards is confirmed. The FIM MotoGP™ Appeal Stewards’ decision is final.



More, from Decision of the FIM MotoGP Appeal Stewards:


OF Mr. Fabio Quartararo’s Team on July 15th 2020

The Petronas Yamaha Sepang Racing Team of rider, Mr. F Quartararo and Mr. Quartararo himself lodged a written appeal on July 15th 2020 at 12h15 to the Appeal Stewards with the deposit for appeal of 1’320 Euros. (by IRTA guarantee).

The appeal is lodged against the decision of the FIM MotoGP Stewards of July 15th 2020, notified to the team, of rider Mr. Fabio Quartararo on July 15th 2020 at 11h55, according to which, the rider Mr. Fabio Quartararo was found to be training at Paul Ricard circuit with a motorcycle specification that did not comply with Art. 1.15.1 of the FIM World Championship Grand Prix regulations.


Composition of the FIM APPEAL STEWARDS

The Panel of the FIM Appeal Stewards is made up of:

• Franck Vayssié FIM Appeal Steward

• Miguel Angel Rodriguez FIM Appeal Steward (nominated by the RFME)

The hearings were held from 18h15 to 19h00.


Validity of the appeal

The Panel has decided that the appeal was regularly lodged, in due form, with the appropriate fee guaranteed and was within the deadlines.


The hearing

The Appeal Stewards Panel was convened on Wednesday July 15th with the following persons and heard their explanations:

FIM MotoGP Stewards

• Mr. Bill Cumbow

• Mr. Freddie Spencer

• Mr. Andres Somolinos


Moto GP Technical Director

• Mr. Danny Aldridge


Petronas Yamaha Sepang Racing Team.

• Mr. Fabio Quartararo Rider

• Mr. Eric Mahe Rider Manager

• Mr. Wilco Zeelenberg Team Manager

• Mr. Johan Stigefelt Team Director


The following documents were submitted to the Appeal Stewards:

MotoGP Stewards Notice of Decision

Appeal document

IRTA security deposit


The facts

A hearing was held with MotoGP Stewards to obtain the following information:

• The MotoGP Stewards Notice of Decision

• They explained the basis of their decision was video evidence combined with confirmation from the rider and his manager that Mr. Quartararo used the said motorcycle.


A hearing was held with the Petronas Yamaha Sepang Racing Team representative and rider to obtain the following information:

• The rider and team representative explained that this was a mistake from their side and was not intentional to gain a specific benefit. They both confirmed the facts presented ,and requested a change of penalty.


The Panel’s considerations

The Appeal Stewards had a hearing with the MotoGP Stewards and subsequently with rider and a representative from team.

The Appeal Stewards see no reason to deviate from the decision as specified by the MotoGP Stewards Panel. The Appeal Stewards confirm the decision.


The judgement

Upon these grounds, the FIM Appeal Stewards decide:

• to confirm the decision pronounced by the FIM MotoGP Stewards

• to reject the appeal lodged


Right of appeal

The decision of the FIM Stewards’ Panel, is final. No further appeal may be lodged if the FIM Appeal Stewards confirm the previous decision of the FIM MotoGP Stewards. (article 3.4.2)

Jerez, July 16th 2020, 11h00;

FIM Appeal Steward FMNR Appeal Steward

Franck Vayssié Miguel Angel Rodriguez


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