MotoGP: Franco Morbidelli On Spending Time At Home In Italy

MotoGP: Franco Morbidelli On Spending Time At Home In Italy

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Franco Morbidelli: training at home, learning instruments and cheering for friends

Franco Morbidelli shares how he’s keeping fit during this time at home and what other things he’s turned his attention to in keeping his mind occupied too.

How is the situation in your country? Which are the restrictions?

“At the moment in Italy we have to stay at home, the restrictions are mainly that you don’t leave your house unless it is to buy food or for some other important matter. This has been since last Monday, so it is over a week now, but I hope that the situation is going to end soon.”

How are you training and keeping fit for the restart of the season?

“I am training in the only way possible at the moment, at home. I’m trying to stay in shape but without leaving my house. I can go running if I stay within the land boundaries of my household so I am doing that, but not much more. Of course it is not my usual training routine that I do at the gym, but I am staying in shape and staying sharp.”

Apart from training, what are you doing?

“I cannot follow the plan that we had but having this much time at home means I can try things I had to put to one side because of all the duties that I have during the racing season, that I didn’t have time for. I have some instruments and I am trying to learn to play them. It’s not easy!! I need to practice a lot! Maybe by the end of this thing I will be able to play the harmonica and ‘cajon’.”

Did you watch the first Moto2 / Moto3 races of the season?

“I did watch the races in Qatar, John was awesome! He had a great race and was able to get the second spot, so that was good. It was nice to be able to follow Xavi and Jake in Moto2 and also John and KIP in Moto3 but was also a bit sad, as I wasn’t there. It was nice because I could also follow my friends and cheer for them, without the pressure of the race there. Was mixed feelings though as you have the feeling that you are supposed to be there.”

What would you say to everyone in Italy and other people that are living the same situation as you?

“My message to all the Italian fans and people in the same situation around the world is to stay calm, take it easy, and respect what the World Health Organisation says. We should try to enjoy the time we are at home and get the maximum from it. We can do things at home that we usually don’t have time to do.”

And to the MotoGP community?

“For all the MotoGP fans: we are having a little bit of a rest right now but hopefully we will be on track soon. When we are, we’ll be able to go back to doing our thing with even more power and energy than before!”

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