MotoAmerica: The Final Round Of Press Releases From The Event At Barber Motorsports Park (Updated)

MotoAmerica: The Final Round Of Press Releases From The Event At Barber Motorsports Park (Updated)

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Team Hammer finished a dramatic 2018 MotoAmerica AMA/FIM North American Road Racing campaign in fine style, securing one last podium trophy on the season’s final day, Sunday at Barber Motorsports Park.

The season-ending MotoAmerica Supersport race was delayed due to a local rain shower just prior to its scheduled green light. When it did get underway, the competitors were forced to continually adapt with the circuit drying underneath them throughout the race.

Despite the added layer of difficulty, M4 ECSTAR Suzuki’s Valentin Debise put his GSX-R600 in podium contention. The seesawing battle saw the Frenchman lose time in certain areas of the track and make up big chunks of time in others, which ultimately resulted in a last-corner shootout for a podium position.

A rival went up the inside of the switchback that leads onto the start/finish line straightaway, setting up a drag race to the flag, but Debise deftly criss-crossed back underneath him. The combination of his superior line and exit, and the power of the M4 ECSTAR Suzuki GSX-R600 allowed Debise to inch past at the stripe, claiming third by 0.025-second.

Valentin Debise (53). Photo by Brian J. Nelson.

“It’s great to be on the box again,” Debise said. “It was a very hard fight for the podium. I saw him come in on the last turn, so I went wide on purpose. I let him pass because I knew he wanted to go, so I said, ‘let’s go.’ He went wide and I kept the line and was able to exit much faster than him. Then I was able to show my Suzuki power and make it to third position.”

Debise ended the season ranked third in the MotoAmerica Supersport championship despite missing multiple races due to injury. He never finished worse than third in any race that he completed, pulling down nine total podiums, including two victories on the season.

“Now that the season is over, I’m looking forward to going back to France and sleeping for about a month! I really want to say thank you to Team Hammer and M4 ECSTAR Suzuki. Without their support this would be impossible. I’m glad to have made it out of the season in one piece, and I cannot wait for next season.”

M4 medAge Suzuki’s Nick McFadden replicated his Saturday sixth to finish out the season ranked fifth in the Supersport championship. He logged eight top-five finishes in an impressive season that hinted at even bigger things to come for the Kentuckian.

M4 RiCK! Suzuki’s Daytona Anderson concluded his season with a 12th-place run, locking down a spot in the championship top-15.

Meanwhile, Debise’s M4 ECSTAR Suzuki teammate, Jake Lewis, closed out the 2018 season with yet another impressive Superbike performance. The former Superbike rookie of the Year continued to demonstrate that he’s a major player in the class by piling up 13 top-five Superbike finishes this season, rounded out by his Sunday fifth.

The Kentuckian, who scored a podium earlier this season at Utah Motorsports Complex, finished the season sixth in the Superbike standings, just a single point behind fifth.

Ultimately, Team Hammer closed the book on another successful season by increasing its overall team record of AMA Pro and MotoAmerica National victories to 70 and podiums to 202.

About Team Hammer

The 2018 season marks Team Hammer’s 38th consecutive year of operating as a professional road racing team. Racebikes built and fielded by Team Hammer have won 70 AMA Pro and MotoAmerica National races, have finished on AMA Pro and MotoAmerica National podiums 202 times and have won five AMA Pro National Championships, as well as two FIM South American Championships. The team has also won 135 endurance races overall (including seven 24-hour races) and 13 Overall WERA National Endurance Championships with Suzuki motorcycles, and holds the U.S. record for mileage covered in a 24-hour race. The team also competed in the televised 1990s Formula USA National Championship, famously running “Methanol Monster” GSX-R1100 Superbikes fueled by methanol, and won four F-USA Championships.

More, from a press release issued by Quarterley Racing/On Track Development Team:

Quarterley Racing/On Track Development’s (from left) Jamie Astudillo, Renzo Ferreira and Dallas Daniels. – Photo by Bob Robbins.

Jamie Astudillo:

Jamie had a little bad luck at Barber, but developing your racing skills can sometimes put you in a situation that turns bad. The good news is that she was able to get through the weekend without missing out on any sessions or races. Sunday’s warmup included a borrowed boot 2 sizes bigger to hold her aching and swollen left foot, but she was able to power through it to no surprise. Her family tells of taking a beating in a nasty Supercross crash that should have sent her to the hospital, but she landed on the podium after deciding to race instead. That is dedication and persistence. She has earned the moniker “Bad Ass”, PC or not…. To back that up was a lowside face first into the gravel trap at Laguna while dicing at the front group, running to the bke and re-mounting at the back of the pack still on the lead lap. With a break for her due to a subsequent red flag, she powered her way from dead last through to a fourth place finish on the heels of third place, dumping a pile of gravel out of her leathers after.

Her season was a true success, ranging from being the first female on the podium in Moto America to riding very consistently with a second podium finish of 3rd which unfortunately became a one second penalty to move back five positions for making more than one move on the run to the finish line. She earned the finish. Several 6th place finishes and top 10’s came her way and she is looking forward to taking the 2018 progress and experience to the next level for 2019. Training and competing in Motocross as well, Jamie is on a bike year round.

Jamie’s weekend thoughts:

Barber was definitely not how I wanted the season to end. I crashed Friday in Q1 and crashed in race 1 on Saturday while running in 8th. Luckily after the highside on Saturday all that got hurt was my ankle. After the race I couldn’t walk until Sunday morning and even then it was a struggle to get around. I did everything I could to be ready to get on the grid for race 2. Shifting was a big issues since I couldn’t move my ankle very much or fast at all. I managed a 12th on Sunday which was definitely not where I’d like to be but definitely a good place to finish with everything that was going on.

Dallas Daniels:

Obviously frustrated with the time it took to get back up to speed after his injury, Dallas had some things to work out in his head and that don’t always come so easily. By the time Sunday rolled around, he was back on point and showed tremendous progress in the race, finishing 8th with a solid ride and seemed back where he belonged regarding consistency and speed. It turned out to be a good way to end the season with a positive outlook and time to regroup on a plan for 2019. Dallas was off to a good start this season with several runs in the front pack, and a best finish of 3rd at Laguna. A weekend of tuning up at NJMP in July resulted in a wrist injury which was a real shame as he was riding well and likely would have carried that momentum into the Moto America event in September. Weighing risk of racing or pushing hard for practice is always going to be a question, but as a development team, that’s pretty much what happens. Riding at less than race pace is “Riding”. Dallas at 15 yrs. old splits his time between Flat Track and Roadracing and has proven to be a rising star in both, winning the prestigious AMA Nicky Hayden Horizon award during the Springfield event. His season isn’t over yet as he plans to run the WERA GNF trying for the Horizon award in both disciplines. Some Winter track training is definitely on the calendar for Dallas as well.

From Dallas:

This weekend was the last race weekend of the Moto America series. Friday started out not to well with qualifying 18th which was still better than the past two race weekends, but Saturday we ended up 12th after a few red flags, and Sunday we really finished the season off strong and got an 8th which a top ten was my goal. Glad to have my confidence back and ready to get started on next season. All thanks to the 1/4 ley racing team and Bob Robbins.

Renzo Ferreira- Double Duty weekend once again:

Renzo’s weekend began with a high speed crash on Friday on the Ninja 400 that had his hand and fingers pretty sore for the remainder of the weekend. In Saturday’s Junior Cup race it was a hard fought battle for P2 through P5. An early red flag and a reduced re-start race distance of 7 laps made for some aggressive moves from several riders near the end. With a second red flag ending the race on the last lap, Renzo finished 3rd for his second trip to the podium with the team, the first being a win at Utah. He has enjoyed success since joining the team in Dallas Daniels’ absence and then being invited to stay on for the remainder of the seasonAfter the Utah event, the team felt he was a good asset to add to the mix in an effort to help Dallas and Jamie along in their progression. The three riders really get along well and no doubt have helped each other a lot.

As we did at NJMP, again at Barber, our team was given permission by Moto America to run a Ducati in the Twins class for a test to see the competitiveness of a Ducati Monster model. The understanding was that it would be automatically DQ’d due to not being homologated. Ducati is planning on homologating the 797 Monster for the future. The bike used was a 2014 796 Monster that had been used in some AHRMA events which is essentially the same bike for purposes of seeing how it competes. It is in line with the Moto America Twins rules package as far as allowable mods and spec fuel. It was run without any type of aerodynamics, which at Barber as with NJMP was not such a factor, but plans would be to use a fairing on the final bike if it develops for 2019. The future of running the 797 looks bright for Ducati. Renzo had a little more difficulty switching back and forth with back to back sessions of the Twins and Junior Cup classes and his qualifying and finishes were below his expectations. Nevertheless, he did follow through with completing the plan to run the bike in competition. It gave us some valuable data for moving forward with a Twin if we decide to add that to our program. Doing the two classes is probably not a good idea for a rider and the team as well for obvious reasons, especially with back to back practice and qualifying sessions.

From Renzo:

Saturday’s race was a fun one despite hurting a little with my hand. I had the plan to run hard, but knew it was on the edge with traction after a couple of moments and rather than risk finding that edge, I kept a little in reserve as riders were dropping. I was happy to bring it home in third place. Sunday’s race was feeling better and maybe partly due to the track being a little less greasy with some cloud cover and less heat. Once the front two bikes got away, I put my head down in a great battle for third place with three of us. Unfortunately, an inside pass for thin T5 went wrong for me and I crashed out on the last lap. I was checked out and they found no broken bones in my arm.

My experience with everyone in the 1/4ley Racing crew was really a good one. The bikes were always well prepared. Even after me turning mine into a yard sale on Friday, it was right back to the way it should be after many hours of work. Those guys know what it takes to run up front, and I did my best to make that happen for them during my 5 weekends with the team. My team mates were great to work with and we had fun when things were not in serious mode. They both seem to have a great future in the series with how they have come along with Dale’s coaching. I learned some things myself as he has a unique way of looking at things and making you think about all the “pieces” as he likes to put it. Until the opportunity at Utah, I had no hopes of racing for 2018 due to unfortunate circumstances of my sponsor, Selby Jones passing away so it was a big plus for me to get the call from Bob Robbins. My thanks to the whole team!

From Bob Robbins:

2018 proved to be a challenging season starting with the late release of the Kawasaki Ninja 400. Our program in the spirit of rider development went according to plan with Dallas and Jamie making huge progress throughout the season despite some ups and downs. They both come away with a year of learning and it just keeps going as they improve and move on to the next chapter. The crew of Paul Arciszewski, Ron Barrick and Mark Reynolds were phenomenal with whatever got put in front of them on top of rolling out well prepared bikes for every session and race, test days and even with adding a third rider for the last three events and a Ducati into the mix as well. Of course Eraldo Ferracci had a hand in that one for the Twins races at NJMP and Barber as well as lending a hand at several events with the Kawasakis. Dale and I are very proud of the program and although we didn’t end up where we hoped to, feel it was an overall success. We want to thank all our sponsors for their dedication throughout the season. Now we have to make our plans for 2019 and that includes exploring the idea of expanding the team. Road Atlanta in 2019 will come around in the blink of an eye. Any interested parties for sponsorship opportunities should contact me at [email protected] or call 610-217-9926.

Team Sponsors:

Fast By Ferracci, Yoshimura, Regina, Moto-D, Motul, Earl’s Racing Team, Inter-Tech, Scott Powersports, Beta Tools, Defiance Lifestyle Clothing, Fast Bike Industries, Drippin’ Wet Graphics, Dynojet , Woodcraft 

Dallas Daniels personal sponsors: Arai Helmets, Med Age, Apex Manufacturing, TCX, Drill Tech, N2 Track Days, Estenson Racing

Jamie Astudillo personal sponsors: Bell Helmets, Med Age, One-X Suits, TCX, S.O.B. MX, Ohlins, N2 Track Days

Renzo Ferreira personal sponsors: AGV Sports, Team Pro-Motion, Street & Comp

More, from a press release issued by Genuine Broaster Chicken Honda:

MotoAmericaRound 10 – Barber Motorsports Park

A weekend that paralleled the season

Cameron Petersen (45) and Bobby Fong (50). – Photo by Corey Coulter/GeoCrash Photography, courtesy of Genuine Broaster Chicken Honda.

Birmingham, AL – It’s Over. It’s Done. There’s nothing left. 2018 MotoAmerica Superbike Championship has come to a close and for the Genuine Broaster Chicken Honda Squad, there’s an uneasy feeling. A feeling of things left undone. A feeling of potential that was just beginning to show through; not just with the machines but with the men who rode them. But in the end, there’s no going back, there’s no arguing over “What could’ve been”, there’s only what “Is”. And 2018 “Is” over and it has been an absolute roller coaster of a season and this past weekend at Barber Motorsports Park, three days of on-track action summed up the entire season.

There’s one thing that can be counted on when the paddock arrives at the Alabama track, it’ll be hot and muggy and there’s almost always a lingering chance of rain. This weekend would be no different. Arriving at the track on Thursday, the heat and humidity were omnipresent and they would not loosen their grip the entire weekend. As the team set up their little corner of the paddock and prepped their machines, the crew and riders tried their best to adapt to the conditions. They’d have to still perform at their peak come Friday morning because even though the championship has been decided, no-one was backing off for the final round.

Cameron and Bobby were ready and eager to get out on track on Friday morning for QP1. The crew had some new shiny bits to try for the guys and there was no sign of slacking off. Still trying parts, still doing all they can to wring every ounce of performance from the Honda CBR1000RR SP2’s, riders and crews attacked QP1 with an all-out assault. Despite the conditions, Cam and Bobby rode as hard as possible and provided their crews with as much feedback as they could handle. Bobby would need some adjustments ahead of QP2 to get him closer to Cam’s pace and so the time between sessions turned into a tuning fest. QP2, later in the afternoon, would be the final proving ground for those seeking a place in Superpole. That tuning session paid off as Bobby would get closer to Cam and make it to the Superpole show while Cam was less than a second off the leading time.

Saturday is the day when everything has to come together. With only a short morning warm-up both riders were prepared for Superpole. It’s been said many times before, but this is just simply put, the most intense 15 minutes of the weekend. The amount of energy that goes into getting the fastest possible laps in the shortest amount of time is incredible. With the heat sapping their energy, riders and crew worked at fever pitch to maximize those 15 minutes. Tires get changed and the second half of the session is where it all pays off. Getting a clean track or deciding who to follow is important, but not as important as just laying it all on the line. As the time was called, Cam would claim P9 and Bobby would be hot on his rear wheel (pun intended) in P10. So the final act was set, both Genuine Broaster Chicken Honda riders would be in the top ten and side by side for the final races of the season.

Race one on Saturday afternoon was to be a test of stamina and wills. Wrapped in leather suits and closed helmets, these warriors of the asphalt were set to battle it out for 21 laps. A 50 mile long fight in brutal heat and humidity for the sole purpose of putting on a show for the fans. And when the lights went out, there was nothing left on the table. Both Cam and Bobby made decent starts and found themselves in lock step with each other in the chase group. As the race wore on, Bobby would make the pass around his teammate and move into P8 after a crash ended Cam Beaubier’s race. The pair would end up racing each other to the line where Bobby would take eighth and Cam crossed the line in ninth. Ever the racers, neither one was particularly happy with their race, but both knew there was more in store for race two.

After a solid rest and some time to recover properly, the season finale was drawing closer. Sunday’s are typically a slow day with a quick 15 minute warm-up then a day of autographs and fan walks. When the fans are ushered off the grid however, it’s time to get to work. A short delay caused by a small rain shower prior to the Supersport race forced the start of the race back a bit but also brought a temperature shift. The temperature thankfully dropped by a few degrees, but it was enough to make the conditions almost ideal. For the final time in 2018, the men on Big Red machines took their starting positions. The revs went up and the final Superbike race got underway. Both riders made better starts and found themselves gaining a few positions through the first couple corners. Looking strong and making moves early on the goal of a strong finish to the season was within reach. However, for Cameron, the season would end as it started. Entering turn one, he low sided. This is one of the fastest corner entries on the circuit and a slide here is game over. While Cam was ok physically, he was gutted having to sit and watch the race from behind the barriers. This left Bobby to fly the colors. He would work to slowly crawl up the timing sheets and gain on the group ahead of him. But when he took the final checkered flag of the season, he would do so in seventh.

So that’s it! That’s how it ended. The season that was full of emotion and drama ended as it began. Racing is nothing if not about perseverance. No matter what happened throughout the season, no matter what, the team drew closer together, worked harder and persevered. Adversity has a way to reveal true character and this season showed everyone that the Genuine Broaster Chicken Honda team never gives up and never will. The team fought till the end and left nothing on the table.

Thank you to all our sponsors who have stuck with us throughout the season. Especially Genuine Broaster Chicken for providing much more than sponsorship. They provided the team with food all season and made the hospitality area always the place to be. American Honda for their technical support and faith in our efforts. Parts Unlimited, Akrapovic and Motorex USA for their contributions to our program that kept our bikes running and looking their best. We’d be remise to not give a huge personal “Thank you” to Steve Kroll of Evol Technology, our resident sponsor / on scene engineer. We kept pushing his designs to their limits, the products to their maximum durability and we even tested his resolve. To all of our sponsors, a sincere “Thank You” as we literally could not have done this season without you. Thank you all!

We’ll see you all in 2019….. ???

Cameron Petersen – #45

“I went into the last round of the season with some high expectations. Once again I had a good Friday and was ready for Saturday. Qualifying didn’t go so great and I knew it was going to be hard work from 9th on the grid.

I ended up in P9 in race one, which definitely wasn’t the result I wanted. I went into the last race ready to enjoy my last ride on the Genuine Broaster Chicken Honda. We had made some changes and I felt good on the bike but unfortunately my race ended early. I crashed out on lap three going into turn one.

I’m sorry that we ended the season that way but I can’t thank the team enough for all they did throughout the season. It has been a pleasure working with a team of that caliber and I learned a ton from them. Thank you to everyone for their support!”

Bobby Fong – #50

“I’d like to give a big shout out to the boys for working so hard this weekend. We basically came a long ways from QP1 to Race One and Race Two. It really couldn’t have gone any better. Each time I got on the track we proved that we were working as a team and I was faster and faster. I felt like I rode really well in the races. I gave it my all each time out, I wish it could’ve gone better, but I’m happy as I know I gave that motorcycle all I could. I would’ve loved to have had more time with the team and the bike to help develop the Honda further. Three races were great, but I just wish there was more.

I want to thank the Genuine Broaster Chicken Honda guys again for giving me a shot and making me feel like a part of the family. I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds. I hope that I get a chance to race for the guys again in 2019. Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible!”

Danny Walker – Team Principal

“Well, the weekend didn’t go the way we had hoped it would. In fact our season didn’t go the way we had hoped either. It’s hard to go back and say what could’ve been. But this weekend just pretty much summed up our season.

Cam got off to a pretty good start to the weekend having tested here in the pre-season. Bobby took a little time to get himself comfortable and kind of struggled on Friday. By the time Superpole came around I was pretty confident that we’d be able to really finish this season off with some strong showings. While qualifying 9th and 10th isn’t ideal, I saw that we had the pace in the races and we were at worst just a bit over a second off the pace. Race one went well but there were clearly areas that needed to be improved on both set-ups. Race two looked like those issues had been resolved but then Cam went down while pushing hard to stay with the leaders. Bobby did a good job but as his tires went out, he was doing all he could to bring it home.

Overall, this has just been a tough season. Everyone really put a ton of effort into this year and I know the guys worked their backsides off. I feel that we as a team turned a corner and things were on the upswing by Laguna. We were getting to the point where we should’ve been at the start of the season. But just as we got rolling, it was those little things that kept biting us. This was not an easy season. I tip my hat to the guys, Scotty, Danny, Evan, Phil and Kirk who just put forth a monumental effort this season. I know I have the best guys in the paddock and they deserve so much credit and respect. Cameron made massive strides and watching his development was a highlight. I really enjoyed having Bobby and Jayson be a part of the team for a few rounds each. That helped us develop the bikes much quicker than one rider can.

Now we go back to the shop and figure out what 2019 will hold for us. We have a lot in the air and I’m hoping to get things sorted out as soon as possible so we can hit the paddock at full speed next year.”

Scott Jensen – Crew Chief

“Barber was the final round of our 2018 season, and we went into the event feeling pretty confident since we had already been to this track at the Moto America test earlier this season. The test was positive and it also gave us a good starting point for the bike for the race event.

The weekend started off with QP1 and Cameron being 1.3 second off the fastest bike, and Bobby working methodically to get closer to the front. By the end of Superpole we were P9 on the grid with Cam and P10 with Bobby.

Race one brought a battle within the team as both our Genuine Boaster Chicken Honda CBR1000RR SP2s were battling with each other ending up with Bobby coming home in 8th and Cam coming home in 9th.

Unfortunately Race two ended for Cam with an early crash in Turn 1, but Bobby brought home a solid 7th place finish.

With this concludes our official 2018 season. Now we begin the off-season planning for 2019!! Looking forward to seeing you all at the races next year!!”

More, from a press release issued by Weir Everywhere Racing:

Wyman closes out MotoAmerica season with top-five finish at Champion of Alabama

Weir Everywhere Racing BMW rider secures positive result despite difficult weekend

Travis Wyman (24). – Photo by Brock Imaging, courtesy of Weir Everywhere Racing.

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — Travis Wyman made the best of a tough weekend at Barber Motorsports Park and ended his first season racing a BMW on a high note.

The Weir Everywhere Racing BMW rider rewarded his team for their relentless work during the Sept. 21-23 event with a top-five finish in Sunday’s race. With second place in the Stock 1000 Class already clinched, the team used the weekend to learn more about their BMW S 1000 RR package.

Despite the team’s struggle to find an ideal set up for the 2.38-mile, 17-turn, Leeds, Ala., circuit, Wyman managed to qualify his BMW in fifth place. Wyman overcame a poor start and showed poise as he passed several riders to finish the race in the same position he started it.

The team thanks its many sponsors and fans who have supported it during the 2018 MotoAmerica season. The team is also grateful for the enthusiastic support it has received from BMW North America. More information on the team’s plans for the 2019 MotoAmerica season will be made available soon. To continue following the team during the off season, please visit the team’s Facebook page at

Travis Wyman / #24

“The weekend went about as well as we had expected. We knew it was going to be a challenge to find the right set up. The team came together again this weekend like it has all season and gave me the best bike I could ask for. We had the freedom to experiment more this weekend with our new suspension package and will take what we learned at Barber into our off-season testing program. I want to thank everyone who supported us this year. Joining the BMW family has been the best experience of my professional racing career.”

Steve Weir / Crew Chief

“We knew this was going to be a difficult weekend for us. Travis did a great job getting the most out of our BMW S 1000 RR package, and the team really came together to find the best set up we could for this track. It’s been a great first season working with Travis. We came up just short of the goals we set for ourselves for 2018, but we were able to use this weekend to learn a lot more about the BMW and our new suspension package. We are planning on using the off season to do the testing and development we couldn’t complete during the season and expect to be at the front again at Road Atlanta in April.”

More, from a press release issued by RiCKdiculous Racing:

Hayden Gillim Does the Double at the MotoAmerica Season Finale

The RiCKdiculous Team rolled into Barber Motorsports Park for the final round of the 2018 MotoAmerica Championship with their heads held high after a great showing at New Jersey. After finishing first and second at NJMP, Gillim was determined to get the double win in Barber. With his best rain performance of his life, Jason Aguilar hoped to build on his rain success at a track he dominated at last year, not to mention where he clinched his 2017 Superstock 600 title. RiCK Junior Cup Racer Gauge Rees looked to hold on to top ten in the championship at one of his favorite tracks on the circuit.

Hayden Gillim came in to the last round of the season determined to win in the dry. After a couple rain wins over the season, Hayden hoped to seal the tremendously successful season with a double win for his RiCKdiculous Team. Gillim didn’t disappoint, as the #69 Kentucky native lead every session going in to both races. After getting his third consecutive pole of the year, GIllim was able to bring home wins in both Saturday and Sunday’s races, yet a late charge and some amazing racing made for a thrilling end to Race 2. “I was really happy to bring the double home for my team this weekend. We have been fighting really hard all year and it was really great to get the double for the team. I had a ton of fun battling all year and I can’t wait to build on my results for next year!”

RiCK racer Jason Aguilar came in to Barber with some added momentum after an impressive showing in the rain in New Jersey. After winning the 2017 Superstock Championship at Barber, Aguilar was confident that he could run up with the lead group. After qualifying ninth, Aguilar was able to retain his composure despite intense conditions, and was able to bring his RiCK R6 home to seventh in Race 1 and eighth in Race 2. “After a strong performance in the rain last round, I was really looking forward to the year. Last year at Barber I could do no wrong. Earning a pole position, a double race win and my first professional championship. I just didn’t have it this year. I struggled to get up to pace and never improved much throughout the weekend. I’m extremely frustrated to end my season like this. All I can do now is take the positives and look forward to next year. Thanks to everyone that has supported me this season. I hope to give everyone that supports me stronger results next year.” Aguilar finished the season tenth in the championship.

RiCKdiculous Racing Junior Cup racer Gauge Rees arrived at Barber Motorsports hoping for redemption after having some bad luck with mechanicals and tough breaks over the last few rounds. Despite this, Gauge kept his head held high at all times, and looked to hold his spot in the top ten for the year. After qualifying thirteenth, Gauge had to deal with more lingering mechanical issues, yet was still able to cross the finish line in fourteenth in Race 1. After some amazing work by his crew getting the bike dialed back in, the Utah native was able to bring his RiCK R3 home in ninth position. Rees finished the season tied for eleventh in the championship. Rees said, “It’s been a really great year on the R3. There have a been a lot of ups and downs and a lot to learn on a new bike but my crew and I did a great job adapting to the new changes. The racing was incredible and I can’t wait to see what next year brings!”

Team Manager Kelly Rees states, “What a season! I want to thank Adam and Josh Bronfman for making this opportunity possible for our riders, crew and myself. Also, our sponsors who help support the program. Motion Pro, Superbike Unlimited, Quicksilver, Renthal, Graves, and Galfer.”

Co-Owner Josh Bronfman states, “I couldn’t be more proud of our entire team and the challenge they all embraced going in to the beginning of the year. With a completely new crew, riders and setup, we were able to achieve amazing success. I am humbled to be a part of such a great group of people and can only look forward to more racing with my RiCK family!”

RiCKdiculous Racing would like to think all of their sponsors for their continued support and dedication to our program. We couldn’t do it without you! Thanks to Renthal, Galfer, Quicksilver, Motion Pro, Superbike Unlimited, bLUcRU and Graves Motorsports!

RiCKdiculous Racing is a Father and Son owned operation that includes not only a professional race team but the most elite coaching school in the United States. To get the same coaching and training that our professional athletes get, go to for information on our coaching programs. Please also find us on Facebook and Instagram at @rickdiculousracing and like us for updates on the team, the school and general RiCK stuff throughout the season!

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