MotoAmerica: Lithium Polymer (LIPO) Batteries Banned

MotoAmerica: Lithium Polymer (LIPO) Batteries Banned

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The following is from MotoAmerica Technical Bulletin 02-2023:

Effective immediately, the use of Lithium Polymer (LIPO) batteries is strictly prohibited in all competitions held under our organization. Participants are not allowed to use LIPO batteries in any form, including but not limited to primary power source, backup power source, or in any other capacity.

This rule has been implemented due to the safety risks associated with LIPO batteries, including overheating, swelling, and explosion. We take the safety of our participants and spectators seriously and will not tolerate any behavior that puts them at risk.

Participants found to be using LIPO batteries in any capacity will immediately face disciplinary action as deemed appropriate by race direction.

We recommend the use of battery alternatives, such as Lead-Acid, Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM), Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH), Lithium-Ion (Li-ion) batteries, etc. Participants are responsible for ensuring that their equipment complies with this rule.

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