More On The Celebration Of Moto Guzzi Founder Giorgio Parodi’s Life

More On The Celebration Of Moto Guzzi Founder Giorgio Parodi’s Life

© 2022, Roadracing World Publishing, Inc. From a press release issued By Giorgio Parodi Association:

Editorial Note: To learn more about all of the activities being planned in Italy to celebrate the life and accomplishments of Moto Guzzi co-founder, aviation pioneer, and entrepreneur Giorgio Parodi, go HERE.

The GP Days program is enriched with new events; three days dedicated to Giorgio Parodi from Genoa, the founder of Moto Guzzi, which has just scored 100 years of intense history.

The fundraising for the Medicine and Rehabilitation Pavilion of the Giannina Gaslini Institute in Genoa is proceeding thanks to the generous contribution of the great heart of the “Guzzisti” people.

In addition to the already rich program, “MondoMotoGuzzi,” the international review of the Brand Clubs, will take place in the Porto Antico area near the renowned Aquarium of Genoa. The event is promoted by the Moto Guzzi World Club, thanks to the operational and organizational support of the local Moto Guzzi Club Genova.

“Every year MondoMotoGuzzi takes place in a different European location, but for the Centenary it couldn’t have been in any other place than the town where the legal act was signed back in 1921,” said Mario Arosio, President of the Moto Guzzi World Club.

“After the success of ‘MondoMotoGuzzi2011’ held in Genoa for the 90th birthday of the Eagle of Mandello, the official event of the Moto Guzzi World Club is back in Genoa to celebrate 100 candles and its founder. Rescheduled in 2022 because of the pandemic emergency, the 100+1 show will be so much more interesting and awaited in the wonderful frame of the Porto Antico with the chance to be part of the ‘Eagles parade’ through the most beautiful ways of our enchanting town,” said Andrea Natale, President of the Moto Guzzi Club Genova.

“Thanks to MondoMotoGuzzi our program for the 30th Anniversary of Porto Antico is enriched with a prestigious event,” said Mauro Ferrando, President of Porto Antico S.p.A. “I’m sure that all enthusiasts, tourists and the Genoese will not miss this opportunity to celebrate Moto Guzzi in such an enchanting venus.”

Talking about eagles and engines, the exhibition of one of the queens of Italian motorcycle history will be repeated at Palazzo Tursi. After the now legendary GP (Guzzi-Parodi), the first prototype of 1919, this year many visitors and guests in town will be able to admire a true jewel of mechanical engineering: the “eight cylinders,” which represented a solid cutting-edge technology motorbike, back in 1955 with its 285 KM/h. Giorgio Parodi strongly believed in this masterpiece and supported the historic designer of the Moto Guzzi racing team, the engineer  Giulio Cesare Carcano, with his idea from the first draft up to its roll out.


The eight-cylinder Moto Guzzi that went 285 kph (177 mph) in 1955. Photo courtesy Giorgio Parodi Association.
The eight-cylinder Moto Guzzi that went 285 kph (177 mph) in 1955. Photo courtesy Giorgio Parodi Association.


The Doge’s Palace will be the backdrop to “The Moto Guzzi and the People of its Time,” a chronological review of the motorcycles produced since the beginning, telling the stories of men and motorbikes through anecdotes and curiosities. Those men who designed, built, and used those bikes, because a motorcycle without a man is a not living object and leaves no trace.

The location for the gala dinner organized by UNUCI Rapallo will be soon revealed.

In the same period of GP Days, the well-known Rolli Days will take place in town, and it will be possible to book guided tours in the magnificent buildings such as the Diocesan Museum, the medieval cloister full of frescoes and built on an ancient Roman “domus” with its magnificent, frescoed rooms, including the 16th-century “drapes of the Passion” on denim canvas, unique in the world.

It will also be possible to follow Giorgio’s passions for flying and feel the emotions of the great aviator, booking a trip on a seaplane, thanks to the Sea Flight School, which will be in the beautiful Santa Margherita Ligure with its ultralight on Saturday and Sunday, with the main purpose of spreading aeronautical culture.

For more information on scheduled events, reservations, accommodation, registrations and gadgets, please remember to visit the website, where it will also be possible to follow in the footsteps of the founder of our well-known motorcycle manufacturer through the interesting itineraries proposed by the TeA (Tourism and Environment Association). TeA President Mauro Baldassarri explains: “We have geo-referenced many  Genoese places linked to the history of Moto Guzzi and to Giorgio Parodi, providing them with images, information and curiosities. Therefore, we give the opportunity to whom comes to Genoa, to study his own itinerary ‘in Giorgio’s footsteps’ or to follow what we have already prepared. The ones who will not be in the city will be still able to see the places either from a PC or from a smartphone or tablet.”

For MondoMotoGuzzi, the reference platform is that of the Moto Guzzi Club Genova,

We invite you all to come and enjoy what promises to be the “motorcycle & aviation” event of the year: the GP Days and Moto Guzzi Jubilee, supported by the Air Force Association in Genoa, are the perfect bridge that leads to 2023 when the Italian Air Force will celebrate its hundred years of history, on March the 28th. ‘Lattuga’, Parodi’s in-flight nickname, has been a prominent institutional testimonial of his time. He’s been impeccable citizen, with his generous commitment, he was able to pair his profile of valiant highly decorated aviator in three wars with that, equally brilliant, of successful entrepreneur and passionate flight and motorbike sportsman.

Two Jubilees linked together by a golden eagle with open wings.

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