KTM Sharpens “The Scalpel” 890 Duke

KTM Sharpens “The Scalpel” 890 Duke

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January 19, 2021

MURRIETA, Calif. – KTM North America, Inc. is pleased to ring in the new year by introducing an exciting range of 2021 KTM STREET motorcycles. Proudly completing the dynamic DUKE family, the heavy-hitting KTM 890 DUKE highlights the lineup as a potent stablemate to the fun, beginner-friendly KTM 200 DUKE, the punchy KTM 390 DUKE, the extreme KTM 890 DUKE R and the powerhouse KTM 1290 SUPER DUKE R. For those ready to go offroad, the KTM 390 ADVENTURE returns in 2021 as the compact adventurer with all the attitude and credentials of KTM’s larger ADVENTURE models.


A 2021 KTM 890 Duke at rest. Photo courtesy KTM.
A 2021 KTM 890 Duke at rest. Photo courtesy KTM.



The latest edition of THE SCALPEL is poised to make another deep cut through the popular naked bike midweight motorcycle segment. Weight, power, torque, agility, style, undoubted attitude and guaranteed glee: the KTM 890 DUKE redefines the reference point for riders and all rivals.

The light, agile and precise KTM 790 DUKE stirred the emotions of riders young and old when it was introduced, motivating KTM to reimagine and rework the LC8c to deliver even more performance. The KTM 890 DUKE R was the answer: a weapon for the track and country roads alike that harnessed all the boosted power of the LC8c and added a range of features that coaxed riders to get their knees closer to the tarmac. Now, staying firmly in the exhaust note of the KTM 890 DUKE R, the KTM 890 DUKE brings all the excellence of its acutely focused sister-model to be the new weapon for the road.

The styling of the KTM 890 DUKE will turn heads and the aesthetic makes this slim package of power and punch unignorable, but the essence of the bike is the compact, light powerplant. The bigger displacement from 789 cc to 889 cc uses a more sophisticated mapping logic and is now pumping out 10 more horsepower and five more newton meters of torque than the KTM 790 DUKE, and the increased rotating mass by 20% ensures better cornering stability and smoother engine action at lower revs and part throttle.

Filtered through the light sensitive, customizable TFT display, the rider aids span from RAIN MODE (smooth throttle response, maximum traction control, reduced power and anti-wheelie), to STREET MODE (standard throttle response, normal TC, full power, anti-wheelie) and SPORT MODE (sport response, reduced TC, full power, anti-wheelie). For those tempted by the full potential of the KTM 890 DUKE, the optional TRACK MODE allows the rider aids to be adjusted for timed attacks. Traction control can be increased or lowered on a nine-gauge scale, anti-wheelie can be disengaged and throttle response has three levels. Launch control fixes the engine at the ideal RPM to assist with standing starts. A 6D lean-angle sensor means that the ECU is filtering a wealth of information and input from the bike’s behavior and positioning for optimum feedback.

Cornering ABS helps the 300 mm twin floating discs, clamped by improved calipers and pads for stronger force, to bring the whole show to a controlled halt when needed. Getting going at a swift pace is easier thanks to the shorter shift lever, lighter springs and augmented Quickshifter+ (optional) settings. Accelerating and braking forces are put to the ground by virtue of the new Continental ContiRoad tires, providing excellent grip in the wet, strong stability and a very short ‘warm-up’ phase.

The handling of the KTM 890 DUKE shines thanks to the tubular CroMo steel frame with a cast aluminum subframe, stiffly set for a sporty feel and a pinpoint accuracy. The compact LC8c takes a role as a stressed member of the chassis. Despite the technical ‘growth,’ the KTM 890 DUKE keeps the same weight as its predecessor at an agile 372 lbs / 169 kg (dry). The innovative subframe is designed with the whole single unit containing the air intakes and airbox to be simplistic, minimal and light. The KTM 890 DUKE commands the road thanks to updated and upgraded WP APEX Suspension (43 mm open cartridge upside-down forks) and gas assisted rear shock. The ergonomics are less purposeful than the all-action KTM 890 DUKE R and are created to accommodate a wide range of riders, with a lower seat height of 820 mm.

The KTM 890 DUKE is clearly part of the DUKE family. The lines are unmistakably KTM, where every inch of the bike has been combed and analyzed for purpose. There are no unnecessary edges, angles or parts, nor plastics, that do not contribute to the performance of the unique KTM 890 DUKE look and feel. For example, the condensed taillight is integrated into the plate holder, reducing dimensions and freeing up customization for the rear end.


Larger displacement from 789 cc to 889 cc

Increased engine horsepower and torque

Unmatched power-to-weight ratio and agility

Updated APEX WP Suspension technology

Updated electronics package with a 6D lean angle sensor and optional TRACK MODE

Improved braking performance, thanks to system upgrade

Distinctive, functional and stylistic aesthetics embody the DUKE spirit

New high-performing Continental ContiRoad tires


A 2021-model KTM 200 Duke. Photo courtesy KTM.
A 2021-model KTM 200 Duke. Photo courtesy KTM.



The 2021 collection of smaller capacity KTM DUKE machines continues to embody all the KTM naked bike characteristics of attitude, performance and versatility. The KTM 200 DUKE and the KTM 390 DUKE are shining examples of a comprehensive range that welcomes new riders and adrenaline seekers, alike.

The KTM 200 DUKE is best described as small cylinder power delivered with a large punch. Don’t settle for a step-through or some other bland characterless option, the KTM 200 DUKE allows you to look and feel different. Young riders or new riders will relish in that distinctive sense of identity that all bikers enjoy and the potential for outrageous fun. Cruising the city, escaping for the day or even daring to drag a knee, the KTM 200 DUKE harnesses all the style and performance guidelines of its senior brothers to fantastic effect. Agility, clout and a big heart – we call it THE LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT.

The fuel injected, light, compact motor with state-of-the-art injection electronics delivers fuel consumption as efficient as the handling is sharp. The flighty behavior comes courtesy of the agile chassis and low centralization. WP APEX suspension with an adjustable rear preload – take any luggage or passenger you want – complements other specs like the BYBRE brakes with a generous 300 mm front disc, dual channel Bosch ABS, 17” cast aluminum wheels and a range of KTM PowerParts upgrades to really embrace the KTM DUKE vibe. SUPERMOTO ABS switches the KTM 200 DUKE into extreme mode, where rear-wheel slides and the finer balance of the bike can be sampled to the full.


A 2021-model KTM 390 Duke. Photo courtesy KTM.
A 2021-model KTM 390 Duke. Photo courtesy KTM.


Those seeking a potent CORNER ROCKET with more mileage in their right hand will satisfy their quest with the KTM 390 DUKE. The bike is a deft touch. The glide from street to country lanes and rapid commutes has never felt simpler. It’s a dream for those who want to wear a grin on their ride. The KTM 390 DUKE brings enviable technical output to the market. Ride-by-wire, 46 mm throttle bodies and a slipper clutch administer the grunt and speed, and a 3.5 gal / 13.4 l tank ensures that glee is sustained over distance. An optional Quickshifter+ for 2021 is a must. ABS is fed through the BYBRE brake package and riders will be able to clearly tell if SUPERMOTO MODE is engaged thanks to the wide TFT dash display. The view will be steady and reassuring thanks to the WP Suspension forks with open-cartridge tech and the 150 mm adjustable shock.

The 2021 silver and white color options are mouth-watering. The new aesthetic of the KTM 390 DUKE aligns seamlessly with the range’s bigger displacements. The blend of shades from the tank, frame and subframe, as well as the front mask, LED headlight and finely integrated pillion seat, will stir the soul. Riders will love the playfulness of the KTM 390 DUKE but will also get a kick out of its appearance on the highway.


A 2021-model KTM 390 Adventure. Photo courtesy KTM.
A 2021-model KTM 390 Adventure. Photo courtesy KTM.



Returning for 2021 to join the ranks of the new KTM 890 ADVENTURE, KTM 890 ADVENTURE R and KTM 890 ADVENTURE R RALLY, the KTM 390 ADVENTURE has harnessed the offroad DNA of the larger ADVENTURE models to deliver a versatile machine that conquers mountain passes as easily as a daily commute with efficiency and comfort.

A state-of-the-art, liquid cooled, single-cylinder, four-stroke 373.2 cc engine powers the KTM 390 ADVENTURE and achieves impressive peak power with incredibly punchy torque. Twin overhead camshafts, four valves and electronic fuel injection are integral to the KTM 390 ADVENTURE’s outstanding power and together with a balancer shaft, deliver an incredibly smooth ride for all-day touring. Next-level rider aids include lean-angle-sensitive Motorcycle Traction Control (MTC) paired with a class-leading PASC slipper clutch to keep the power to ground while pushing limits on or off the asphalt.

The low-maintenance, high-performance engine is housed in a flex and weight-optimized chassis fitted with premium, adjustable WP APEX suspension that offers 170 mm of travel in the front and 177 mm in the rear. Bringing this machine to a stop is easy with the BYBRE brake calipers, two-channel ABS system administered by BOSCH software and the standard OFFROAD ABS mode. Its versatile ergonomics, smooth power delivery and innovative technology all come together in a comfortable, lightweight package built for those wanting to fit more adventure into their daily lives.

There are simply no boundaries in 2021. Picture a road. Are you there yet?

The 2021 KTM STREET lineup is slated to arrive in North American KTM dealerships beginning this February. For more information on the 2021 model lineup and to view a complete list of KTM dealerships, please visit www.ktm.com/us/.

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