Historic Racebike Illustrations: 1966 Greeves Silverstone

Historic Racebike Illustrations: 1966 Greeves Silverstone

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Featured In the February 2021 issue of Roadracing World: 

            Some motorcycle companies insist on doing things their own way, and Greeves was one of those! In 1941 Bert Greeves teamed up with disabled Derry Cobb to make three-wheel vehicles for the disabled under the name Invacar (invalid carriages was the name given to these vehicles at the time). The demand for such vehicles during and immediately after WWII was high, enabling the company to grow and prosper. 

          In 1951 the company diversified into motorcycles as a hedge against Invacar’s government contracts coming to an end. After much development, a line of Greeves motorcycles was launched in 1954, including two street models, a trials bike, and a motocross racebike, all powered by a Villiers 197cc two-stroke engine. The new bikes had two prominent features: Leading-link front forks and an aluminum casting for the frame’s steering head and front down-tube… 

—Historic Racebike Illustrations: 1966 Greeves Silverstone, by Mick Ofield

Seeing the need for a training machine at an affordable price for up-and-coming road racers, Greeves announced the 250cc Silverstone 24RAS in 1963. This led to the 1966 RDS model, considered the best of the company’s unique racebikes. Read the details of the iconoclastic company’s contribution to the sport of road racing – they’re in the latest issue of Roadracing World!


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