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Mar 4, 2019

Erik Buell Is Back With FUELL- A New Electric Motorcycle Company

A FUELL electric motorcycle.

FUELL The new urban mobility brand that brings back the pleasure of city riding

New York, Paris – 4 March, 2019 

Our vision 

Faced with saturated cities – pollution, traffic jams, noise – and the arrival of new regulations limiting internal combustion engines, the founding idea of FUELL is to offer a complete and unique selection of innovative, electric and attractive 2-wheelers to cover all the needs for urban “macro-mobility” – city journeys that require a personal vehicle to cover distances greater than 3 miles – and therefore replace cars and public transportation.

FUELL wants to put freedom and emotion back into urban travel by offering riders something different, innovative, upgradeable and attractive. 

FUELL offers e-vehicles designed around the pleasure of urban riding, offering riders a whole new experience of the city. FUELL also offers digital services around mobility for an enriched experience. 

Our history 

It all started with the unexpected encounter and the Franco-American convergence between Erik Buell, founder of Buell Motorcycles and legendary engineer, Frédéric Vasseur, current team principal of the Alfa Romeo Formula 1 team, also founder of Spark Racing Technology (which builds the Formula E racecars), and Francois-Xavier Terny, a transatlantic entrepreneur fond of industrial endeavors and new business models. 

The unifying idea: To create an urban mobility solution for the city, which is currently the best application of electric powertrains (low speeds, rapid acceleration, zero emission, zero noise, shorter distances traveled, denser charging infrastructures). 

The founders combined their experience and competences to invent a genuinely new experience entirely focused on the urban rider’s needs, thanks to the freedom of design, engineering and distribution that is unique to electric vehicles. 

Our first e-vehicles 

FUELL’s “urban mobility” positioning led to the creation of several machines to cover all the needs and styles of those who choose two-wheeled electric mobility. FUELL’s offer is centered around two products: 

• FLOW – an electric motorcycle available in 11kW (125cc equivalent) or 35kW (motorcycle license) versions, combining practical aspects for the urban journey (integrated 50 liter/13 gallon internal storage), technological innovations (proprietary wheel-motor1, connected dashboard) and unparalleled driving pleasure thanks to its acceleration and low center of gravity. 

• FLUID – a robust and elegant electric bike, with exceptional range (up to 125 miles thanks to its 2 removable batteries with a total of 1,000Wh) and generous torque (100Nm), virtually maintenance-free with its carbon belt and internal hub gears. Fluid is offered as a Pedelec (max 20 mph) or S-Pedelec (max 28 mph, requiring helmet and insurance in most States). 

Every step from design to manufacture had accessibility in mind: competitive prices (starting from $3,295 for Fluid and $10,995 for Flow), financing options that favor usage over ownership (credit, leasing, battery leasing), and a clear emphasis on easy handling and riding. 

These e-vehicles are upgradeable (battery, wheel-motor, charger,…) and are among the best performing on the market. They have a great autonomy (125 city miles for Flow), and recharge easily (at home for Fluid, in less than 30 minutes on a public charger for Flow). They also offer connectivity and security options, and are infinitely customizable. 

1 « wheel-motor » refers to the electric motor housed in the rear wheel, specifically developed by FUELL for the Flow, removing the secondary transmission (chain or belt) while maintaining power and keeping weight acceptably low. 

Our next important dates 

March 4th FUELL unveils its brand, vision and first images, with a joint launch in the United States and France. 

During March and April additional information and demonstration of functional prototypes. FUELL Founders are available to media. 

Mid-April full website providing all information on the brand and the ability to reserve or purchase the Flow and Fluid. 

2019 First deliveries for Fluid. 

early 2021 First deliveries for Flow. 

Our founders’ bios 

Erik Buell (CTO) is the Founder, former Chairman and CTO of the Buell Motorcycle Company, which eventually merged with Harley-Davidson from 1993 to 2009. 

Erik is a pioneer of modern race motorcycle technology, as well as a world class engineer and an inventor. He created some of the most innovative and usable motorcycles to date, using inventions like a hollow aluminum frame to house the fuel and create chassis rigidity, or a hollow swing arm to house the oil. More than 130,000 motorcycles with the Buell name have been produced to date. 

Erik and his engineering team have an incredible experience in motorcycle development, industrialization, sourcing, manufacturing and homologation, and bring an unparalleled expertise in chassis, powertrain and overall motorcycle engineering. 

Frédéric Vasseur is a well-known figure in motorsport around the globe: as the founder of ART Grand Prix and ASM, Frédéric has celebrated outstanding accomplishments with 8 GP2, 9 GP3, and 12 Formula 3 Euro titles. Three Formula 1 World Champions – Hamilton, Vettel, and Rosberg – were among the many drivers who were part of Frédéric’s talent pool in their early days. Frédéric also founded Spark Racing Technology in 2012, which develops hybrid and electric powertrains and builds the Formula E racecars, a revolutionary and entirely electric series that began in 2014. In 2017, Frédéric Vasseur joined Sauber as Team Principal of the F1 Team and CEO of Sauber Motorsport. 

Francois-Xavier Terny (CEO) began his professional path in 1991 as a strategic consultant with Bain & Co, then created his own consulting firm, Masaï, in 1996 as a firm specializing in cost optimization. Masaï enjoyed rapid growth, addressing a growing concern within corporations for cost control and cost optimization. In 2006, having reached 120 professionals in 12 offices in Europe, US, Japan, China and India, François-Xavier accepted an offer from a competitor to acquire the company. 

Since 2008, F-X continued his path as an entrepreneur, investing time and money in several start-ups including motorcycle ventures. 

With an advanced take on design and new ideas and approaches to manufacturing, sales, marketing and distribution, F-X brings design directions, disruptive thinking and operational management.

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