Daytona 200: Danny Eslick Makes It 68 Riders Entered So Far

Daytona 200: Danny Eslick Makes It 68 Riders Entered So Far

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The current entry list for the Daytona 200, operated by the American Sportbike Racing Association (ASRA) under sanction of the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA), is already at 68 riders.

The race is scheduled to run March 14, 2020, at Daytona International Speedway, in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Entries will be accepted up until the start of the event on March 13.


Daytona 200 Entry List (as of February 27, 2020):

Competition Number, Rider Name, Motorcycle Make and Model

1, Kyle Wyman, Yam YZF-R6

2, Josh Herrin, Yam YZF-R6

4, Josh Hayes, Yam YZF-R6

7, Teagg Hobbs, Yam YZF-R6

9, Tyler O’Hara, Kaw ZX-6R

12, Alen Gyorfi, Yam YZF-R6

14x, Kristofer Knopf, Yam YZF-R6

14, Tyler Wasserbauer, Yam YZF-R6

16, Alex Coelho, Kaw ZX-6R

19, David Moser, Duc 848

19x, Pat Barnes, Yam YZF-R6

20, Anthony Furia, Yam YZF-R6

20x, CJ LaRoche, Kaw ZX-6R

21, Darrin Klemens, Kaw ZX-6R

21x, Brandon Paasch, Yam YZF-R6

24, Xavier Zayat, Yam YZF-R6

25, Rob Cummins, Suz GSX-R600

28, Patrick Ryan, Kaw ZX-6R

29, Barrett Long, Suz GSX-R600

32, Sheridan Morais, Yam YZF-R6

32x, Alexander Guibeault, Yam YZF-R6

34, Michael Barnes, Yam YZF-R6

34x, R. Scott Briody, Kaw ZX-6RR

37, John Ashmead, Kaw ZX-6R

40, Jason DiSalvo, Yam YZF-R6

44, Anthony Sabbatino, Yam YZF-R6

44x, Taylor Knapp, Yam YZF-R6

49, Russ Intravartolo, Yam YZF-R6

59, Norman Pomerleau, Yam YZF-R6

61, Ross Patterson, Kaw ZX-6R

69, Danny Eslick, Suz GSX-R600

82, Roger Ealy, Jr., Kaw ZX-6R

84, Anthony Fania, Jr., Yam YZF-R6

85, Dustin Hughes, Yam YZF-R6

85x, Jake Lewis, Yam YZF-R6

86, Jason Farrell, Kaw ZX-6R

88, Max Flinders, Yam YZF-R6

88x, Benjamin Smith, Yam YZF-R6

91, Tyler Hicks, Yam YZF-R6

97, Gene Buonomo, Yam YZF-R6

99, Christopher Dove, Yam YZF-R6

99x, Geoff May, Yam YZF-R6

103, Alex Arango, Yam YZF-R6

111, Dustin Richards, Yam YZF-R6

113, Jonathan Schweiger, Yam YZF-R6

117, Austin Phillips, Yam YZF-R6

119, Adam Wingard, Yam YZF-R6

141, Alejandro Rei, Yam YZF-R6

147, Andrew Abel, Suz GSX-R600

164, Max Angles, Yam YZF-R6

175, Gabriel Wingard, Yam YZF-R6

269, Johnny Rock Page, Yam YZF-R6

330, Zoltan Nemes, Suz GSX-R600

368, Daniel Weems, Yam YZF-R6

411, Daniel Spaulding, Yam YZF-R6

412, Rick Lind, Yam YZF-R6

413, Christian Miranda, Yam YZF-R6

524, Gary Yancoskie, Kaw ZX-6R

594, David McPherson, Yam YZF-R6

620, Carl Soltisz, Yam YZF-R6

683, Ryan Jones, Kaw ZX-6R

760, Timothy Wilson, Kaw ZX-6R

762, Bradley Moser, Kaw ZX-6R

770, Mikal Pechota, Suz GSX-R600

800, Darwin Rodriguez, Yam YZF-R6

901, William Veisz, Duc 848

911, Ed Sullivan, Yam YZF-R6

975, Antal Halasz, Suz GSX-R600

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