California Roadrace Association Announces 2021 Schedule

California Roadrace Association Announces 2021 Schedule

© 2020, Roadracing World Publishing, Inc. From a press release issued By California Roadrace Association (CRA):

[Buttonwillow, CA] – California RoadRace Association, the new racing organization that was announced last month, has finalized the schedule for their inaugural season. In 2021, CRA will run 5 rounds through Spring and Summer.

With a variety of configurations and an entirely new track being added to Buttonwillow Raceway Park, CRA will be able to mix it up with 3 different tracks across the 5 rounds.


Round 1: May 15-16, New Track

Round 2: June 12-13, Config 13 CW

Round 3: August 21-22, Config 26 CCW

Round 4: September 18-19, New Track

Round 5: October 16-17, New Track


CRA will bring a ‘racers first’ focus to their Buttonwillow-based series. As a result, they expect to draw a large field of participants to central California for each event.

What does it mean to be ‘racers first’? Simply put, it is all about Competition, Classes, and Giving Back.

With its central California location, Buttonwillow is convenient and easily reachable for the extended road racing community from all over California plus Oregon, Washington, Nevada, and Arizona. The club’s rules and class structure will be similar to most other organizations and simple to understand. This will make it easier for riders to show up and race. Which means bigger grids and more competitive races.

CRA is also expanding beyond the standard 400, Twins, 600, and 1000 class sprint races by introducing more racing opportunities. Starting with Round 1 in May, there will also be ‘GT’ races (16-20 laps) and ‘American Iron’ (think Baggers) formats to help fuel the race weekend.

With the goal of giving back to the members, the club is actively adding class sponsors. The intention is to have payouts for most, if not all, races.

For track day riders that are thinking of joining the grids at CRA, New Racer Schools will start in February.

Further details will be released soon. To sign up for updates and for more information, visit:

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