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May 24, 2010

BUB Seven Streamliner, The World’s Fastest Motorcycle, Is For Sale

The BUB Seven Streamliner and its crew, including Denis Manning (third from left) and Chris Carr (fourth from left).
The BUB Seven Streamliner that Chris Carr piloted to 372.534 mph and a two-way average speed of 367.382 mph to set a new FIM-sanctioned International and AMA-sanctioned National land speed record for motorcycles in September 2009 at Bonneville Salt Flats, in Utah, is up for sale.

"Business is f"”ked," said BUB Enterprises Inc. and BUB Seven Streamliner owner Denis Manning as he let out a big laugh. BUB Enterprises' business is building exhaust systems for Harley-Davidsons and metric cruisers. "I want to save my business. It's an asset. If you have a business and it has assets and things start going down the drain you have to start selling your assets.

"And the streamliner is a hell of an asset. It's the fastest motorcycle ever. It's worth a lot of money, and I'm willing to take about half of it. I'd like to put it in a home"¦well, there's museums that should have it. Or if a guy wants to race it, it's ready."

Manning said the BUB Seven Streamliner is definitely ready to race and comes with a fresh, turbo-charged, methonal-burning, 3.0-liter, 90-degree V4 "big bang" engine (an engine designed and built specifically for the Streamliner) that actually produces more horsepower than the one used to set the record. It also comes with a "good" set of 400 mph-capable tires and a trailer to haul the Streamliner around in. Manning is also selling spare engines, spare parts and other items that are "negotiable."

"It's something that is very near and dear to me," said Manning. "Selling it is a tough deal, but I have to raise cash so I don't lay people off and keep my business going. It's like selling a kid. Well, I'd sell my kid cheaper than this f"”ker will go for (laughs)."

Manning is also selling Tenacious II, the predecessor of Seven, which when piloted by Rocky Robinson in Australia in 2001 reached 297 mph, which wasn't a record but did give it the claim of the fastest motorcycle ever south of the equator. Tenacious II is currently on loan to the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum.

But how much would it take to buy the BUB Seven Streamliner, a true piece of motorcycling history?

"Last time I [considered selling it I] wanted $10 million for it, but not now. The price is a lot less. Make an offer," said Manning. "You're talking about the fastest motorcycle in the world. This isn't something you can compare to because it has no comparison. It is totally unique. The whole thing was designed specifically to get the record: the motor, the transmission, the carbon-composite chassis. It recorded the lowest coefficient of drag ever recorded [at A2 Wind Tunnel]. A NASCAR in that tunnel records 0.45 Cd. The best thing they ever had in that tunnel recorded a 0.24 Cd. My streamliner recorded a coefficient of drag of 0.08."

For more information about the BUB Seven Streamliner, go to To contact Denis Manning directly, e-mail him at
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