Brotz To Ride For Richie Morris’ Daytona H-D/Buell Team In 2005 F-USA Series

Brotz To Ride For Richie Morris’ Daytona H-D/Buell Team In 2005 F-USA Series

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From a press release:

Richie Morris Racing along with Daytona Harley Davidson/Buell announced its 2005 racing season plans today. Due to a career ending injury sustained at Road America in 2004, Morris will not be the rider in 2005. However the team will stay in tact with Morris being team owner, Daytona Buell is staying on as the main sponsor, Glen Veatch will be the head tuner, and Clint Brotz the rider. The team will make a bid for the championship in the Formula USA, Thunderbike class.

“The only thing that took so long was choosing a rider. I made sure that Glen had a large part in choosing a rider and our first choice was Dave Estok. It was a done deal way back in October; Then Dave had some personal problems, which I am happy to hear have been cleared up. But when an 11 year sponsor says no to a rider choice, you have to listen to them. I talked to Dave several times about it and he truly understood that it was out of my hands. Glen and I both wish him the best. He is defiantly the one to beat on the track. And I know for a fact that he can turn everything around for the better in his life. I truly consider him a friend.

This is defiantly not to take anything away from Clint. He is a proven winner in the class and will fit in good with the XB. He has ridden for Brotz Motorsports the majority of his life. And the owner of Brotz Motorsports just happens to be my father in law. So racing can not go in front of family, it can get a little tedious. However we as a family have went over every thing and all is cool. Clint will ride soley for Richie Morris Racing LLC. And Brotz Motorsorts will be one of our valued sponsors. Last year he was having difficulties with the bike as was I and many others in their first year with the XB. The fuel injection just takes some getting used to. I feel he was a little discouraged. This year he knows Glen rocks with the computer and can make the Buell fly. Therefore, he is in training and looking forward to running with the podium crowd. Also I want to thank all of the racers that applied for the chance to ride on the team. Especially the ones, that flew or drove up to Elkhart Lake, to discuss the ride in person. It was an honor says Morris.”

The team will run Pirelli tires. I have been with Pirelli since 1996 and I see no reason to change. Moose with Trackside Race Supply told me he would sponsor the team and that is good enough for me. A contract is not required. Moose is one of the few people in this business I would base the season on a promise.

Other expected sponsors will be: Buell Motorcycle Co and their contingency program, Brotz Motorsports, EBC Brakes, Suomy helmets, Traxxion Dynamics, Tsubaki chains, Vortex Sprockets, and more are expected to join in.

As for those who are interested in Richie’s health, after the April, 2004 crash at Road America. As stated in the beginning, it was career ending. The right knee was crushed so badly, that a total knee replacement was necessary. The surgery was considered a success. With the damage done there might be a slight limp that will hang around forever. “It is life changing say Morris” There are so many things that I will not be able to do now with the leg in this condition. But what the hell, no need to whine, I should have quit when Scott Russell did, but it is hard to quit when you are fortunate enough to still be running up front. All and all I had an ok career replied Morris”

In closing we look to be one sponsor short this season. It is not final yet, but after the hurricanes and the R.O.C. being moved to Homestead last year. We may have lost 10 year sponsor, The Ocean Deck. Dick told me to see him in March, so we will see. If not, I have another place in mind that will take good care of the racers while in Daytona. Also we have big plans for a throw down at Elkhart Lake in April. We will let you know at the track about all of the off track FUN and the sponsors making it happen.

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