ASRA/CCS: NCBike Track Repairs Force August 1-2 Race Cancellation

ASRA/CCS: NCBike Track Repairs Force August 1-2 Race Cancellation

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Road America Supplemental Information

Friday practice day is hosted by EvolveGT

Credentials for the event will be open from 6pm-8pm Thursday, 7am-7pm Friday, 7am to 4pm Saturday and 7am-3pm Sunday,These are the only times you can get hot pit credentials for this event.

Registration will be in the normal outside location for this event. Updated hours for the July event are 5:30pm to 7:00pm on Friday, 7:00am to 4:00pm on Saturday and 7:00am to 12:00pm on Sunday.

Since Road America registration uses walk up windows, any reference to indoor policies will not be in effect. We do ask that you wear a mask when you come to pick up trophies after your races.

In addition to the Registration and Tech guidelines listed below, here are the supplemental guidelines from the track:

Click here for Road America Covid-19 Guidelines


August 1-2 at NCBike Has Been Cancelled

ASRA/CCS and NCBike management have decided to cancel the August 1-2 event to allow the newly repaired section of the track to cure before putting motorcycles on the new asphalt.

With the cancellation, the September 12-13 event is now a twin sprint event and all August entries have been moved to that date.


Current Registration and Tech Procedures

These procedures will allow us to comply with existing orders for limiting contact in enclosed spaces, masks, gloves and hand sanitizer for the staff who deal directly with the racers. (For the foreseeable future we will use these at every event.)

Since these are the two areas where the closest interaction takes place, here is our new procedure for registration and tech.



Our goal is to limit personal contact to a minimum. (We are working on a touch-less registration but unfortunately we do not have a clear answer how an “app” would stand up in court as a signed waiver/release.)

Each rider will be given their own pen, at the end on the line there will be a bucket for the rider to drop the pen in for us to sanitize when registration closes. (Registrars will sanitize their work station with wipes and/or spray anytime they return to their station and before leaving in the evening.)

One registrar will be stationed the door using gloves, face mask and hand sanitizer. They will have all riders sign a waiver and release at the door and control the access to 12 racers at a time in the room. All entrants will have their temperature taken and any rider with a temperature of 100.0 of higher will be turned away

Each registrar will have gloves, face mask for themselves and hand sanitizer available for the racer to use. All staff in registration will be at least 6’ apart with their own table between them and the racer. We will allow only 12 riders in the room at a time with 3 registrars. (Tape lines on the floor 6’ apart).

Once the racer is finished and deposits their pen in the bucket, they will be asked to use the exit .


Our goal is to limit personal contact to a minimum.

Each inspector will have gloves, face mask for themselves and hand sanitizer available for the racer to use..

We will have multiple tech lines approximately 10’ apart.

Inspectors will strive to maintain 6’ separation in the lines waiting to be inspected.

Racer will bring a stand to tech with the motorcycle and place the bike on the stand and move 6’ away from the motorcycle. Then the inspector will evaluate the machines race-readiness. After placing an approval sticker on the machine or notifying the rider of what needs to be addressed, the inspector will move away from the machine and let the racer remove their machine from the tech area.

While we have some specific in-depth procedure changes for the staff, these are the outline we are starting with to mitigate the potential of spreading the virus among or racers and staff.

ASRA/CCS management believe these measures would allow us to be safe and in full compliance with existing restrictions but we understand new orders could be issued with immediate implementation that could remove/change procedures or require postponement or cancellation.


Remaining ASRA & TC Schedules for 2020
Updated ASRA TC Schedule for 2020!

As of June 30, 2020

AMA Sanctioned ASRA Team Challenge Presented by Michelin Tire

Jul 18 Road America

Aug 15 Summit Point Circuit (Date change)

Sept 6 NJMP Thunderbolt

Sept 19 Blackhawk Farms

Dec 5 Homestead


Revised ASRA Schedules for 2020


AMA Sanctioned ASRA Championship Series Presented by Pirelli Tire

Jul 18-19 Road America

Jul 25-26 NJMP Thunderbolt

Aug 15-16 Summit Point Circuit

Aug 22-23 Roebling Road Raceway

Oct 16-18 Daytona Intl Speedway

Dec 5-6 Homestead


We appreciate your patience and support during this difficult time for our country as well as our sport.

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