2019 Trackday Directory: Forget The Excuses

2019 Trackday Directory: Forget The Excuses

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Featured in the Roadracing World 2019 Trackday Directory:

      There are lots of excuses for not taking your motorcycle
to the racetrack and riding fast. None of them hold up under the briefest of

1. My Bike Isn’t Race-Prepped Or Track Ready …

don’t need a fully modified, purpose-built racebike to ride on the track. If
you’ve got a bike that is mechanically sound, doesn’t leak and has good tires,
you’ve got a track-ready machine. Many track-day organizations don’t require
any special prep, other than taping over lights or installing purpose-made
light covers. If they require more than that, ask your
track-riding friends for help, or ask the organization to recommend somebody to
help you. At any given track day, there will be riders on motorcycles making 30
horsepower or less. And there’s usually someone on an adventure bike or a
tourer, and sometimes on a dirt bike or supermoto bike. You can have racetrack
fun on any motorcycle.

2. It’s Too Dangerous, And I Don’t Want to Crash …

one wants to crash. But look around at the end of a track day at how many
people didn’t crash or get hurt. It’s no wonder: A closed circuit, everyone
going the same direction, no errant car drivers, ambulances staffed with
emergency medical crews standing by at the ready, flaggers ready to warn you
about any problems in every corner, machines checked over at tech
inspection—you get any of that on your Sunday morning street ride? You’re less
likely to crash on the track, and if you do, you’re less likely to hit
something and get hurt. And if you get hurt, help can reach you almost
immediately, without having to find you in a ravine or in the woods…

Riders have
lots of reasons for not doing track days. But on further examination, they’re
not reasons, they’re excuses that make no sense. In the current Track Day
Directory published by Roadracing World, Editor-at-Large Michael Gougis looks
at the reasons riders don’t do track days – and shows how every one of them is
just an excuse standing between them and the best time they’ve ever had on a

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Roadracing World &
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