Roadracing World Action Fund


175,000Leslie Stretch
121,089P.R.E. Fundraisers
114,622N2 Track Days Fundraisers
99, Matching Funds Program
82, Broken Wing Benefits
115,434Midwest Track Day Chili Cookoff Fundraisers
60,810Chris Ulrich Two-Up Superbike Rides/Fastrack Fundraisers
52,179Sports Car Racing Association of the Monterey Peninsula
50,000The Talbott Foundation
38,500NESBA 2013 Southeast Airfence Fundraiser
36,351NESBA Blackhawk Farms Chili Cook,Off
34,900Bob Robbins
34,150Brooks Gremmels/Shogun Motorsports
30,000Fastrack Riders
29,987Indianapolis Motor Speedway
27,342Midwest Safety Crew/In Memory of Bill Ritger
26,270Chris Ulrich Two-Up Superbike Rides With Dunlop and MotoAmerica
25,000The Copham Family Foundation
25,000New Jersey Motorsports Park
23,000The Joseph C. and Esther Foster Foundation, Inc.
22,750Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Bittner
22,456Road America
22, , Got Dzus Campaign
22,293Jonathan Glaefke
21395MotoAmerica Fines Program
20,000NESBA 2012 Southeast Airfence Fundraiser
18,870Lockhart Phillips USA Project Bike Raffle
18,434Pirelli Tires N.A. WSB VIP Ticket Fundraisers
18,000Wegman Benefit Fund/Gordon Lunde Sr.
17,000NESBA Mid,Atlantic Region 2012 NJMP Fundraiser
15,800Red Flag Fund
14,000Mark Mitchell
14,000In Memory of Mike Moore
12,750Max McAllister/Traxxion Dynamics
12,650AMA Fines Program
12,500Circuit of the Americas
12,500Marty & Nancy Beaulieu
11,761Midwest Café Racing Association (MCRA)
11,751Airfence Andy Curro's Buell 1125 CR Raffle
11,225Ben Spies
10,858Michael Arenella/Chevron Matching Employee Funds
10,500Steven Brunton
10,000Central Roadracing Association
10,000Pirelli Tire LLC
10,000The Vance Family Foundation
9362Christopher M. Brown/Chevron Humankind Matching Gift
9000Peter & Carol Anne Swetish
8010Yamaha Champions Riding School
8000In Memory of Ave Gudelsky
7500VIRginia Int’l Raceway
7500David Pierce
7000David Hildebrand
6650Marcus McBain
6500XCEL Trackdays/In Memory of Elaine Carpenter & Ted Rich
6403Mike Moore Memorial Fundraiser
6000Thomas Patch
6000AJ Ciampa, VMware Foundation 12 Year Milestone Award
5903Joseph B. Wilson
5800Erik Buell/Buell Motorcycle Company
5600Hotbodies Racing
5200Keith & Patti Souter
5115Mark Brereton/RoadRACE DVD
5000Annandale Honda
5000Trent Thompson/Paramount Racing
5000Mary Spies
5000Jim Hinshaw/Presicion Medical
5000Luther Wikle
5000Janet Gunn/In Memory of Ian Gunn and Jimmy Adamo
5000Ryan & Amanda Peters/In Memory of Mike Moore
4910Craig Beardsley
4900MotoAmerica Fines Program
4000Blackhawk Farms Raceway
3663Joe & Andrea Marietta/In Memory of Jeremy Gordon
3651Gary Rand/In Memory of Rusty Bradley & Kent "Rocky" Rockwell
3550Customers of Spiegler Performance Parts
3351Ken Hill (eBay auction of Bostrom leathers)
3500Pacific Utility Installation
3500Motorcycle Roadracing Association (MRA)
3450Sandia Motorcycle Roadracing
3200Dynojet Research
3200Gary W. McQuiston, Sr./In Memory of Bill Parr, Cpt. Richey Halstead, and Jennifer Morgan Campbell
3175WERA BBS Members
3100Charles Buse
30352017 “Trackfest” Fundraiser/Gingerman Raceway/Sportbike Track Time/Motoworks Chicago
3000Patrick Roskam /
3000Steve Brubaker/Race Tire Service
3000Cheryl Mazzotta
3000Carolina Cycle Jam
3000Henry L. Avello
3000Otto & Hanna Duetsch Private Charity Fund
3000Jonathan Glaefke/In Memory of Al Hjelm
2948Richard C. Thompson
2900Ducati North America
2900John Ulrich/Roadracing World
2900Performance Machine
2900Aprilia USA
2900American Suzuki Motor Corp.
2900Susie and Bruce Meyers/BCM Racing Ducati
2900Willow Springs Int'l Raceway
2900Dunlop Motorcycle Tire Co.
2900Mr. & Mrs. Frederick C. Bittner/In Honor of Papa Thiam
2900Tom Chauncey/Team Wreckless
2901Producers of "Faster"
2865VP Fuel
2775John Owens Racing Photos
2561Track Daz/Montclair Yamaha/Hooter's Party 2008
2500Wendell Phillips/Lockhart Phillips
2500Indy Superbikes
2500Zachary Smith/Microsoft Matching Gift Program
2500AMA Pro Racing
2400Sportbike Track Time
2336Yamaha R1 and R6 Forums/In Memory of Glenn Breaux and Chad Clifton
2270David Van Ommeren/In Memory of Mike Moore
2200Rand Kennedy
2152Robb Meier (eBay auction of Mat Mladin AGV Helmet)
2100Anonymous/Mohnton PA
2077Christopher Daugherty
2025The Lenz Family , Peter Lenz Bike Auction
2000Lindemann Engineering
2000Advanced Motor Sports/In Memory of Dirk Piz
2000Fastrack Riders Association
2000Advanced Power Sports/Track Daz/Hooter's Party 2006
2000H&H Motorsports, Inc.
2000Red Flag Fund/In Memory of Bill Fehrman
2000Circuit of the Americas
2000Dale Blackman/Verizon Matching Incentive Program
2000Gene Facchin/In Memory of Chris Knaver
2000Russell Masecar
2000Yamaha Motor Corp.
2000In Memory of Mike Moore
2000In Honor of Nobby Clark
2000Mid,Atlantic Ducati Owners Club
2000CP Carter
2000Mid,Atlantic Ducati Owners Club
2000AR Slaven
1906David Sapsis
1905John Stewardson
1861WERA Fines Program
1840NESBA 2011 Meet & Greet Fundraiser at NJMP
1825Stephen Barnes (eBay auction of Duhamel Shoei race helmet)
1825AJ Ciampa
1820Ducati Omaha
1804HMC Ducati Laguna Seca Chandler Ride
1800Annual NESR Drunkathon/Connor La France Benefit Raffle
1760L.A. Bikers/
1750Graham McIntyre/Microsoft Matching Gifts Program
1750SoCal Track Days
1725Chris Pontrelli/In Memory of Mike Moore
1700WERA Motorcycle Roadracing
1675James Bonner
1650Vicki & Leo Sulpy/VHS Photography, INC.
1650Yoshimura Racing
1550Pat Bushell
1550KWS Motorsports
1550Chris & Beth Pyles
1500Gearbox International
1500Dan Lance Services
1500Dennis Smith/Sport Tire Services
1500Komodo Racing
1500Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A.
1500Racing2SaveLives/In Honor of Vincent Haskovec
1500Cornerspeed Riderschools/AaronStevenson
1500Barber Motorsports Park Track Walk 2012
1500Roger Lyle Motorcycle Xcitement/In Memory of Al Wilcox
1500Anna Dickey/In Memory of Bob Dickey
1500George & Janette Nassaney
1498Nate Simmons & Lisa Fitzgerald Simmons
1450Marc Salvisberg/Factory Pro Tuning
1450Fred Renz/Yoyodyne
1450Bob Dragich/Roadracing World
1428Network for Good/Anonymous
1410Penguin Racing School Fundraiser
1405John Stewardson
1384Ronald L. Deaver/Clorox Company Foundation Matching Funds
1325Andre Espaillat (eBay auction of Barnacle Bill leathers)
1312Seacoast Sport Cycle 2018 Annual Holiday Party
1300Scott Willock/Jessica Proctor,Willock
1300T2 Tirewarmers
1294Tazzino Bistro Benefit Dinner
1294Polaris Industries
1275Anibal Nieves/Microsoft Matching Gifts Program
1200U.S. Marshals of LRRS Racing Community/In Memory of Connor LaFrance
1200William R. Pritchard/In Honor of Vincent Haskovec
1200Sheila Barnes/In Memory of F. Allen Barnes
1111.11Ilya Kriveshko/In Memory of Connor LaFrance
1100Bob Blandford/N.E. Sportbike Assn.
1100Fasttrack Motorsports Promotions
1075Intrepid Cafe Racers/In Memory of Bud Turner
1060In Memory of Shannon Bitzer
1053Frank Angel
1050Track Daz/Hooter's Party 2005
1029DUCSHOP/In Memory of Brad Hayes
1026A Friend of Mike Moore
1010Yamaha Champions Riding School
1001David McGrath/
1001Richard Thompson/In Honor of Grandma Bono
1000Barnett Tool & Engineering
1000Andy Kettle/Honda of Milpitas
1000Jim Rashid/4&6 Cycle
1000Charles Beckman
1000Andrew M. Cross
1000Dale Pestes/Tuff Dog Racing
1000Chuck Warren/Arclight Suzuki
1000Anthony and Aaron Gobert
1000Team Pro,Motion Sportbike Club
1000Tachyon Racing/Tachyon Sports Injury Research Foundation
1000Brian Drebber/In Memory of Rocky Drebber
1000California Superbike School
1000Mark E. Dobeck/Techlusion Performance Group
1000Team Millenium,Kaufman Suzuki
1000Jason Pridmore's Star Motorcycle School
1000Don Emde/In Memory of Cal Rayborn
1000Scott Willock/In Memory of Larry Schwarzbach
1000Racer X/Road Racer X
1000G.M.D. Computrack Network
1000Terry Knott
1000Woodcraft Technologies
1000Eric Wood/In Memory of Connor LaFrance
1000Dena & Richard Martin
1000Frank Angel/In Honor of Vincent Haskovec
1000Jeff Wood/In Honor of Vincent Haskovec
1000Josh Hayes/In Honor of Vincent Haskovec
1000Sharkskinz Racing Bodies
1000Frank Pate
1000Rodney Capron-Jr.
1000Jeff Cavinder
1000Red Flag Fund/In Memory of Bill Ritger
1000Mike Wright
1000Travis McNerney/In Memory of Chad Sisler
1000Lou Scharpf
1000Dale Greenwood
1000Paul Bryant/Left Coast Digital
1000David A. Sanders/In Memory of Mike Moore
1000Gary W. McQuiston-Sr./In Memory of Bill Parr and Cpt. Richey Halstead
1000Valentin Debise
1000Thomas Moner
1000Roger Lyle
1000Motorcycle Xcitement
1000Rainey Family Trust/In Memory of Paula Varner
1000Vincent Zaninovich
950Kyle Racing Engines
925Arroyo Seco Motorplex
895Linda- John & Susanne Hopkins/In Memory of Roy Hopkins
880Jim "Dutch" MacKenzie/WERA BBS
810Jason Routhier (eBay auction of Jamie James leathers & boots) and Buell Enthusiasts
800Alan Sessarego
800The Floribama Riders
800Gron4 Photography
800Duncan MacDonald/Microsoft Matching Gifts Program
800Arthur Kowitz
800Theodore Costantino & Anita Koury Charitable
750Anonymous/In Memory of Randy Renfrow
750John Fuisz
750Carlos S. Gonzalez-Mier
750Chris Murtaugh
750A. Kevin Boda
740Michael Gougis
735Jerall W. Lawrence
730D-Store Orange County CA
730Paul Rosal
725Doug & Melissa Burkholder Fundraiser/In Memory of Marco Simoncelli
700Walt Schaefer
700Paul Black
700Racers Edge Performance/Dunlop “Test & Tune” Event 2018
670Viets Performance
662Geoff Kramer
6642012 On The Throttle M1GP 24-Hour Endurance Challenge Fundraiser
658United Way of SE PA
651Stephen Nogueira/In Memory of Connor LaFrance
650Robert M. Laszko
650Robin Caron/Microsoft Matching Gift Program
650TOBC Racing/Michelle Lindsay/In Memory of Dane Westby
639Elaine Seasly
620Eric V. Hunter
615Peter Kirsh
600Team Daemon Racing
600Derek and Gordon King
600Mark Jones/Valley Spring Riders
600Darrin Talbott/WERA BBS Auction '06
600George R. Harman
600Anthony Shilda
600Peter Hively
600The Chicago Vintage Motorcyclists
600KMC Employee Charitable Contributions Matching Program
580Oliver Gooden
570Tony Serra
565Heather Gordon/In Memory of Jeremy Gordon WERA/CCS Expert #407
565Papa Thiam
561Marcus Kirk Photography/In Memory of Greg
560Jerry Van Horn
555Rob Baas
550Matt Manspeaker
541R! Members
541AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame Visitors
540Bruce Coffman
534Ducshop Performance Center/In Memory of Brad Haynes
525Robert M. Dickey
522WERA Cookout-Barber 2011
520Gustavo Aramayo
500Don Lemelin/Scuderia West
500Ed Robinson/Robinson Partners
500Jerry Wood/Penguin School
500Jim Di Salvo/Alien Racing
500Doug Gonda
500Dale Kieffer/Racers Edge Performance
500Pinky's Pizza of Walnut Creek
500Reg Kitrelle
500Kevin Erion/Erion Racing
500Indigo Sports
500The Plummer Menapace Group
500Aaron Yates
500Bob Holcomb
500Specialty Sports Ltd/Teknic
500Mike Canfield/Chandelle Motorsports
500Jim Davis/J6 Racing/In Memory of Dirk Piz
500James D. Randolph
500Walt Schaefer
500Don Emde
500Jerry King
500Abraham's Natural Foods
500Full Spectrum Design
500Gary Christopher/American Honda
500In memory of Jarno Saarinen and Renzo Pasolini-who died May 20.1973
500Ricci Racing/Chip Bogosian/Gary Ricci
500Harley Davidson of Reno
500Shawn Higbee/Team KWS/Millenium Technologies
500Ronnie Lunsford/Northwest Honda
500WERA/In Memory of Chris Junge
500Charles R. Burnett/
500Tommy Hayden Shirt & Hat Auction
500Doug Kamholz/In Memory of Buster Roberts
500Ian Gunn
500Road Racer X
500Motorcycle Daily
500Edouard S. Sandoz
500Dawson Family Christmas 2005
500Edwin M. Perry
500Don Hutchinson/In Memory of Connor LaFrance
500Team Moto Uno Racing/In Memory of Andrew "Skip" Kuykendall
500The Delk Family/In Memory of Andrew "Skip" Kuykendall
500Pirelli Tires N.A. Motorcycle Division/In Memory of Andrew "Skip" Kuykendall
500Faultline Power Sports
500Jim & Theresa Kuykendall/In loving memory of our son Andrew
500Roger Lyle/In Memory of Beverly Rentzell
500Roger Lyle/Motorcycle Xcitement/In Memory of Bill Scott
500MG Car Club Washington DC Centre/In Memory of Bill Scott
500Max Grant
500Michael Lemire
500Vic Zaninovich
500David Van Ommeren
500Darly Moore Bernardo MD/In Memory of Mike Moore
500Michael Bernardo/In Memory of Mike Moore
500WERA Lucas/Las Vegas 2012 Raffle
500Robin Hawley/On Behalf of Martin Cardenas
500Stephen Nogueira/In Memory of Carl McAllister
500Robert J. Byland
500EuroSports/Jason DiSalvo Arai Helmet Giveaway
500In Memory of Fred Duncan
500Roger Lyle Motorcycle Xcitement/In Memory of Roger A. Bacon, 1947 - 2011
500Travis Boatwright
500Carol Larson/In Memory of Fred Duncan
500Mike & Jill Bradshaw
500David Kosan
500George Latus/In Memory of Dane Westby
500Roger Lyle/In Memory of Patricia Anderson and Virginia Erdesky
500Reading Motorcycle Club, Inc./In Memory of Nicky Hayden
500David Hildebrand
500Jimmy Fox/In Honor of Daniel Davie
500Photos By Marty LLC
500The Morro Family/In Memory of Bobby Lewis
500Croft Long
500In Honor Of Patrick & Elizabeth Delaney Wedding
500Dent Wizard
500Ian Thomson/In Honor of WERA BBS
500Christopher Holske
500Michael Klotz
500Robert W. Martin
480Badweather Bikers for Blake Rudy
477Autographed 2014 Superbike Shootout Banners Auction
475Adrian Jones
465SDS Performance
465Juan & Gudrun Negreira
455Chris Slay
455M1 PowerSports/Road Atlanta MonoTracer Rides Fundraiser
450Scott Greenwood
450Andrew Daugherty
450Anonymous/Jasper- FL
450Patrick Ryan
445Darrin Talbott
444Alexander Oppermann
425Anthony San Andres
425AMA 2017 VMD Racers
420Ryan S. Nelson
417Anonymous at 2005 U.S. GP
412Anonymous (eBay auction of Team Honda autographed helmet)
402EDR Performance/Calendar Party
402Team Wolf Pack/2013 M1GP 24-Hour Champions
400Bill St. John/Project Monza
400Empty Pockets Racing
400Tom Drumm
400M1 Entertainment
400Allen B. Campbell
400Logan Young
400Bob & Sherrie Young
400Stewart G. Rydman
400Anonymous/Exeter NH
400New Triumph Bonneville Forum/In Memory of Scott Forsythe
400Jeffrey Wood/In Memory of Carl McAllister
400Stacey Phelan
400Chicken Hawk Racing
400Brandon & Heather O’Neill/In Memory of Michael Czysz
395Fastrack Riders
376Hotbodies AMA Pro Race Team Bodywork eBay Auction
375Chris Lowitz
375Kyle Hollingsworth
370Team Grom/2015 M1GP 24-Hour Charity Race
360Eric Hinz
360Douglas Coulter/In Memory of Robert Raymond Miller
353Kawasaki Bicycle Ride at Laguna 2016
351Nicky Hayden Banner Auction
350Moto Liberty
350The Parr Family/In Memory of Bill Parr
350Jon Wytack
350John Stauber
350Nedley Heidel
350Friends and Family- 4th of July/In Memory of Jeremy Gordon
350Michael Mixon
350John Allen/In Memory of Mike Moore-Bryan Andrews-and Stan Braxton
350John H. Lee/In Memory of Mike Moore
350David Loikits
350Michael J. Kelly
350Ron Bechen
345Jon Gu
340Steve Thompson/Pure Sports Designs (ebay Helmet auction) Benefit Calendar
335Eric Wood/In Memory of Carl McAllister
335Jonathan Oakden-Graus
330Jerry Jirkovsky
330Cannoli Photography Fundraiser
325Old Slo Gene Templet/CMRA
325Dan Carr
320Steve Daniels
320Eric Kelcher/Blockworks
320Lori Kobayashi
318Michael Lenz/Hardboiled Racing
313Jim Williams/In Memory of Chad Sisler
311Moto-D Racing
308B.O.S.S. '03 Raffle
3042016 WERA Snap-On Tool Raffle
304Kevin Dinsmoor
300Ice Holes
300Intrepid Café Racers/In Memory of Chris Phillips
300In Memory Of Charles Wooldridge- Sr.
300Zachry Lee
300Allan Lockheed
300Ned ''Peanut'' Brown
300Martin Von Wyss
300Justus Standley/Phillips Motorsports
300N.I.T.R.O. (Northern Illinois and Riding Organization)
300N.I.T.R.O./In Honor of Vincent Haskovec
300Brian Parriott
300James Siddall/World Sports/Corbin Grand Prix
300Richard Hood/Reptillian Racing
300Edward S. Siccardi- Jr.
300Dan Fischer/
300Kurtis Roberts
300Marietta Motorsports
300David Finniff
300Dean Scarpa
300Brendan Guy
300David Marin
300Scott Harwell
300Rodney Capron Jr./In Honor of Vincent Haskovec
300Rick Fairbairn
300Jeff Storjohann
300Bradley and Sandra Lewitzke
300Lakeside Hospital Operating Room/In Memory of Loretta Rispoli
300Melissa Berkoff
300Steve Zielenski
300Elena Myers
300Richard A. Johnson
300Sean P. Clarke
300Steve Terbrueggen
300Jeffrey Kent Souder/Midwest Track Days
300In Honor of Chris & Kathie Hunt Wedding
300Greg Melka
300Mountain Air Auto Care
300Kevin Elliott/In Memory of Roxie Elliott
300Mastermind Productions/In Celebration of Mackenzie Podo
300Zalusky Advanced Riding School
300David & Andrea La France/In Memory of Connor La France
295Chad A. Bakkene
295Anonymous/United Way Greater Twin Cities
285Daniels Family & Linda Daniels /In Memory of Bobby Lewis
290James Lickwar
286Scott Walter
285James Howe
280Davie Stone
280Rich Oliver crashed Bodywork Raffle
280Nichole Simonsen
275Randy Sinisi
275John W. Butler
270WERA Raffle MMP 2012
270Steven Kohlscheen
270David J. Kopfinger
269.94Vinton Squires
260Texas Sport Bike Association
260Paul Milligan
260Greg Travis
255Lloyd Magruder
250Bo Poulsen
250Debbie Roy/Frenotec
250Joshua Hayes
250Gina Nadeau
250Jeannne Pyles
250John Ross/Ross Racing
250Brian Cincera
250C. Renard Fiscus
250Bruce & Edith Lind
250Tim Simpson
250Andre Espaillat
250Aramel Racing
250Spectrum Motorsports/VJB Racing
250Scott Fisher/Fisher Technical Services
250Brian Mitchell
250Al Ludington
250David Roy- Ducati N. America
250Kevin Wueste/In the name of Richard Tait of Seattle
250Kevin Wueste
250Steve Diver
250EBC Brakes/Garry Gallagher
250Walter S. Pasicznyk
250Bill & Maggie Carr
250Putnam Park
250Don Emde/In Memory of Chris Junge
250Peter Hively/ In Honor of Vincent Haskovec
250Vaclav Majer/In Honor of Vincent Haskovec
250Jeff Gruetter
250Bart C. Moore/LRRS #440
250Mr. & Mrs. David Ranaudo
250Ed & Catherine Sorbo
250Matthew Macheca/In Memory of Chris Stevenson
250Ray Mc Curdy
250USGPRU/In Memory of Ethan Gillim
250Michael W. Dube/In Memory of Connor LaFrance
250Brian Short
250Rick A. Myers
250Daniel Murphy/In Memory of Connor LaFrance
250Robert Haas
250Michael Azzar
250Wayne Nielsen
250Southern NH Internal Medicine/In Memory of Loretta Rispoli
250SE NESBA Riders
250Stephen DeCamp
250Red Hot Riders
250Dan Griffiths/Prolong Super Lubricants Forum Members/In Memory of Marco Simoncelli
250Vincent Ursini
250James Curtis/In Memory of Mike Moore
250Ciaran Ward
250Scott Rosey
250Bar Code Specialties
250Mary K. Mehan Hung
250Robert Berbeco
250Steven Engerer/In Memory of Joanna Bitter
250arbary Coast Living
250Richard Varner
250Roger Lyle/In Memory of Howard “Doc” Weiss
250Gary & Brenda Sharp/In Memory of Nicky Hayden
250Team Hypercycle/Michael Gallagher/2018 M1GP 24 Hour
250Rod Ardolino
250Brew Crew Racing
236B.O.S.S. '04 Raffle
234Christopher Semoff
230The 2011 USGPRU Racers
228Lucas Oil Auction/Jim Davis
225Mark Stheiner
225Spiros Gabrilis
220Darrin Talbott/Dedicated to the WERA BBS Fantasy Football league
220Brad Simon/In Memory of Peter Lenz
220Doug Staab/In Memory of Marco Simoncelli
215Graves Yamaha/WERA BBS
210Steve & Karen Webster/In Memory of Howard Fitzcharles
210Aaron Brown/In Memory of Peter Lenz
207In Honor of Chris Broome
206Alexandra Krueger
206Teespring LLC
205H. Michael Falconer
200Scott Decker
200Bill Capshaw/ICE Motorsports
200Patrick Flora
200Jeffrey S. Stathes
200Melissa Tomlinson/G-Man Racing
200Michael and Sammy Garofalo
200Barnacle' Bill Burns
200Jeremy Dodd/Phillips Motorsports
200Terry Embury
200Roger Lyle/In Memory of Jimmy Adamo
200Chicken Hawk Racing Yoshimura Suzuki Tires Warmers eBay Auction
200Cliff Nobles
200DP Enterprises
200Jodie York/RPM Cycles Ventura/WSMC #11 Fillmore
200Jeff Bowis
200Rich & Lynda Alexander/In Memory of Dirk Piz
200Nils Menten
200Crew & Friends of the R/V Point Sur/In Memory of Stuart Stratton
200Tom David
200Twig Segura/In honor of injured SMRI racer Dennis Branch
200Terry McKeever
200Ken & Joan Snyder/Team Snyder Racing
200Big Show Racing/Chicago, IL
200Scott Jenkins/Desmoto-sport
200Dennis Woods/Doppio Racing
200John and Richard Haner/Haner Motor Sports
200Sierra Sportbike Association
200Lee-Laurie & Emma Acree
200Chris Cullen
200John Kreidle
200Laura Roach/In Honor of Vincent Haskovec and Papa Thiam
200CelentoHenn Architecture + Design
200Mark Weiss
200Stanford Crane
200Philip Norwood
200John Bailey
200Steven M. Andreano
200Daniel Alan Fleming
200Jeff Longbottom
200Loren Chun
200Lori Richwine
200Dennis Hurst/Deken Power
200Marshall Skloss
200Patrick Hernon/In Memory of Merlyn Plumlee
200Pit Bull/Charlie and Cathy VanValkenburgh/In Memory of Andrew "Skip" Kuykendall
200Danniel Paggy
200Sam Shiller
200Brian L. Burton
200Bill Hughes
200Miles Thornton/In Memory of Ethan Gillim and Connor LaFrance
200Eric Ashbaugh
200Todd Alberico & Goldman Sachs Matching Funds
200Morris Foor
200Desmo Omaha Ducati Club
200Bruce Liddle
200Anonymous/Orange CA
200Joseph Bartone/Verizon Foundation Matching Gift
200Paul Heller/In Memory of Mike Moore
200Steven R. Aspland/In Memory of Carl McAllister
200Bruce Porter
200Zachary Smith
200Paul M. Jakubowski/In Memory of Mike Moore
200Brad Martone
200Chase Spitzer
200Terry Grimm
200John Palmer
200Gary Yeast
200James diPretoro
200Westby Racing
200Colin Fowler
200Richard & Deborah Knoss
200Diane Tribou
200Redspade Racing LLC
200Scott Rybarik
200Michael Copoulos
200Welch Family/In Celebration of Mackenzie Podo
200Fast Lane RnR Cycle $200 In Memory of Roxie Elliott
200Lorraine Crussell
200Herb & Pam Haigh
200Bill Lapham
200Nathan & Allison Kirklin
200Julie Hill
200Leonard E. Lloyd
200Xcel Energy
199Ernest Montague
199Tyler L. Ryan
195David Osser
185Bruce Wilkins
180Rodger Doyle
180Robert Croly/In Memory of Peter Lenz
176Marc McMaster
175Jonathan Boswell
175Ben Musson
175David Antilley
175Jonathan Wuytack
175Hot Moto
175Steven Oeschger/In Memory of Carl McAllister
175Larry Lawrence
165Hernan R. Martinez
160USGPRU Patch Sales
160Travis Richards/In Memory of Ted Boody
160Chris Broome
157Christian V. Smith/In Memory of Andrew "Skip" Kuykendall
157Christian V. Smith/In Memory of Al Wilcox
155Jason Temme/Serpent Racing
155Sliderphoto/Jack Beaudry
150Calhoun Clark
150Stuart Stratton/Stratton Racing
150Chris Kelley/California Cycleworks
150Marc Palazzo/Synergy Racing Honda
150Robb Mc Elroy
150Hewitt & Prout Attorneys at Law
150Grady Anderson
150Damon Buckmaster
150Chris Hamilton/Grand Prix Direct
150Tim Chin/Team Bandit
150CRA Cornerworkers/In Memory of Bill Parr
150Matthew Kennedy
150Nathan & Angela Church
150David C. Grace/In Honor of Vincent Haskovec
150Greg Avello/
150Darrin Talbott/For Dave K and the Pirate
150Lee McCurdy
150Mark Purty
150Tony Fleming
150Scott Nelson
150Lori Kobayashi/In Memory of Chad Sisler
150Evan Harsha Community/In Memory of Peter Lenz
150Jason Rigby
150Gino Marliani
150Susan Graef/In Memory of Mike Moore
150Timothy Downey
150Nikk Rogers
150Matthew Hamilton
150Harley-Davidson Motor Company/In Memory of Harvey Rousseau
150Tim Ivanoff
150Brandon & Heather O’Neill
150Patrick A. Reagan
150Gill Barnett
150Christian Motorcyclists Association of Virginia
150Ohlins USA
1502019 NJMP Parade Lap Fundraiser
150John Schiavone
145Stephen Tsotsoros
143Vijay Lorick
140Dan DeBry
139Adrenaline Racing Hang-Dry Auction
136Bob Guntrip
135Nathan Weiner
130Hal Coughlin/Central Vermont Motorcycles
130Paul Finn
130Thomas Pfuner/I&E Innovative Homes Racing Team
130Richard Barnett
130Matthias Jezek
130Don Harbidge
130Scott Walker
1302016 AFM Bike Night
127David J. Howell
125Pete Martins
125Jim Williams/
125Paul Onley
125David Boosales/WERA BBS
125BBVR Rider Safety Campaign
125Seth Baumann/For my brother Paul
125Erik Putzier
125David Champion
125Drake Hodge
125New Jersey Motorsports Park Cornerworkers
125Eddie Gambrel
125Jorge Covarrubias
125Henry DeLuca
125Charles Pomeroy
125David Wolfe
120William Willis
120Todd E. Gyure/In memory of Ryan Smith CMRA #19
120Larry & Pat Kerr/In memory of Charles H. Turner
120Jaclyne Cundiff
120James Goodwyn
119Rick Eslick
116B.O.S.S. '02 Raffle
116Ramachandra Davis
114C. Nightengale
111Road Atlanta Crash Truck Crews
111Pascal Young
111Spears Enterprises
110Ryan Meskinen
110Bob Spillman/WERA
110Chris Lane
110Geoff Maloney/GP Tech
105Gar's Sport Center 50/50 Raffle
105James K. Michelson
105Duane Taylor
101Chris Normand/Firestorm Racing
100Dean N. De St. Croix
100Richard Molinaroli
100Vance Hacecky
100David McElvain/NEDoD
100Chris "Opie" Caylor/Marietta Motorsports
100Mike Ciccotto
100Brian Stokes/Marietta Motorsports
100Tripp Nobles
100Tony Tugwell/
100Rob Berlind
100Matt Wadsworth
100Allen "Spence" Spencer
100Philip Rusin/
100Dorina Groves/In Memory of Jamie Bowman
100Dorina Groves
100Bart Fuqua/Team LGC
100Chris Eklund
100Steve Sumner
100Norm Viano/Lawdog Sports Mgmt
100Bob Domenz/ 3D Racing
100Mark Hellvig
100Kevin Jordan/Jordan Motorsports
100Patrick Mee
100Val Gregory/In Memory of Dirk Piz
100Gary Schilling/On Time Racing/WERA BBS
100Chris Story
100Jake Swan
100Dave Gess
100Steve Moonitz/Team Squid Pro Quo
100David Brown
100Laura Granato/WERA BBS
100Dave and Jason Parker
100Randy Ball/WERA BBS
100C.R. Gittere /
100Red Fox Racing
100Mary Miskovic
100Andrew S. Mueller
100Norm Mc Donald/CMRA
100Asphalt & Gas
100Troy Green/
100Ann Sands
100Broad Squad/CCS NE
100Josh Steinberg
100Chris Link/CMRA/In Memory of Jamie Bowman
100Mauro Cereda/In Memory of Jamie Bowman
100John Light/Lightsmith Racing
100James B. Norwood/Bad Iguana Racing
100David Kunzelman
100Stephan Hottenrott
100Gary Longren
100Chuck Gault/Motobama
100Adam Vella/Webcrush Racing
100Jeff Wilson/American Suzuki
100Chuck Sorensen
100Earl Hayden
100Joe & Nancy Fenech
100Ira Englebardt
100Jim Doerfler
100Eric Putter
100Ken & Arlene Block (Ed Sorbo's Mom)
100Pamela Skaff/WERA BBS
100Steve & Lorraine Aledort
100Jeff Rozycki/ Racing
100Chris Ulrich/In Memory of Russ Paulk And Toby Jorgensen
100Giorgio Milesi/Galfer Brakes USA
100Al Lyons/CMRRA
100Linda Hopkins
100John Hopkins/In Memory of Jamie Bowman and Toby Jorgensen
100Vicky & Michael Menard
100Silvia Salenius/ Online
100HG Racing/AMA Pro Thunder
100Caesar Gonzales/WERA BBS
100Greg Ruffin
100Mark Van Hoff/The Plastic Doctor/WERA BBS
100Larry Pegram
100Scott Rehl
100J.D. Hord/Meccanica Corse Racing
100Mark Sutton
100Twin Cities Yamaha
100Jane Phillips
100Sabrina Phillips
100TFS Racing
100Miller's Modern Garage
100Jerry Daggett
100Kendall Davis/WERA #326
100MMCZYK/Concerned Fan
100Matt Gerard/In Memory of Gordy Lunde Jr.
100Bakersfield Yamaha
100John Donald/PTC Racing
100Russ & Lisa Dancho
100Paul Sedillo
100Pete Friedman
100Peter Christensen & Stasia Moore
100Rich Desmond/WERA BBS
100Fernando Peris
100Lucky Deleoni
100Robert C. Vester
100Eric Pinson/Phillips Motorsports
100Emmett Dibble
100Ted Killea
100Daryl Tschoepe/RatBike Racing
100Nancy T. Grimm
100Chuck Perry
100Pat Stricker
100Berde Brothers Racing
100Melissa Berkoff/In Honor of Vincent Haskovec
100MZ Scorpion Cup Racers
100Donald P. Randolph
100Team Bozo/In Honor of Papa Thiam
100Emile Mullick and Jack Pittman
100John Ulrich
100Louis Gagne
100Mahlon Pitt
100Manny Otmane/Team Hooters
100Marcel Fortney
100Jason & Jennifer Coleman
100Ken & Lori Hill/Rt 6 Sales & Service the Name of Mat Mladin
100Paul D. Harrell
100Todd Clark/In Memory of Trent Dailey
100Patrick J. Robinson
100John F. Penrose
100David J. Haynes
100Joe Kimble
100Joe & Pam Axberg
100Jim Van Beek/Jupiter 8 Racing
100Jim Martin (CCS Racer)
100Michael Janes (WERA,CCS)
100Jeff Caco
100Anonymous/In name of Papa Thiam
100Justin Blake
100Stuart Gregg
100Diane Thompson/Black Tie Racing/In memory of all our fallen racers
100Alex Peabody
100Adam Mashike
100Pinky's Pizza/Lippman Racing
100Wrenn H. Smith
100Steve Scott/LRRS#47
100Steve Scott/In Memory of Connor LaFrance
100Phillip Sharpe
100Steve Karson
100Robert Sunday
100Bob Szoke
100Charcoal Pit Racing
100Michael Roberson/WERA BBS
100Sean Jordan/WERA BBS
100Heart of America Motorcycle Enthusiasts (H.O.A.M.E.)
100Army of Darkness
100Craig A. Stewart/In Memory of John O. Ulrich
100Shane & Dorina Clarke
100Tony Iannarelli
100Dale W. Dandrea
100Ted Johnson/Last Chance Racing
100William Torbert
100Jim Fowler
100Anonymous/In Memory of Cain Hicks
100Tommy Bright/Logistics & Information
100Schenk Racing
100Preston Rash
100Joe Facer
100Ron West/Omzig Productions
100Todd Telkamp/Bent Racing
100Brian Cheek
100John Whiting/Dead Men Smoking Racing
100Ron & Diane Hooper/In Memory of Bill Parr
100Darrin Talbott/Dedicated to Carl Anderson
100John W. Butler/In memory of Bill Parr
100John W. Butler/In Memory of Connor LaFrance
100SFX Motorsports/In Memory of Bill Parr
100Rick Weaver
100Matthew Myshkin/In Memory of Tom Fowl
100Charles Ivey/In Memory of Chris Junge
100John B. Hopper IV
100Michael F. Cusick
100Steven McCollom
100Royden Vickers
100Drew Hardie/In Honor of Vincent Haskovec
100John Lemak/In Honor of Vincent Haskovec
100John Pearson/In Honor of Vincent Haskovec
100William H. Conn/In Honor of Vincent Haskovec
100Chris Page
100Rodger Doyle/In Honor of Darrin Talbott, Prognosticator
100Andrew C. Dirkes
100Marshall Morgan
100Patrick Ferrill/In Honor of Vincent Haskovec
100Geoff Underwood/Dedicated to my dad Rick Underwood #95
100David Brunton
100William M. Murphy/In Honor of Vincent Haskovec
100Dan R. Azar MD, MPH/In Honor of Vincent Haskovec
100Marshall Skloss/In Honor of Vincent Haskovec
100Sylvia M. Salenius/In Honor of Vincent Haskovec
100Walter Nash
100Michael Taradash
100William Cody Burton
100Nick Tulloh
100Kevin Jump
100Walter Scarborough
100Gary Ibershoff
100Darrin Talbott/Dedicated to the 2005 World Champion White Sox, -and The Legion of Bling
100John V. Whiting/In Memory of CMRA Racer Jason Peterson
100Donna Mc Cluskey/In Memory of Keith Pinkstaff
100Aaron Loyd
100Eric Linderwell
100Charles Helming/In Honor of Vincent Haskovec
100Alessandro Assanti
100Scott Moore/Fast Finish
100Chris Irwin
100Erin Kibbee
100Peter Rollins
100Jim Race/Speaksy Racing
100Mark Anzalone
100Team Velocity Racing/In Memory of Chris Stevenson
100Brian Stricker
100Kurt W. Hayes
100Marietta Motorsports/In Memory of Steve Young
100Gill Cutchen
100Raymond Jones/Donkey Punch Racing
100Mark Quistad/
100Tony Brown Photography
100Roy Morris
100Faith on Wheels Racing/In Memory of Chris Stevenson
100Faith on Wheels Racing/In Memory of Thomas Barfield
100Faith on Wheels Racing/In Memory of Sean Clarke's Dad
100Clinton Wiggins
100Patrick Bertinelli
100Jeffrey Agnes
100Tara Zidek Walker
100Craig Anderson
100George Hovanec/In Memory of Charles Turner
100NPR Ducati
100Ronnie Gyure
100Ted Rich
100Michael Daigle
100Paul Duckart
100Ryan Meade
100Ryan Meade/In Memory of Andrew "Skip" Kuykendall
100Peter Pohlman/In Memory of Larry Schwarzbach
100Hilary Lyttle
100David Morro
100Michael Curry/In Memory of Connor LaFrance
100Matthew F. Guilbault/In Memory of Connor LaFrance
100Michael Green/In Memory of Connor LaFrance
100Ed McFarland/In Memory of Connor LaFrance
100Wade Bartlett/In Memory of Connor LaFrance
100Brian Jeffery/In Memory of Connor LaFrance
100Griff Allen/CMG/In Memory of Andrew "Skip" Kuykendall
100ASRA/In Memory of Andrew "Skip" Kuykendall
100Michael F. Ludes
100Robert Ruggiero
100Chris Slay/In Honor of Jose Rodriguez
100Brad A. Hakala
100Ron Widman
100John France
100Kevin Elliott/In Memory of Duke Pennell
100Eric C. Robinson
100Chris C. Manfrin
100Kirk Wehner
100Harv's Harley-Davidson/In Memory of Loretta Rispoli
100Boogie Racing/In Memory of Robert Burns Frey
100Covenant Racing
100Tom Tanzola
100Bryan Bailey
100Donald Fisher
100Thomas P. Cooney Jr.
100Bobby C. Kim
100Michael Lenz /In Memory of Paula Hjelm
100Steve Duritt /In Memory of Peter Smakula
100Shane Wray
100Jerry DaSilva
100Richard Barnett/In Memory of Joey Lopez
100Richard Barnett/In Memory of Pancho Spain
100Jason Swan
100Leandro Mercado
100Gemini Technology Systems
100Roy Morris/In Memory of Chad Sisler
100Judith Herlich/In Memory of Chad Sisler
100Judith Herlich/In Memory of Mike Moore
100Neal Garvin/In Memory of Chad Sisler
100Derrick Cantrell/In Memory of Chad Sisler
100Katie Bladon/In Memory of Chad Sisler
100Scott Nelson/In Memory of Chad Sisler
100Thomas Cody/In Memory of Chad Sisler
100Charles Dobrovolny/In Memory of Chad Sisler
100Antal Halasz
100Jed Wible
100Charla Moss/In Memory of Sutton Helvey-Chandler
100John Swan
100Gary Hilliard/In Memory of Peter Dorr
100Michael Ryan
100Patrick Dowd
100John Ballenge III/In Memory of Chad Sisler
100John Long/In Memory of Isidro Castillo
100Anonymous/Mt. Kisco NY
100Dan Christopherson/In Memory of Chad Sisler
100Kevin Klemmer/In Memory of Peter Lenz
100Jansen DeJulio
100Aimee Thoennes/In Memory of Bill Scott
100Ken Vukel
100Thomas R. Reeves
100Rodger Doyle/In Memory of Chad Sisler
100George Flanagan/In Memory of Peter Lenz
100Klaus Lummer/In Memory of Peter Lenz
100Kevin Wehner
100Doug Briney/In Memory of Peter Lenz
100J. & Lisa Patridge/In Memory of Peter Lenz
100Kai Harrekilde-Petersen/In Memory of Peter Lenz
100Alexander Boyar/In Honor of Roy Morris
100Douglas Robinson/In Memory of Al Wilcox
100Greg Reynolds
100The M Racing Team
100Andrew Swenson Design: Custom Race Paint
100James Norris/In Memory of Mike Moore
100Greg Reynolds/In Memory of Bryan Andrews
100Duane Teevans
100Michael Bootes
100Chad Larsen/In Memory of Mike Moore
100Tom McKenna/In Memory of Mike Moore & Bryan Andrews
100Nancy LeMay/In Memory of Mike Moore
100James Avery/In Memory of Mike Moore
100Charles Sewell Members/In Memory of Marco Simoncelli
100James Brandon Fix/In Memory of Peter Lenz
100Paul Kephart
100Robert Yale/In Memory of Mike Moore
100Tim Thornton/In Memory of Mike Moore
100Timothy A. Weig/Dedicated to my WMRRA Family
100John Scheehser/In Memory of Carl McAllister
100Joseph Ribaudo/In Memory of Carl McAllister
100Roy Payne/In Memory of Richard Haner
100Roger Chang/In Memory of Carl McAllister
100Evelyn Fisher/In Memory of Richard Haner
100Brian Donadio/In Memory of Mike Moore
100Ronald Lunsford/In Memory of Richard Haner
100Paul Bordelon/In Memory of Richard Haner
100Shane W. Liles
100George B. Leavell
100Andrew King
100Mark Gilkey
100Grant Carruthers/In Memory of Peter Lenz
100Jermaine Jones
100Greg & Cindy Thomas
100Mark & Beth Niemi/In Memory of Richard Haner
100Chuck Tydrich
100Reed May IV
100John Geiger
100In Honor of Alison Fournier & Daniel Heverly
100James Campbell
100Paul Bradstreet/In Memory of Harvey Rousseau
100Chris Cooke
100Elizabeth Streif
100Donald Paris CPA- LLC
100Mark Arrington
100Outlet Rod & Gun Club/In Memory of Harvey Rousseau
100Kim Wyman/In Memory of Harvey Rousseau
100Jeff Thacher
100Butch & Susan Bobenmoyer
100Kathy Nishikawa/In Memory of Joanna Bitter
100Thomas Kaley- Jr.
100Mark Okamura
100Scott Tackett
100Andy Findling
100Fernando Seguro/In Memory of Peter Lenz
100Dave Knott
100Robert Pabon
100George Latus
100American Motorcyclist Association/In Memory of Sandy Rainey
100David Frick
100John Shepard/In Memory of Kevin Rentzell
100Debra Wilder/In Memory of Bobby Lewis
100Robert Weaver
100Joseph Ufnal
100Paris Dirt Trackers/In Memory of Bobby Lewis
100Lester Eckert
100Dena & Richard Martin/In Memory of Bobby Lewis
100Melissa Acord In Honor of Nate & Lisa Simmons
100Barry Reed/In Memory of Don Meadows
100Trice Hughes Family & Employees/In Memory of Bobby Lewis
100Paul & Gail Thorne/In Memory of Bobby Lewis
100Priscilla Corbett/In Memory of Bobby Lewis
100Mary Young/In Memory of Bobby Lewis
100R. “Tai” Taitano
100Dallas Wallace
100Nora Blankenship/In Honor of Daniel Hughes
100Timothy Kiggins
100Frederick Luce/In Honor of Heidi Luce
100Frederick Luce/In Honor of son William Luce
100Jon Rall
100Bruce Hammer
100Stephen Moore
100Curtis Comer
100Paul Lamoureux
100William Doran
100Beach Chair Therapy
100Robert A. Kindler
100Steve Keyton/In Honor of CCS Racer Art Diaz & Denise Schuler
100Ken Pieschke
100David Tocco
100Jesslyn Cortez
100Steve Brantingham
100Stacey Gonfiantini
100Rocky Mountain Motos
100Aaron Van Winkle
100"vfrket, CHAMPION, honors Papa Thiam, RUNNER-UP, 2023 WERA MotoGP Fantasy League.”
97Garth A. Cloyd/In Memory of Wade Van Fleet
96.96Mayfield Family/In Memory of Jason Aguilar
94A-1 Products/RORH Racing/Edward Barloe-Jr.
90Glenn Lehenaff
90Greg Reisinger
90Jeremy Burnich
89Anthony Breslin
88Cedric Smith #88
85Theresa Fitzcharles
85Kevin Bowen
80Larry Spektor/In Memory Of Toby Jorgenson
80David Yesman
80Thomas Jenson
80Scott C. Bunn
80Mark Rozema
80Chris Sassano
78Reni Winter
75Mark Green
75Joe Davidson/Comet Racing/In Memory of Toby Jorgensen & Jamie Bowman
75Jay Barfield
75Laurence Koffy
75Paul Nonno
75Tyson Kamp
75Vito Dionisio/WERA BBS
75Ted Meyer
75Mike Reish/Reish Dot Net
75Mike Herndon
75Nolan Ballew
75John Long/In Memory of Luis Gomez
75Paul Rogers
75Allan Karman
75E.A.A. Chapter 150/In Memory of Beverly Rentzell
75Michael Brown
75Daniel Decker
75Derek Keyes
75Neal Garvin
75Thomas Tucker/In Memory of Peter Lenz
75Justin Wilkens/In Memory of Peter Lenz
75Craig J. Richie Design
75Finn Motorsports/In Memory of Peter Lenz
75David Longfellow/In Memory of Peter Lenz
75Clifford Macinnes
75Anonymous in Irvine-CA
75Norman Carver
75Jeff Lever
75John Duffy/In Memory of Peter Lenz
75David J. Evans
75Jessica Whittemore/In Honor of Jeff Whittemore
75Geoffrey Gerbandt/In Memory of Peter Lenz
75Ohlins USA In Memory of Arthur Sakakura
70Margaret Devlin
70Joe Clancy
70Daniel Wernli/In Memory of Peter Lenz
69.69Stanton Simmerson/In Memory of Nicky Hayden
69.69Eddie Kraft/In Memory of Nicky Hayden
69.69Ryan Cramer/In Memory of Nicky Hayden
69.69John & Holly Casley/In Memory of Nicky Hayden
69.69John Deuser/In Memory of Nicky Hayden
69.69Eddie Ganbrel/In Memory of Nicky Hayden
69.69Kenneth Hill/In Memory of Nicky Hayden
69.69Lori Hill/In Memory of Nicky Hayden
69.69Stephen Haft/In Memory of Nicky Hayden
69.69William Rasche/In Memory of Nicky Hayden
69.69Garrett Rick/In Memory of Nicky Hayden
69.69Russell Parker/In Memory of Nicky Hayden
69.69Stephen Tsotsoros/In Memory of Nicky Hayden
69.69Steve Wenner/In Memory of Nicky Hayden
69.69Jeffrey Schuster/In Memory of Nicky Hayden
69Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Bittner/ In Memory of Nicky Hayden
69UPRR Securities LLC
65Paul Biondi/In Memory of Peter Lenz
65Kenneth Johnson
60Peter Alva/In Memory of Peter Lenz
60Kevin Brown
60Robin Hawley
60Christopher Gosch
60George Gervasi/Projekt9 Racing
60R.J. McLeod
60Darrin Talbott/Dedicated to Jeff
60Richard Riedling II
60Ryan Raven
60Eric Anderson/In Memory of Peter Lenz
60Darby Ryan
60Xen Stanhope
60Sol Performance Riders of the MRA
59CA State Employees Charitable Campaign
58Kelly Thornton
55Erica B. Smith & John F.X. Walsh
55Stephen Bauman
55Scott Unger
55Stewart Aitken-Cade
54Mark Hatten/Meccanica Corse Racing
52Dan Chrystal
51Steve Jones/
50Matthew Carr
50Robert M. Dickey/In Memory of Mike Monroe
50Eric H. Mathy
50Lee Acree/In Honor of Papa Thiam
50Charles Brothers/CMRA
50Carl Liebold
50Brian Cox/CMRA #318
50Bernard Ayling
50Andrew Culpepper
50Akos Feher
50Wayne Gaylord and Dorothy Urbanski/CCS Novice SE #424
50Max Buxton/NEDoD
50John Mc Leod
50Chris Monge
50Lee Acree/In Memory of Randy Renfrow
50Quentin Wilson/In Memory of Donald Jacks
50Jack Lange
50James Nosler
50Philippe Kostezer
50Mark Godfrey
50Mats Karlsson
50Richard Davis
50TZ250 Lover
50Ryan Cilley/In Memory of Jamie Bowman
50Greg Gorman
50Kevin Hanson
50Keith McCammon
50Jonathan D. Spinney
50John Walsh
50John Caudle/Thanks to Grigg Racing
50Masahiro & Katsuo Iizuka/In Memory of Jamie Bowman/Toby Jorgenson
50Michael Reeves
50Nick Tulloh/In Memory of Jimmy Adamo
50Derek McManus
50Jack Giesecke
50Douglas Thompson
50George M. Noeth
50Peter Young
50Friends & Family/Firestorm Racing
50Francisco Prats
50Rick Haskins
50Robin Clark
50EFF Hatten Group
50Moto Liberty/Larry-Janice & Jimmy
50James E. Schaefer
50Paul Zavada
50Darin Nichols/Team Unit
50Richard Barker/AIM/In Memory of Dirk Piz
50Chris Borre/
50Mike Hodgson/WERA BBS
50Steve Martinez
50Jim Frost/NEDoD
50Dustin Miller
50Anthony Moey
50Nate Olsen
50Steve Clark/J. Guthridge/Tight Squeeze Racing
50Allen Lyon/ Online
50James Greeson/WERA BBS
50Kenyon Kluge/K2 Racing
50Erik Astrup
50Team Skidmark Racing
50Danny Hull
50Leigh Taunton/EMGO
50Louis DeBlois
50Steve Hopkins
50Martin Voelker
50Tyler Sandell
50Nelo Hakola
50Victor Mokler
50Schaefer Brothers Racing
50Rod Mahr/Follow the Helmet Racing
50Tommy Lancaster/Tommy Built Fireplaces
50Isaac Ward
50Norm Brown
50Anthony D'Augusta
50James Aragon
50James Gaal
50Steve Breckenridge
50James Hayton/Kochenbaulz Racing/WERA BBS
50Todd Smith
50Darrin Talbott/Dedicated to bmfgsxr
50Dawn Kitty Olsen/Honoring CRA Racers & Workers
50Ez & Michelle Blakemore/In Memory of Bill Parr
50Bob & Carol Hill/In Memory of Bill Parr
50Steve Karson
50Darrin Talbott/Dedicated to Dave K
50Shannon Huffman
50Jean Wilkins/In Memory of Bill Parr
50Keith Joy/In Memory of Bill Parr
50John V. Whiting/In Honor of Tom Pellegrini
50Gene Ronchetto
50Carlos bonds/In Memory of Michael Orapello
50Edmond G. DeMattia/To My WERA Family
50Glen Veatch
50Eddie Kraft
50Joseph Kraft
50Derek Vockins
50Erin Moran
50Thomas L. Fabian/In Honor of Vincent Haskovec
50Jenny Rankin/In Honor of Vincent Haskovec
50Scott Calvert
50George B. Leavell/In Honor of Vincent Haskovec
50Vic Norton/In Honor of Vincent Haskovec
50Rolf Sullivan/In Honor of Vincent Haskovec
50Wayne Lowery/In Memory of Chris Junge
50Franz Volpi/In Honor of Vincent Haskovec
50Travis Colburn
50Harry Wolle
50Charlotte Meyers/In Honor of Vincent Haskovec
50Karen Floyd/In Honor of Vincent Haskovec
50Everett Dolgner/In Honor of Vincent Haskovec
50Chip Spalding
50Clifford V. Moses
50Greg Sachs/In Honor of Vincent Haskovec
50Peter Rollins/For Gianpaolo Gentle
50Erik Daniels/On behalf of Brad Hochhalter
50Jimmy & Amy Gannon/In Honor of Vincent Haskovec
50Robert Robillard/In Honor of Vincent Haskovec
50Gary Neuer/Helmet House- Bruno/Suzuki of Van Nuys/In Honor of Vincent Haskovec
50Mark White/In Honor of Vincent Haskovec
50Thane Stielow
50Mark Gardner
50Caleb Shepherd
50Tom Anderson
50David R. Thomas/In Honor of Vincent Haskovec
50Carl Anderson/In Memory of Cavan Tubbs
50John Doll
50Chas Johnson/In Honor of Vincent Haskovec
50Jeffrey Agnes
50David Krier/In Memory of Cavan Tubbs
50American Roadracer LLC
50Dr. Simon M. Swingler
50Steve Lambrick
50Boris & Maria Rivera
50Charles Helming
50Richard Busby
50Benny J. Bryant
50Cory Mann
50Laura Couch
50Tom Tracey
50Rodger Doyle/In Honor of Frank Angel of N.J.
50Rodger Doyle/In Honor of Papa Thiam
50Doug Mc Cracken/Team Hayes Racing
50Jon Smail Family
50Jon Oliver
50Vincent Rollieri
50Melissa and William Hendrix
50Mike Coisman
50Richard Bassett
50Dan Taylor
50Bruce Norton
50Stacey Clark
50Edward Vigluicci
50Scott Chen
50Mike Michener
50David Braxton
50Peter Kelleher
50John and Daune Chronister/In Memory of Arlene Manning Yurejefcic
50Richard Besch/In Memory of Arlene Manning Yurejefcic
50Clarence & Virginia Flory/In Memory of Arlene Manning Yurejefcic
50David Dye/In Memory of Charles Turner
50Justin Lowitz
50NPR Ducati/In Memory of Charles "Bud" Turner
50Judy Freer- Barbara Josey & Arlene McCarty/In Memory of Charles "Bud" Turner
50Richard Barnett/In Memory of Chris McCauley, WSMC # 515
50Joe and Jane Vital
50Jason Mc Fadin
50Simon Whalley/In Honor of MARRC
50James Curtis
50Upside Software/To Van Salt
50Ed Key
50Michael Skees
50John Lemak
50Patricia L. Naessens
50Herbert Bridwell
50Christopher Lane/In Memory of Loretta Rispoli
50Michael P. Lemire/In Memory of Connor LaFrance
50Jeff and Sandy Johnston/In Memory of Andrew "Skip" Kuykendall
50Kevin B. Drum/Drummer Racing/In Memory of Andrew "Skip" Kuykendall
50Catherine Wedmore/In Memory of Andrew "Skip" Kuykendall
50Jim Lilly
50Dian & Jerry Hicks/In Memory of Loretta Rispoli
50Steve Wineke/In Memory of Loretta Rispoli
50Vikki Nowak
50Ralph Trecartin/In Memory of Loretta Rispoli
50Lee Winters/In Memory of Loretta Rispoli
50Sigma Iota Sigma/In Memory of Loretta Rispoli
50Tung Ting
50Mark Delano
50Lance Lau
50Alexey Zinger
50Helen T. Luttrell/In Memory of John-Mark Arechiga
50James Viola/In Memory of John-Mark Arechiga
50Michael Orr/In Memory of John-Mark Arechiga
50City of Chattanooga Inspection Div/In Memory of Beverly Rentzell
50Sandra Gougis/Happy Birthday Michael
50Phil Cook/In Memory of Jeremy Gordon
50Chuck Bannister
50Alice Sexton
50Ryan Delcambre
50Kate Stahl/In Honor of Jeff Touhey
50Road & Track Suspension/In Memory of Drew Lippolt-CMRA
50Chad Hinton
50John C. Palmer/In Memory of Chad Sisler
50Ryan Manotti/In Memory of Chad Sisler
50Shiloh Sisler/In Memory of Chad Sisler
50Erik C. Weber/In Memory of Chad Sisler
50Mike Bellew/In Memory of Chad Sisler
50Matthew DiLorenzo/In Memory of Chad Sisler
50Shelley Saolpek/In Memory of Chad Sisler
50Drew Kessler/In Memory of Chad Sisler
50Edward Nartey/In Memory of Chad Sisler
50Chris Lowitz/In Memory of Chad Sisler
50Gerhard Kurz/In Memory of Chad Sisler
50Tom Cutter/In Memory of Chad Sisler
50William B. Johnson/In Memory of Chad Sisler
50Christian Sport Bike Racing Team/In Memory of Chad Sisler
50Ed Vigluicci/In Memory of Chad Sisler
50Randy Sinisi/In Memory of Chad Sisler
50Joe Zendejas/In Memory of Chad Sisler
50Daniel Wallace/In Memory of Chad Sisler
50Giuseppe Messina/In Memory of Chad Sisler
50John Gutshall/In Memory of Chad Sisler
50Todd Robinson/In Memory of Chad Sisler
50Greg Reisinger/In Memory of Chad Sisler
50Brad Saenz/In Memory of Chad Sisler
50David Rubin/In Memory of Chad Sisler
50Charles R. Clark
50Andy Price
50Andrew LeClair/In Memory of David Jefferies
50Breen Bannon
50James E. Williams/In Memory of Joseph Conner Blackwell
50Mark Keown
50Nathan Landon & Shelley Barnes
50Douglas Purcell
50Warren Metlitzky
50John Garza
50Steven Sharpe
50Timothy Wilson/In Memory of Chad Sisler
50Jay Ruess/In Memory of Chad Sisler
50Alan J. Nelson/In Memory of Chad Sisler
50Steven Albrecht
50Dennis Hitzeman
50Benjamin Zvirbulis
50Charles Helming
50Claudia Benitez-Nelson
50Adam Mihulka
50Lars Pedersen/NESBA BHF
50Mike Kuhno
50Kerria Emery
50Paige Huston/In Memory of Steve Teichtmeister & Chad Clifton
50Paige Huston/In Memory of Geoff Street
50Paul K. Merwin/In Memory of Toby Jorgensen
50Alan Chook/The Apple Xchange
50Edgar Dorn
50Rob Adams
50Peter Carrea/In Memory of Peter Lenz
50Wesley Flannell/In Memory of Peter Lenz
50Brett Babaian/In Memory of Peter Lenz
50David Lane/In Memory of Peter Lenz
50Julius Cisek/In Memory of Peter Lenz
50Danny Fitch/In Memory of Peter Lenz
50Timothy Whitaker/In Memory of Peter Lenz
50Jason Jacques-Inc./In Memory of Peter Lenz
50Scott Daily/In Memory of Peter Lenz
50Roaring Toys/In Memory of Peter Lenz
50Shana Bobbitt/In Memory of Peter Lenz
50Mark Hale
50Rob Linders
50Kevin Ortega/In Memory of Peter Lenz
50Chris Takamori/In Memory of Peter Lenz
50Dennis Edwards/In Memory of Peter Lenz
50Michael Bridges
50Mark Fisher
50Barbara Bacon/In Memory of Al Wilcox
50Yuliya Marcer/In Memory of Peter Lenz
50Mike Wells/In Memory of Peter Lenz
50John Jenkins/In Memory of Al Wilcox
50David Beckwith
50Drew Blahnick
50Beverly Lee/In Memory of Peter Lenz
50Brandon Longaker/In Memory of Peter Lenz
50Justin Sonan/In Memory of Peter Lenz
50Kirsten & Boogie
50Jason Jacques
50Randall Joy/In Memory of Peter Lenz
50Gabriel & Erica Tyree
50Angela Tade/In Memory of Mike Moore
50Gene Bratovich/In Memory of Mike Moore
50Dan & Diane Nilan/In Memory of Mike Moore
50Darrin Zumbaum/In Memory of Mike Moore & Bryan Andrews
50Albert Garcia
50Benjamin Hower
50Matthew Hartlieb
50Tyson Griffith/In Memory of Peter Lenz
50Colin Kerr/In Memory of Peter Lenz
50Thomas Bryan
50Gordon Lunde/In Memory of Gordon Lunde- Jr.
50Todd Sparrow
50Carl Comegys
50Joseph Lachniet
50David Matthews
50Caleb Farrell
50Walter B. Powell
50Kenneth Essex/In Honor of Papa Thiam
50Donald Proctor
50Louis & Karen Witwer
50Law Offices of White & Associates
50Rodney Comegys/In Memory of Mike Moore
50Robert Staropoli
50Michael Curry/In Memory of Carl McAllister
50Kaz Khumush
50Jeff Thacher
50Dave LaFrance/In Memory of Carl McAllister
50Khaled Shabany
50Charles Boucher
50Rich Kim
50Carlo Rao
50Cliff Williams/In Memory of James Reeder
50Curt Relick
50Jeffrey Haack
50Rick Stout
50Tim Chin/In Memory of Peter Lenz
50Dean Smith
50Joshua Sechrist
50Matt Wallace/In Memory of Peter Lenz
50Tom Woodley/In Memory of Peter Lenz
50Tim Rourk/In Memory of Fred Duncan
50Caitlin Burke & Cullen Morris
50John McKenzie
50Aaron Brown
50Jeff Solberg
50Alan Hill
50Katherine Squires/In Honor of Alison and Dan
50Gary Van Voorhis
50Benjamin Walters
50Derick Burgad
50Scott Holmes
50Nick Morehouse
50David J. Evans/In Memory of Peter Lenz
50Deb Corrao/In Memory of Joanna Bitter
50Dustin Ducote
50Robert Vester/In Honor of James Nicholas
50David Rutherford
50Eric Lundquist
50Anthony Morrison
50Donald M. Neilson
50Jason Owens
50Trenton White
50Kirsten Haas
50Ted Schroder/In Memory of Peter Lenz
50Inland Empire Paper Co.
50Joseph Henderson/In Memory of Donald Meadows
50Pat & Bob Hayes/In Memory of Bobby Lewis
50Stephanie Galusha $50 In Memory of Bobby Lewis
50Tess Marunich
50Travis McNerney
50Donna Sadler & Steve Ortt/In Memory of Bobby Lewis
50Nicole Gougis
50Mel Hinshaw
50Chippy Wood
50Sean Stebbins
50Jason Bays/In Honor of Chris Bays
50John Rickard
50Brittney C./In Memory of Mackenzie Podo
50Bob & Mimi Buchanan/In Memory of Mackenzie Podo
50John M. Seuberling
50Mark Bernard/Leaving James Vegas Fans
50Chris Jensen
50Chris Carpenter
50Michael Pope
50D & Sandra Newman/In Memory of Al Hjelm
50William Zettler
50Timothy Vidaich
50Deborah Lee & Vito Giardina/In Memory of Dave Anderson
50Ryan Wolfe
50Richard Norman
48Robert M. Dickey/In honor of Harry Tomlinson
46David L. Cruz/In Memory of Peter Lenz
45Matt Rehm
45James Batovsky/In Memory of Peter Lenz
45Michael Nickerson/In Memory of Peter Lenz
45Andrew Simmons/In Memory of Peter Lenz
45Frank Berns/In Memory of Peter Lenz
45James Henkels/In Memory of Peter Lenz
44Happy Camper Road Kill Grill Members
44John Coleman
44Louden Clear Designs
41Peter Pellack
40Rod Klebsch
40Stephen J. Richardson
40Frank Gonzales
40Mark Crane
40Michael Sponseller
40Richard Calderwood
40Dan Christopher
40Paul Hofmann
40John Giffoni
40Linda Grant/In Memory of Loretta Rispoli
40Troy Graham
40Rick Merina/In Memory of Peter Lenz
40Crissy Hartley/In Memory of Peter Lenz
40Christopher Sully
40Dave Molloy/In Memory of Peter Lenz
40William J. Cramer
40Nicole Karamichael/In Honor of Senya Miles
40Nicholas Hande
39Karl Axelson
35Andy & Kate Kupfer
35Richard Mallett/In Memory of Peter Lenz
35Don Moody
35Margaret Cavin/In Honor of Vincent Haskovec
35Jeff Armantrout/For Vincent Haskovec and all injured riders
35Edward Vigluicci/In Memory of Connor LaFrance
35Martin Lotman
35David & Carmelita Gougis
33Stephen Carter
33Michael O'Keefe
33Ruts To Racelines Benefit Bike Wash NCCAR
32Robert Ware Estate
30John Scherer
30Scott D. Cortese
30Bryan Norton
30Stephen Warburton/Ducati Online
30The Heidepriems/WERA BBS
30Bob Elam
30Lindsey Leard
30Charles Lederer
30Kimberly Scheffel/rider/race fan/pit keeper
30Dave Deggendorf/WERA BBS
30Douglas Sheets
30Wallace Weisler/In Memory of Toby Jorgensen
30Thomas Bartels
30Todd McIntyre
30Ryan Sweigart
30Jason Lasser/In Honor of Vincent Haskovec
30Stasia Christensen
30Matt Dowling
30Michael Miller
30Chris Rowley
30Andrew Aucoin
30Rick Acree
30Andrew Wieberdink
30Rhonda-Shelia & Val
30Judy Herlich
30Steve Axt
30David Fleming
30Stamos Stamos
30Kim Loraine-Grews/In Memory of Chad Sisler
30Fishtail Riding School
30Dale Carson
30Jim Hubbard/In Memory of Peter Lenz
30Stephen Richardson
30Jason Neff/In Memory of Peter Lenz
30Aaron Mosbery
30Joyce Grote
29Ripley Howe
29Greg Gabis
26Verenice Garcia
25Eric and Christine Loranger
25Kerry Lynn Hanley
25Chad Littrell
25Craig Rollins
25Eric Farrow
25Erik H. Mathy
25Ted Angle
25FastSigns of Delaware/Charcoal Pit Racing
25Sean Patrick Brisini
25Gary Koppelman
25Harlan Weishahn
25James Lane
25Jarrett Coco
25Bernis B. Conaster
25Jeff McBride
25Everett B. Miller
25Louis Acosta
25Margaret Corra
25T. Kershaw
25Chuck D. Fosters
25North American Synergy Co.
25Tony Day
25Squirrel/YTAK Racing
25Steve Price
25Emil ''Pete'' Gallant
25DylanT. Wood
25George Moroz
25Jarrett Coco/In Dedication To Papa Thiam
25Charles Tomes
25Mike Henry
25Kathleen Mc Laughlin
25Jon DeMent
25Ronnie Reyes/CMRA
25Josh Loberant
25John C. Pfeiffer
25Marc Asmus
25John Jancoski
25Kyle Kirschenmann/Bayou Riders of Louisiana
25Dee Moses
25Richard Korol
25Rene Ferron
25Mark Novak
25Timothy Wilson
25Henry Hallmark
25Susanne Hopkins
25Alan Galbraith
25Joe Chatham
25Rick Johnson
25Jerry Durhammer/in Memory of Bill Parr
25Denise Mathers/In Memory of Bill Parr
25Tom Roman/In Memory of Bill Parr
25Darlene Ghanati/In Memory of Bill Parr
25Leah Sherritt/In Memory of Bill Parr
25Laura Perry/In Memory of Bill Parr
25Jorge Gonzalez
25Beth Miller/In Memory of Bill Parr
25Anthony Dean
25Shellie Matthews
25Tracy Tannehill
25Daryl Bowden
25Sean Wrenn
25John Walsh
25James R. Markey
25Greg Sahnd
25John Coulter
25Grant Crandall
25William V. Harding
25David Rice/In Honor of Vincent Haskovec
25Joe Lord
25Joe Gathright/In Honor of Vincent Haskovec
25Alan Moore/In Honor of Vincent Haskovec
25David Johnston
25Stephen Rooney
25Ahmed Khalifa/In Honor of Vincent Haskovec
25Mike Dow/In Honor of Vincent Haskovec
25Larry M. Hagedorn
25Rick McNeal
25Jeff Wilder
25Brian Jones
25Ben Musson
25Pat Udenberg
25Chris Bailey
25Duane Hixon
25William Diberto Jr.
25Ken- Jean & Kari Siderio/In Honor of Vincent Haskovec
25George Shoblo/In Honor of Vincent Haskovec
25Jeff Krueger/In Honor of Vincent Haskovec
25Aaron Loyd/In Honor of Vincent Haskovec
25Nathan Richmond
25Phillip Kamp/In Honor of Vincent Haskovec
25Jack Knight
25Hayden McLean
25Kevin Gray
25Kai Chiu/In Honor of Vincent Haskovec
25Carl Andersen
25Paul Pascarella
25Michael Neuhouse
25Jane DeMartini
25Nathan Dressman
25Mad Brad for Scottyrock155 Safety Foundation
25Gene Ronchetto/In Honor of Vincent Haskovec
25Nathan Glover
25John Schrillo/In Honor of Vincent Haskovec
25Robert Chappuis
25Brian Baron
25Mike Sweeney
25Paul Clanton
25Kent Sheldon
25Lee Block
25Eric Allison
25John Russell
25Chad Trank
25Tony Fiesel
25Lee D'Amico
25Justin Mackie
25Rochele Mc Lean
25Keith Smith
25Bart Brnjac
25Florencia Lima
25Harry "Hiram" Harris
25Tim Shipp/In Honor of JW /Woodyracing
25James Pollock
25Jason Young
25In Memory of Jesus Amezcua
25David Koup
25Bob Hinds
25Ashley Huffman
25Adrian Ooi
25Richard Bauder/In Memory of Arlene Manning Yurejefcic
25Stephen Clark
25Joseph Chiarella
25Michael Scalcione/Dedicated to LoDownSinner
25Charles Gallant
25Richard Budd
25Andrew D. Grace
25Scott Hall
25Rollie Manollie/PAsportbikes
25Ryan Manotti/NESBA
25John M. Angelini
25Jeremy Pupillo
25Benjamin Wieberdink
25Lance Brannon
25Ian Miller
25Owen Hayes Calvert
25Jack Erlinger
25Kirk Erlinger
25Brian Garrett
25Todd Gerbsch
25Samuel Kraft
25Steve Thompson
25Daniel Rivito
25Kelly Norton
25Phillip L. Carter
25Nigel Geisler
25Jerry Reeves
25Matt Heyer
25Joel Levin
25Jason D. Gray
25Dave Morris
25Dan Iliescu
25Tyler Prime
25Phil Cook
25Michael Biard
25Erin Higinbotham
25Charles Lohr
25Garrett Greenfield
25Brett Hickman
25Joseph Ball
25David Boegh
25Steve Levow
25Scott A. Coccoli
25Alexa Krueger/In Memory of Loretta Rispoli
25Sandra Goodman/In Memory of Loretta Rispoli
25Rassie van Aswegan
25Mark Boshnack
25Mr. & Mrs. Gene A. Sherril/In Memory of Beverly Rentzell
25T.R. Williams/In Memory of Beverly Rentzell
25Tod Waterman
25Anthony Molina
25Brian Racine
25Phillip Williamson
25Racing Underground/Russell Roberts
25Robert M. Dickey/In Memory of Andre Espaillat
25Robert M. Dickey/In Memory of my Endurance partner- M3
25Jay J. Ruess
25Darrin Zumbaum/In Memory of Abe Stacey
25Shelley Culp/In Honor of Dewayne Henson & Catherine Moss' Wedding
25Geraldine Cenci/In Honor of Dewayne Henson & Catherine Moss' Wedding
25Elaine Checkley/In Memory of Peter Lenz
25David Normandin/In Memory of Peter Lenz
25Al King/In Memory of Peter Lenz
25Dale Burt/In Memory of Peter Lenz
25Kathryn Kerrigan/In Memory of Peter Lenz
25Jay Bowden/In Memory of Peter Lenz
25Stephen Haft/In Memory of Peter Lenz
25Stephen Korell/In Memory of Peter Lenz
25Jameson Lipe/In Memory of Peter Lenz
25Hugh Dunklee
25Bob Guerra/In Memory of Al WIlcox
25Patrick Grimm/In Memory of Peter Lenz
25Mackenzie Travis/In Memory of Peter Lenz
25Eric Mercer
25Scott Arneberg
25Dana Palmer
25Albert Cooper
25Sandie Welter/In Memory of Peter Lenz
25Slickstuff Oil/In Memory of Peter Lenz
25Rich Quinlan
25Anthony Pagliaroli
25Michael Marino
25Natalie Goodman
25Jeff Soltys/In Memory of Bobby Lewis
25Karl Eiermann/In Memory of Peter Lenz
25Chris Woodall/In Memory of Bobby Lewis
25First Southern National Bank $25/ In Memory of Bobby Lewis
25Becky Meyer
25Alan Thompson
25Dean Alsman
25Chattahoochee Elementary School Retirees/In Memory of Mackenzie Podo
25Brenda & John Riordan/In Memory of Mackensie Podo
25James Allen
24Edward McFarland
20Team Backbone/CMRA/In Memory of Buddy Walker
20Don Bok
20Carlos Bonds
20Dave Harrison
20David Smith
20Rob Armstrong/Maryland Motor Sports Racing
20Scott Whetzel
20Jeff Harrison
20Garrett King/Guns For Hire
20Gerald Montanari Jr.
20Andrew Kupfer
20D. Michael Bootes
20Anonymous at California Speedway
20Andy Lenz/CMRRA
20Darrin Zumbaum
20Garret Swearingen
20Jamieson D. Yonker
20S.C. Pittman
20Lisa Thiam
20Little Big Racing
20Rodger P. Doyle Jr./In Honor of WERA BBS Pirates
20Joe Prussiano
20Michael A. Hooten
20Christopher E. Johnson/In Honor of Vincent Haskovec
20Jeff Heller
20Michael Morgan
20Peter Young
20Kai Brown
20Reynolds Mansson
20Sicily Smith and Tanna Barnes
20Peter Newell
20Mark Sutton/In Memory of John-Mark Arechiga
20Michael Chouinard
20Kimberly Sabat
20Brett Walton/In Memory of Scott Forsythe
20Chris Philpott
20Mario Baroz/In Memory of Jimmy Adamo
20Harry H. Harris/In Memory of Chad Sisler
20Jessica Kinsey/In Honor of Papa Thiam
20Seth Robinson
20James Hillis/
20Jimmy DeVito
20Kalvin Kwong/In Memory of Peter Lenz
20David Kowalczyk/In Memory of Peter Lenz
20Charles Hull/In Memory of Peter Lenz
20Matthew Miller/In Memory of Peter Lenz
20Ryan Riggs/In Memory of Peter Lenz
20Bryan Lange/In Memory of Peter Lenz
20Carl Bastone/In Memory of Peter Lenz
20Lori Vining/In Memory of Peter Lenz
20Ryan Matter/In Memory of Peter Lenz
20M. Tihanyi
20Richard Maradin
20Steve Johnson
20Robert Ingals/In Memory of Peter Lenz
20In Memory of Super Sic
20Marianna Weaver
20Chris James/In Memory of Peter Lenz
20Frank Bastone/In Memory of Peter Lenz
20Kenneth Clawson/In Memory of Peter Lenz
20Nicholas Schneider/In Memory of Peter Lenz
20Tommy Specker/In Memory of Peter Lenz
20Thomas Bartels/In Memory of Al Wilcox
20Jodi Henkels/In Memory of Peter Lenz
20Gregory Davis/In Memory of Mike Moore
20Kristian Nunez/In Memory of Peter Lenz
20Mike Boose/In Memory of Peter Lenz
20Jorge Valencia/In Memory of Carl McAllister
20Jennifer Morris
20Douglas Kirk
20Erik Luke
20Goran Jablan
20Kevin Foster
20Analisse Frederick/In Memory of Peter Lenz
20Bruce Stafford
20Jeffry Shratner/In Memory of Donald “Pone” Meadows
20Michael Leggett
19Gerhard Kurz
18Kim Shockey
15Pellack Family
15Ethan King
15Daniel Rios
15Daniel Gizynski
15Bob & Georgia Hagood/In Memory of Beverly Rentzell
15Pavel Litorovich
15Robert Lalonde/In Memory of Peter Lenz
15Chris Mead
15Kevin Lynn/In Memory of Peter Lenz
15Richard Mather/In Memory of Peter Lenz
15Neil Barker
13Pete Owen
13Robert Ashcraft/In Memory of Peter Lenz
11Factory 1
10Tracee Polcin
10Dave Shumpert
10Michael W. Morgan
10Johnny Newell
10John & Arlene Gerard/In memory of Gordy Lunde
10Glen Hewitt
10Irwin Arnstein/CMRA
10Frank Shacklee/CMRA
10Becky Rechek
10James Elias
10Jerald R. Gates
10Wesley D. Pullin
10Matt Muellner/In Honor of Vincent Haskovec
10Sherwick Min/ In Honor of Vincent Haskovec
10Sean Fromhold
10Joe Knight/In Honor of Vincent Haskovec
10Crista Mattison
10Brad Baker
10Douglas Keplinger
10Matthew Kent
10Mark Zaremskas
10Gianpaolo Gentle/In Memory of Paula Hjelm
10Kyle Dagan
10Noah Weisel
10Michael Canada
10Tim Reed
10Nicole Hooker/In Memory of Peter Lenz
10Jonathan Stapp/In Memory of Peter Lenz
10Fiona Ballhatchet/In Memory of Peter Lenz Memory of Peter Lenz
10James Rodefer/In Memory of Peter Lenz
10Amy McCoy/In Memory of Peter Lenz
10Terry Cabler/In Memory of Peter Lenz
10Rick Radford/In Memory of Peter Lenz
10Randall Farmer/In Memory of Peter Lenz
10Shane Knutson/In Memory of Peter Lenz
10Matthew Nardo/In Memory of Peter Lenz
10Terry Goslinga
10Lawrence Coates II/In Memory of Peter Lenz
10Bjorn Niggewohner/In Memory of Peter Lenz
10Herbert Nagl/In Memory of Peter Lenz
10Jose Alvarez/In Memory of Peter Lenz
10Robert W. Davis/In Memory of Al Wilcox
10Patrick Tormey/In Memory of Al Wilcox
10Tim Hogan
10Coleman Larlee
10Kris Knopf
10Neil Barker Motorcycle Services
10Blake Irvin
10Tryce Welch
10Jessica Harris/In Memory of Peter Lenz
10Meika Caughey/In Memory of Peter Lenz
10Samuel Brandt/For Joanna 88 Auction/Brian Sapp
8Stephanie Furches/In Memory of Peter Lenz
7.97Norbert Katona
5Robert Berger
5Alan Depp
5Jan Steven/Carpet Dog
5Kevin Meehan
5Andrew Elder
5David Harkins
5Karl Sauber
5Steve Jones
5Justin Barker
5Jaron Gustofson
5David Rudnick/In Memory of Peter Lenz
5Bryan Eisenbarth/In Memory of Peter Lenz
5Ed Newton
5Scott N. Osborn
5Adam Brick
4Erik Martins de Souza
4UnitedWay of Bartholomew County IN
2Don Costello
2Matthew Bates/In Memory of Peter Lenz
1Erik Schmitt/CMRA
1Anonymous at Road Atlanta
1Tyler Beard
1Jon Dunn
$ AmountName
42,436AMA Dirt Track
17,190Honda 450 Dirt Tracker Raffle
11,5002011 Foremost/Lloyd Bros/AMA Pro Racing/Arai Fundraiser
10,2202012 Foremost/Lloyd Bros/AMA Pro Racing Fundraiser
11,000Tammy Stratman Brown Charities
5800Fred & Adrienne Bittner
5510AMA Fines Program
5000ESPN X Games
2900Yuasa Battery
2900Steel Shoe Fund
2900Continental Tires
1900Chris Carr
2900Richard Damele
2500ESPN X Games
2000Lloyd Bros Motorsports/Pegram Racing Nicky Hayden Autographed Number Plate Auction
2000Tammy Stratman Brown Charities/In Memory of Charles “Chuck Deluxe” A. Ruiz
1677Ramspur Winery, LLC
15007th Annual Flat Track Golf Tournament
1500Susan Conklin/In Memory of her brother, Mike Shattuck
1000E.F. Dutch Hauhe
1000The Steelshoe Fund
900Lindemann Engineering
800The Ethan Gillim Memorial “Chasin’ A Dream” Program
622Fundraiser at Kilroy's with Chris Carr
600Vince M. Holt
575American Motorcyclist Assn
500Karl and Mary Ellen Kegel/Kegel Motorsports
500Terry Knott
500Faultline Power Sports
500In Memory of Ricky Graham
500Gerry & Ann Carr
500Chris & Beth Pyles
500DFW Memory of Frenda Ann Carr
425David Lenkowsky – Mr. Sign
400Tim Webster/W-W Ranch
380Weiss Racing/In Memory of Rob Gette
375Greg Pearson Flat Track Book Auction (Don Miller, Mertro Racing, winner)
300Tor Kovacs
270Ray Greenland
250Tim & Debby Coziahr
250Al Nance
250USGPRU/In Memory of Ethan Gillim
250Finishline Creative Group
200Michael Sturdevant
200Dorina Groves
200Anonymous/Exeter NH
170Paul Rosal
150Nichole Simonsen
150Jason Rigby
150John Stewardson
125David J. Evans
120Chicken Hawk Racing Yoshimura Suzuki Tires Warmers eBay Auction
107Miriam Deitcher/Flat Track Live
100Mr. & Mrs. C.H. Wilcox
100Jeff Wilson
100Debra Fay
100Glynn & Holly Hewitt/In Loving Memory of Darell Davis 96w
100Steven R. Boggs
100Intrepid Racers/In Memory of Charles Turner
100Craig Anderson
100Michael Smith/Dedicated to Chris Carr
100Thomas R. Reeves
100Steven C. Fulmer
100John D. Blackstock & Mike "Stu" Stuhler/Stu's Shots/In Memory of Wayne Hosaka/
100In Honor of David Gauffin
100Michael J. Kelly
100James diPretoro
100D & J Faber-Lascoskie/In Honor of the Carr Family
100Media Home Theater
100The Wilcox Family/In Memory of Frenda Ann Carr
100Ann & Rush Collins/In Memory of Frenda Ann Carr
100James P. & Brenda G. Harrington/In Memory of Frenda Ann Carr
100Stephen & Frona Winter/In Memory of Frenda Ann Carr
90Wrenn H. Smith
69.69Steve Wenner/In Memory of Nicky Hayden
69Mark Hayes
67Don Potter
65Rick Eslick
50Pro Plates
50Tom Chapel
50Larry Woodward
50EFF Hatten Group
50Yamaha 650 Society/Econobiker
50Derek Mc Manus
50Rick Matheny
50Jack Lange
50Jack Alexander/In Memory of Toby Jorgenson
50Matthew Blager
50Karen Kibby

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