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James Robbins says:
I was recently informed that SVMX is no longer allowing Quads entry onto their track. Citing that Quads ruin the track being the reason for cutting Quad riders off from the facility. That it takes too much to maintain the track. Really?? If you run a tractor every week to prep the track how is it more work?? Dirt bikes rut the hell out of a track and all of its jumps and landings. In this economy why would you turn away business when the very money we bring in could be used for the maintainance of the track. I'm sorry but their attitude goes to show everyone how ignorant Kit and Clark are. Those are the two twits that are once again running the show out there and implementing this biased rule. After enjoying most of last year riding at that track which by all accounts was a lot of fun it is tremendously disheartening to be now treated like an unwanted stepchild.I suppose its their right to refuse service for whatever reason they see fit but on the other hand why the hell would you turn away business because it causes you to work a little harder or a little more. In my eyes that is the definition of LAZINESS. It is also the same reason that SVMX will never be truly successful as a business. To me this is based on personal bias from Kit and Clark because they ride dirtbikes and not quads. Maybe its because they don't like getting clowned by guys on quads.IDK but whatever the case may be I for one no longer have anything positive to say about them or their track. For the record since there isn't a rating below 1 star that is allowable on this site thats what they get but in reality they deserve much less
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No longer allowing Quads
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