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Lets do this... All day ride so bring plenty to eat and drink. Leave before dawn and quit after dusk. Tell your wife not to wait up, we'll be getting back late.
When: 3/24 at 5:30 AM
With: Rex Killian Josh Sayre Matt  Cannon
31 months ago 
Matt Cannon Can we leave today?
31 months ago
Josh Sayre tomorrow!
30 months ago
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Some of the sickest trails and hill climbs ever! Also a sketchy 70ft double that makes a perfect turn down whip jump!
When: 2/26 at 10:30 AM for 9 hours
31 months ago  |  More about this session
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Tore up the crazy terrain and trails, whooped out lines, and steep hills. Great time!
When: 1/14 at 12:00 PM for 5 hours
32 months ago  |  More about this session
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