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Jan 20, 2011

Young WERA Racer Gains Sponsor

Antigravity Batteries is making headway into the racing scene by sponsoring 15 year old WERA racer Javelin Broderick in 2011.

"We believe that helping the up and coming talent is the best way to give back to the sport and a great way to get our product name out there, said Scott Schafer, owner of Antigravity Batteries. After reviewing his materials and seeing how pro-active their team is in promoting their sponsors, we felt they were a very good bet for us to reach the club racing crowd, an incredibly important market segment for us."

Javelin Broderick adds, "The batteries are just crazy light! When we first got the shipment, I thought they might be batteries for my dad's RC car! When he told me that they were for my GSXR600 Superbike, I was completely blown away. Considering how much people would pay to take weight off a racing or street bike, pulling off over 6lbs is incredible".

Antigravity uses the unique technology using Lifepo4 Cylindric Cells which offer the highest Cold Cranking Amp performance of any type of lithium while retaining the most compact and lightweight format available in the lightweight battery category. Savings of up to 9lbs are possible depending on the weight of your current battery and comes in two styles with either standard terminal or quick-disconnect connection. The batteries provide extreme power in an untra compact size. Do not require maintenance, or trickle charging.

Scott Adds, "We spent a lot of time and effort not only developing these batteries but to also assure the highest level of quality and performance. All batteries are hand-assembled right here in the good 'ole USA and we gurantee their performance. There are many different types of lightweight batteries out there but I assure you that none of them show the attention to detail and build quality like the Antigravity brand".

Broderick Adds, "We are very excited to work with Scott throughout the rest of the year, he's very dedicated to the product, and the battery is great and built in such a small compact size that we have relocated the battery to a more advantageous position on the bike."
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