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May 6, 2001

Updated Post: Sunday Morning Practice Times From Sears Point

Sunday Morning 600cc Supersport Practice Times From Sears Point<BR><BR>1. Aaron Yates, Suzuki, 1:36.120<BR>2. Jamie Hacking, Suzuki, 1:36.841<BR>3. Tommy Hayden, Yamaha, 1:37.408<BR>4. Miguel Duhamel, Honda, 1:37.499<BR>5. John Hopkins, Suzuki, 1:37.631<BR>6. Brian Parriott, Suzuki, 1:37.654<BR>7. Josh Hayes, Honda, 1:37.719<BR>8. Jason Pridmore, Suzuki, 1:37.737<BR>9. Jake Zemke, Honda, 1:37.859<BR>10. Eric Bostrom, Kawasaki, 1:38.007<BR><BR>Sunday Morning 250cc Grand Prix Practice Times From Sears Point<BR><BR>1. Rich Oliver, Yamaha, 1:36.772<BR>2. Chuck Sorensen, Yamaha, 1:36.981<BR>3. Roland Sands, Yamaha, 1:37.464<BR>4. Jim Filice, Yamaha, 1:38.350<BR>5. Simon Turner, Yamaha, 1:38.451<BR>6. Perry Melneciuc, Yamaha, 1:39.247<BR>7. Michael Hannas, II, Yamaha, 1:39.777<BR>8. Edward Marchini, Yamaha, 1:40.462<BR>9. Derek McKelvie King, Honda, 1:40.463<BR>10. Andre Castanos, Honda, 1:40.529<BR><BR><BR>The weather is perfect and expected to stay that way today at Sears Point.<BR><BR><BR>Sunday Morning Superbike Practice Times From Sears Point<BR><BR>1. Mat Mladin, Suzuki, 1:34.099<BR>2. Nicky Hayden, Honda, 1:34.260<BR>3. Eric Bostrom, Kawasaki, 1:34.297*<BR>4. Aaron Yates, Suzuki, 1:34.313<BR>5. Doug Chandler, Kawasaki, 1:34.325*<BR>6. Kurtis Roberts, Honda, 1:34.634*<BR>7. Jamie Hacking, Suzuki, 1:34.734<BR>8. Pascal Picotte, Harley-Davidson, 1:35.143<BR>9. Miguel Duhamel, Honda, 1:35.642<BR>10. Larry Pegram, Ducati, 1:35.744<BR>11. Steve Rapp, Ducati, 1:36.117<BR>12. Tommy Hayden, Yamaha, 1:36.242<BR>13. Mike Smith, Harley-Davidson, 1:36.650<BR>14. Andreas Meklau, Ducati, 1:36.785<BR>15. Mark Foster, Yamaha, 1:37.031*<BR>16. Jordan Szoke, Harley-Davidson, 1:37.169<BR>17. James Randolph, Suzuki, 1:38.807*<BR>18. Anthony Gobert, Yamaha, 1:39.703<BR>19. Anthony Lupo, Suzuki, 1:40.223<BR>20. Alan Schmidt, Suzuki, 1:41.720<BR>*faster than qualifying time<BR><BR>Note: These were the unofficial times. With less than two minutes to go in the warm-up session when the scoring system went down.<BR><BR><BR>Sunday Morning Pro Thunder Practice Times From Sears Point:<BR><BR>1. Tripp Nobles, Buell 1200, 1:39.213<BR>2. Mike Ciccotto, Buell 1200, 1:39.364<BR>3. Tom Montano, Ducati 748, 1:40.453<BR>4. David Estok, Buell 1200, 1:40.525<BR>5. Jeffrey Nash, Ducati 748RS, 1:42.234<BR>6. Dean Mizdal, Ducati 748, 1:42.557<BR>7. Zoran Vujasinovic, Suzuki SV650/700, 1:43.823<BR>8. Justin McReynolds, Buell 1200, 1:43.973<BR>9. Chris Lacruze, Ducati 748, 1:44.248<BR>10. Ricky Lundgren, Ducati 748, 1:44.773<BR>11. David White, Honda Hawk, 1:44.915<BR>12. David Kieffer, M.D., Ducati 748, 1:45.033<BR>13. Cory West, Suzuki SV650, 1:45.510<BR>14. Mike Krynock, Ducati 748, 1:45.568<BR>15. Brian Long, Suzuki SV650, 1:45.846<BR>