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Jul 1, 2001

Updated Post: F-USA Unlimited Superbike Official Results From VIR, And Ciccotto Says He'll Never Race F-USA Again

Hooters Suzuki's Mike Ciccotto won the first F-USA Unlimited Superbike race at VIR, crashed out of the second race just as rain started to fall, then angerly denounced F-USA officials and the series afterward, saying he would never race with F-USA again.

Ciccotto said that late deployment of the red flag caused him to crash.

F-USA Director of Road Racing Bill Syfan said that rain flags were displayed prior to Ciccotto's crash and prior to the rain getting bad enough to justify the red flag.

Despite Ciccotto's harsh--and quite profane--words, loudly expressed to every press person he could find, F-USA officials were not interested in fining or sanctioning Ciccotto. "That's not our series," said one.

Officials red-flagged the second race and scored it on the 14th lap (of a scheduled 18), with Lee Acree passing Arclight Suzuki teammate Brian Parriott to take first just as the rain started and Parriott slowed. Milennium Technologies' Shawn Higbee, who crashed in the first race, came from the back of the grid to take third.

Australian Craig Connell, riding an AMS Ducati, finished seventh and sixth, increasing his points lead to eight, ahead of Acree, Higbee and Grant Lopez; Lopez finished fourth in the first race but crashed out of the second race on the second lap when he hit his bike's engine cases on a curb.

Asked about the race-two rain situation, Connell said that he would have personally been happy to keep going, and that the race was stopped soon enough.

Lockhart Phillips Unlimited Superbike Results, Race One
1. Mike Ciccotto, Suzuki
2. Brian Parriott, Suzuki
3. Lee Acree, Suzuki
4. Grant Lopez, Suzuki
5. Tray Batey, Aprilia
6. Paul Harrell, Yamaha
7. Craig Connell, Ducati
8. Eric Wood, Suzuki
9. Chuck Chouinard, Suzuki
10. Gabriel Henning, Suzuki
11. Mike Himmelsbach, Aprilia
12. John Haner, Suzuki
13. Roland Williams, Suzuki
14. Anthony Fania Jr., Suzuki
15. Marc Palazzo, Honda
16. Aaron Clark, Aprilia
17. Chris Rankin, Suzuki
18. Mark Ledesma, Aprilia
19. Byron Barbour, Suzuki
20. Scott Carpenter, Suzuki
21. Fritz Kling, Kawasaki
22. Russell Masecar, Suzuki, 17 laps
23. Ray Yoder Jr., Kawasaki, 17 laps
24. Joseph Spina, Suzuki, 17 laps
25. Shawn Higbee, Suzuki, crash, 17 laps
26. Brian Baker, Suzuki, 17 laps
27. Peter Friedman, Suzuki, 17 laps
28. Tim Bemisderfer, Suzuki, 16 laps
29. Brian Boyd, Yamaha, 14 laps
30. Mike Fitzpatrick, Suzuki, 13 laps
31. Ken Synder, Suzuki, 12 laps
32. Brian Stokes, Suzuki, 12 laps
33. Ken Chase, Suzuki, 6 laps, DNF, crash
34. Brett Boyd, Suzuki, 6 laps, DNF
35. Joe Prussiano, Yamaha, 1 lap, DNF, crash

Lockhart Phillips Unlimited Superbike Results, Race Two
1. Acree
2. Parriott
3. Higbee
4. Batey
5. Harrell
6. Connell
7. Wood
8. Chouinard
9. Himmelsbach
10. Williams
11. Haner
12. Henning
13. Fania
14. Palazzo
15. Chase
16. Clark
17. Ledesma
18. Barbour
19. Carpenter
20. Rankin
21. Kling
22. Yoder
23. Fitzpatrick, 13 laps
24. Friedman, 13 laps
25. Ciccotto, 12 laps, DNF, crash
26. Bemisderfer, 7 laps, DNF, mechanical
27. Masecar, 6 laps, DNF
28. Lopez, 1 lap, DNF, crash

Series Points
1. Connell, 75
2. Acree, 68
3. Higbee, 67
4. Lopez, 65
5. Parriott, 61
6. Chase, 47
7. Ciccotto, 43
8. Batey, 39
9. Harrell, 37
10. Jimmy Moore, 26.