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Mar 20, 2014

Warning! Contains JRP Content: The Latest From AMA Pro Superbike Racer Johnny Rock Page

Johnny Rock Page Returns to Burn Up the Track in 2014 AMA-Pro Superbike Race

Daytona, Florida - Johnny Rock Page, #269, qualified for the 2014 AMA-Pro American Superbike Race saying he is excited to return to track and continue his career-long American Super Bike odyssey.

Johnny's team partner, ADR Racing, recently purchased the Danny Eslick #23 and the #95 Roger Hayden / Michael Jordan GSXR-1000s for Johnny’s use. Always one for surprising his fans, Page will be campaigning throughout the season and hints, “keep your eyes on the Heavenly skies all over America this season. I’ll definitely have something to say.”

Page has recently been promoted to Producer for Runway Magazine, one of the top world’s largest fashion trend magazines. The magazine is based in Hollywood California where Johnny recently will reside in the Hollywood Hills near celebrities Paul Oakenfold and Paris Whitney Hilton.

Media Q&A

Question: How do you like Hollywood and what do you hope to accomplish with this recent move?

Answer: Hollywood is not my choice. My choice is San Diego the Mission beach lifestyle, skate boarding, and bike riding on my vintage BMX Mongoose Kos Krusier. I prayed over the decision of where I should live. And, that night it was pretty clear it was Hollywood CA. Two days later I moved to California into the Hollywood W Hotel.

I'm excited to move into my new pad in mid-March. I’ve been told that I’m in the middle of a ton of Hollywood royalty so that’s a plus. No specific plans yet. I’ll be the new kid on the block and hoping to just get out, meet new friends, and explore beautiful Hollywood, CA.

Question: What do you like to do in your free time, when you aren’t on the track?

Answer: I like to hang out with friends, really. We just like having a good time, golfing, trying new restaurants and clubs, and getting outdoors whenever possible. I’ll confess, I tend to attract eclectic, creative people like actors, singers, and I love music so I have several friends who are incredible DJs. I also have a core group of Christian friends I hang out with who help me stay grounded and grow in my faith, which is important to me. So, that’s the kind of people I hope to discover in Hollywood as well, great people are everywhere so I’m not too worried about finding my niche.

Question: Will you be pursuing any other opportunities when you are not racing?

Answer: I think it’s time to take my athletic ability, riding skills, and my love for acting and make some inroads into the entertainment arena.I’ve watched my friends do it for so long and I’ve been busy racing but it’s time.I hope to sign with a talent agency like CAA-Creative Artist Agency, ICM-International Creative Management, or UTA-United Talent Agency.

I’d love to get into the action film genre. I’ve always looked up to the late Paul Walker. He contributed so much to the craft and quality of entertainment. How cool would it be to do something like "Fast and the Furious?" That’s would be the dream I guess. We’ll see how things roll out. Seriously, I think it’s time Hollywood looks at an action film with a real Superbike racer. People are smart, they want the real thing, real bikes, real stories, real racers. I can easily envision myself doing something like that.

I will confess, as a kind of silent, personal tribute to Paul Walker I recently accelerated my Twin Turbo S Porsche at 192MPH—not bad for a convertible! I want a new 2014 Turbo S Porsche cabriolet; this car is amazing in countless ways.

Question: So where will we find you in the next few weeks Johnny?

Answer: I'll be cruising around Hollywood with my cars and splitting traffic with my Street Motorcycle, so if you see the blur of #269, give me a wave. I’ve got a whole box full of these ‘Dream Big Anything is Possible / We the People’ bracelets so anyone who is friendly and gives me a wave will probably get thrown one of these.

Question: Can we expect the cameras to be following you like you do now? Are you still filming your reality show?

Answer: Yes, I'll have two full time cameramen following my life in all aspects so that the audience can watch my colorful life. I think viewers will love some of the crazy things that go on. I’m a Disciple of Christ, a racer, an actor, a Dad, an entrepreneur, and to top that list off—I’m single. I’m never sure what a day holds and that’s the beauty of this reality filming.

Question: You have a lot of ventures and have been very successful, what’s your latest financial venture?

Answer: I recently invested in a five star steakhouse called Brentwood Steakhouse, in Brentwood, California. We are expecting several top celebrities such as George Clooney, Oprah Winfrey and many more to help launch the restaurant. I am hoping to meet them both; Clooney seems pretty cool and he rides a bike too. And who wouldn’t love to meet Oprah? She seems like a nice person. She has a big heart for God it seems, so I’m sure we’d find a lot to talk about.

Even though I'm representing minority shares in Brentwood Steakhouse I'm thrilled to be partnered with the owners of the MGM Grand Vegas Casino partner, and Shawn Yari with Triyar Hospitality, Starwood Hotels, and Parent to W Brand. My friend/superbike sponsor Boom Entertainment’s Jonathan Weschler pulled me into this deal. Jonathan and I combined represent 10% of the $7.5 million dollar investment. It looks very promising as the location is unique and the Management is an expert in this arena and brings a wealth of knowledge and success to the business. I personally am looking forward to eating the food there—which is going to be of this world—and I’m excited about meeting our customers. It will be fun to have a place where I can pop in and share in the fun and the great food.

Question: How do you like being Producer for Runway Magazine?

Answer: Its super exciting, I never saw this opportunity coming. It plugs people I'm working with to many of the 'A'-lister red carpet events. I think this opportunity will accelerate the public’s awareness of some of my own projects as well. Runway has recently launched Runway Teen, which you can expect to see on the shelves soon in retail outlets. The goal is to bring the latest fashion trends to the next generation, which you know, includes my daughters as well!

The talent we have involved with the magazine is awesome. One teen that I think has a bright future is Cassie Chloupek. Keep your eyes on this one—she's beautiful, witty, intelligent, and takes over a room in under 60 seconds with her sincerity.

She is signed with one of the hottest agencies in California, LA Models, and recently an appearance at Daytona International Raceway. She is in the pits at the Raceway as well as filming and doing some work in Florida during the AMA-PRO Superbike weekend.

Question: What else do you have in the works #269?

Answer: Somehow my TV Show "My Daddy Johnny Rock Page" is coming to air on Expect to see it soon we will announce the exact date in the near future.

We are building a syndicated TV show named "All In, Round Two.” The footage will be a continuation from combined past video footage "My Daddy Johnny Rock Page has gone KrAZy." The show will track my life and the people that I meet. It will continue to chronicle my life and career—all of it, cameras rolling—my turbulent past and this final charge into Hollywood living my colorful life, cameras in tow.

Still floating around out there is a 1.5 hour personal documentary film done by Kurt Kubachek loaded with celebs, personal friends, and my daughters Madi Rock Page and Alexa Marie Page talking about my rise-fall-and-then-rise-again story. It’s hard to watch the film, actually, there’s some tough moments. But, I do support and appreciate the interest by filmmaker Kurt Kubachek.

Question: How do you feel about Pro Superbike racing going on 46?

Answer: I feel great. Racing is in my blood. I love it. But, there’s also the nervous side; my eyesight has fogged up as I've aged. I don't like wearing glasses I'm far sighted. Racing is worth the risk to me. I've been baptized in accordance with the bible and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that if anything goes wrong on that track, I’ll be in heaven within seconds. It’s a win-win. Stay here, I race. Go to heaven, I get to be with my Lord and Savior. So I can’t complain.

Question: So, what is your hope moving forward?

Answer: I guess I can just hope for a Super Star break out career. I want to win races in the AMA-Pro Superbike arena, and Moto GP too . . . now that’s one of my wildest dreams!

I want to be recognized as a great person who's added hope to people who are out there trying to figure out life's meaning. Moving into this next chapter of life, I hope to win—be it in a new marriage, on the track, or as a super bike racer-turned-actor. So there, I guess I’ve let you in on my prayer list here! I ask for these hopes and dreams to all come true in the name of Christ Jesus. To God be the Glory!

Don’t forget to come see JRP #269 at the track!

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