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Aug 26, 2009

SRA Sidecars Running This Weekend With CCS At West Virginia's Summit Point Raceway

SRA sidecars from Canada and the USA head to West Virginia August 28-29-30, 2009 to race with the Championship Cup Series.

The Mid-Atlantic Championship Series is at Summit Point Motorsports Park

The Machines

Racing sidecars take a little explaining because of their strange appearance. They are just as alien to look at, as they are to operate. Picture, if you will, a street motorcycle with a bolt-on sidecar, and then add years of evolution, leaving us with a machine that looks very different than the machine it was derived from, much like a Formula One race car compares to a standard car.

Very unstable and difficult to steer and operate, sidecars are difficult to go fast on always on the verge of flipping or spinning out. It takes two very skilled operators to master the techniques required for speed.

With the driver at the controls of the bike, the 'Passenger' works back and forth, transferring body weight to keep the machine from flipping over and to provide traction and stability. There are no seatbelts, cages, harnesses to hold the passenger in making sidecar racing a most EXTREME sport. Without the passenger, the driver couldn't achieve half the speeds possible, usually in the range of 130-160 plus mph. The passenger is affectionately known as the monkey and literally acts as a sandbag. Sidecar racing is the fastest 2-person sport on asphalt and was recently featured on "Jesse James is a dead man" where Jesse learned how to drive a sidecar for a race in California.

Drop by and say hello. And watch this strange and exciting sport. And if you're lucky enough you'll get a chance to be a passenger during the parade laps, but don't worry, first timers won't ever reach race speeds"¦..have fun and remember to Hang on for your life!

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