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Jan 19, 2002

Reaction To AMA Trustee Election

Thanks for breaking the news!

John Ulrich, Kevin Schwantz, and Jeff Nash being elected to the AMA Board of Directors is the best thing that could have happened to the AMA. For too many years, the AMA has been run like an "Old Boys Club" taking care of each other with little regard for what is best for the members. The Roger Edmondson debacle being swept under the rug is a classic example of mismanagement and poor judgment.

As a current off-road competitor and former road racer with experience in both AMA amateur events and AMA Superbike racing, I have often regretted being "required" to join the AMA rather than "wanting" to join. Perhaps these changes will get us started in the right direction. It is my opinion that the AMA is a sanctioning body, not a for-profit race promotion company, and should be run as such, keeping things fair and square for both participants and promoters.

Keep up the good work,

Bob Reinen
Emerald Trail Riders Association, Inc.
Eugene, OR
4-year subscriber to Roadracing World

Heartiest congratulations to the "Take back the AMA" slate. You've never heard from me before and probably won't again (for a long time,) but there must be thousands like me who silently and appreciatively have followed your campaign. I'm a mild mannered person, but If there is one thing that makes me apoplectic it is arrogant, unresponsive authority figures who forget that the reason they are up there is because we are down here, and not the other way around. To paraphrase ol' Abe, we will now look forward to "a government of the riders by the riders for the riders..."

Brian Carroll

To John Ulrich, Kevin Schwantz and Jeff Nash, congratulations on your victories in the AMA Board seat elections.

Don Emde
Laguna Niguel CA

My congratulations to your editor for his newly won position with the AMA. 2002 promises to be a very interesting year as a result of the latest election ... proof that democracy does work.

Of course the biggest problem is how the AMA should deal with the racing segment on one side, and the road-riding element on the other. They are rather like Siamese twins joined at the hip, and one wants to be a rock star, the other an accountant. Maybe a complete separation would be considered.

Clement Salvadori
Atascadero CA

I notice the AMA election results are posted ( ) and all three "take backs" have won!

Great work getting elected, I'm betting you are in for a lot more than you bargained for!

Thanks for stepping up.

John F. Rourke, Jr.
(17-year AMA member, and fanatic road race spectator, and loyal reader!)

Congratulations John, Jeff, and Kevin,

I just read about the election results. This is what we all need to bring the AMA back to the membership. You will have many more struggles along the way in dealing with incumbents and others who see things diferently than we do. Your history in AMA motorcycling and other venues will bring an extra added value to the AMA. I, along with the others who voted you in, welcome your ideas and stamina in turning this Board around and serving all the members. Go for it!

Roger Lyle
Wheaton Md.

OK, now I'll re-enlist...
You're the ONLY guy I've met in the mc biz who I know can do a great job there. Go to Ohio...take names and kick ass!

Mark Kalan
City Cycle Motorcycle News

Congratulations on getting elected along with Schwantz and Nash. Shake things up.

Mike Reid

Congratulations to the new trustees. Put me on the "3" side of Jeff Nash's 3:1 victory ratio.

Art Astle
Tulsa, OK

How very sweet it must be! (for all 3 of you)

But now begins the hard work: Building consensus in an environment where you, uhhh, might not be universally welcomed.

For the good of the sport and the industry, I sincerely wish you smooth sailing.

Bill Dutcher

Well Done to the 3 of you...

Stuart Gregg
WSMC #232

Hey, way to go, you won your AMA election to the board!

Mike Harlow
Quester Racing

You guys did it! Congratulations. Try not to go crazy working with those guys...above all, don't change!

Jim Adams

High time that someone with your stature and abilities, to shake 'em up, was elected to the Board at AMA.

I am hoping that many, if not all, the issues that plague the AMA will be addressed and resolved with your help there.


Dave Johnson
Motorcycle Specialties Company

Looks like the powers-that-be at the AMA couldn't weasle their way out of this one, no matter how hard they tried. Congrats to you, Jeff, and Kevin. Hopefully they'll be more accountable for their actions now.

Kent Kunitsugu

Congratulations to yourself, Jeff and Kevin. You won another race....In Grand Style

Now the hard work really starts.

Tony Bell

I just wanted to say Congratulations! on winning the AMA election Mr. Ulrich. I hope that the three of you will be able to (more fairly) represent the dues-paying AMA members in your respective regions. Three against nine, it's gonna be an uphill battle. I am behind you 100%!

Joe Hawkins

Maximum congratulations on "Take Back the AMA" victory.

C.D. Moses

Good job. You not only won but you lapped them four times. I really hate to get lapped in any race but sometimes it happens. To get lapped four times must be a very humbling experience.

I do see change on the horizon. I also believe that Smitty is for real. I think that the good guys are walking toward victory circle.

Jerry Wood

Congratulations to you and your "team" for the AMA trustee elections, it was a superb victory.
Best regards,

Mike Emery

Congratulations, John, I think you are good for the sport.

Larry Shultz
Fremont, CA

Good luck with the new deal at the AMA. Now you guys need to bring back the respect the AMA needs right now. Hopefully you guys are the right people for the job. Being a huge bike racing fan, I'm glad you guys won! If things go in the right direction I will renew my AMA membership. The last few years I would not want to be involved. I didn't think they were working in the right direction. Hopefully things are on the mend.

Michael Jay

John, just wanted to say congrats from Texas only the victories! I hope we helped! Looks like now that Jeff Nash won they (Hare scrambles guys) are trying to kiss his ass. I guess they need to redevelop their old AMA ties again to keep things as they were.

Mike Walker

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