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Feb 15, 2002

Michelin Announces Western U.S. Contingency Program For AFM, WSMC, CCS, MRA, OMRRA, WMRRA Races

From a press release:<BR><BR>TEAM MICHELIN REPLACES FREDDIE BUCKS<BR><BR>Michelin has released the $1.1 million 2002 Team Michelin contingency program covering the entire United States. This new program will replace the Freddie Bucks contingency program offered during the 2001 season by western states Michelin tire distributor Freddie Spencer's High Performance Product Line at all AFM, CCS Southwest, CCS California (Pacific), MRA, WMRRA, OMRRA, WSMC events. The new program also includes the SMRI in New Mexico. <BR><BR>Team Michelin contingency will be offered through Michelin North America and can be claimed only through authorized trackside Michelin dealers using a new "Smart Card" system. The card, similar to a credit card, is loaded with contingency money when swiped through a special Smart Card reader carried by Michelin trackside vendors. The available contingency money is then used just like a debit card when the racer purchases Michelin tires at a race event.<BR><BR>Freddie Spencer's High Performance Product Line authorized Michelin tires trackside distributors include: <BR><BR>AF Motorsports, San Jose, CA – 650-400-3461<BR><BR>Competition Motors, Portland, OR – 503-320-2475<BR><BR>Eastside Motosports, Bellevue, WA – 425-747-7360<BR><BR>Racer's Edge Performance, Las Vegas, NV – 702-257-3808<BR><BR>Van Mar Racing, Denver, CO – 303-944-0333<BR><BR>The following contingency payouts are available from Michelin in the Western United States. For more information contact Freddie Spencer's High Performance Product at or 702-591-8915. <BR><BR><BR> <BR>CCS EXPERT UNLIMITED GP<BR> $125<BR> $100<BR> $75<BR> $50<BR> <BR>CCS EXPERT GTU<BR> $100<BR> $75<BR> $50<BR> $30<BR> <BR>CCS EXPERT GTO<BR> $100<BR> $75<BR> $50<BR> $30<BR> <BR>CCS EXPERT GTL<BR> $100<BR> $75<BR> $50<BR> $30<BR> <BR>CCS EXPERT UNLIMITED SUPERSPORT<BR> $125<BR> $100<BR> $75<BR> $50<BR> <BR>CCS EXPERT HEAVYWEIGHT 750cc SUPERBIKE<BR> $125<BR> $100<BR> $75<BR> $50<BR> <BR>CCS EXPERT HEAVYWEIGHT 750cc SUPERSPORT<BR> $125<BR> $100<BR> $75<BR> $50<BR> <BR>CCS EXPERT MIDDLEWEIGHT 600cc SUPERBIKE<BR> $100<BR> $75<BR> $50<BR> $30<BR> <BR>CCS EXPERT MIDDLEWEIGHT 600cc SUPERSPORT<BR> $100<BR> $75<BR> $50<BR> $30<BR> <BR>CCS EXPERT LIGHTWEIGHT SUPERBIKE<BR> $75<BR> $50<BR> $40<BR> $30<BR> <BR>CCS EXPERT LIGHTWEIGHT SUPERSPORT<BR> $75<BR> $50<BR> $40<BR> $30<BR> <BR>CCS EXPERT SUPERTWINS<BR> $75<BR> $50<BR> $40<BR> $30<BR> <BR>CCS AMATEUR GTU<BR> $50<BR> $30<BR> $25<BR> $15<BR> <BR>CCS AMATEUR GTO<BR> $50<BR> $30<BR> $25<BR> $15<BR> <BR>CCS AMATEUR GTL<BR> $50<BR> $30<BR> $25<BR> $15<BR> <BR>CCS AMATEUR UNLIMITED SUPERSPORT<BR> $50<BR> $30<BR> $25<BR> $15<BR> <BR>CCS AMATEUR HEAVYWEIGHT 750cc SUPERBIKE<BR> $50<BR> $30<BR> $25<BR> $15<BR> <BR>CCS AMATEUR HEAVYWEIGHT 750cc SUPERSPORT<BR> $50<BR> $30<BR> $25<BR> $15<BR> <BR>CCS AMATEUR MIDDLEWEIGHT 600cc SUPERBIKE<BR> $50<BR> $30<BR> $25<BR> $15<BR> <BR>CCS AMATEUR MIDDLEWEIGHT 600cc SUPERSPORT<BR> $50<BR> $30<BR> $25<BR> $15<BR> <BR>CCS AMATEUR LIGHTWEIGHT SUPERBIKE<BR> $50<BR> $30<BR> $25<BR> $15<BR> <BR>CCS AMATEUR LIGHTWEIGHT SUPERBSPORT<BR> $50<BR> $30<BR> $25<BR> $15<BR> <BR>CCS AMATEUR SUPERTWINS<BR> $50<BR> $30<BR> $25<BR> $15<BR> <BR><BR> <BR> <BR>WSMC FORMULA 1<BR> $400<BR> $300<BR> $200<BR> $100<BR> <BR>WSMC 750cc SUPERStock<BR> $300<BR> $200<BR> $100<BR> $50<BR> <BR>WSMC 600cc SUPERStock<BR> $300<BR> $200<BR> $100<BR> $50<BR> <BR>WSMC Open Superstock<BR> $300<BR> $200<BR> $100<BR> $50<BR> <BR>WSMC FORMULA 2<BR> $250<BR> $150<BR> $75<BR> $50<BR> <BR>WSMC APRILIA CUP<BR> $100<BR> $75<BR> $50<BR> $25<BR> <BR>WSMC BATTLE OF THE TWINS MIDDLEWEIGHT<BR> $100<BR> $75<BR> $50<BR> $25<BR> <BR>WSMC Formula 3<BR> $100<BR> $75<BR> $50<BR> $25<BR> <BR>WSMC OPEN NOVICE<BR> $200<BR> $100<BR> $75<BR> $50<BR> <BR>WSMC 650cc NOVICE<BR> $200<BR> $100<BR> $75<BR> $50<BR> <BR><BR> <BR> <BR>AFM FORMULA PACIFIC<BR> $300<BR> $200<BR> $100<BR> $75<BR> <BR>AFM 600cc SUPERBIKE<BR> $300<BR> $200<BR> $100<BR> $75<BR> <BR>AFM 750cc SUPERBIKE<BR> $300<BR> $200<BR> $100<BR> $75<BR> <BR>AFM FORMULA - 2<BR> $300<BR> $200<BR> $100<BR> $75<BR> <BR>AFM FORMULA - 3<BR> $75<BR> $50<BR> $25<BR> $15<BR> <BR>AFM OPEN SUPERBIKE<BR> $100<BR> $80<BR> $70<BR> $50<BR> <BR>AFM 600cc PRODUCTION<BR> $100<BR> $80<BR> $70<BR> $50<BR> <BR>AFM 750cc PRODUCTION<BR> $100<BR> $80<BR> $70<BR> $50<BR> <BR><BR> <BR><BR> <BR>MRA RACE OF THE ROCKIES<BR> $200<BR> $100<BR> $75<BR> $40<BR> <BR>MRA HEAVYWEIGHT SUPERBIKE<BR> $150<BR> $100<BR> $75<BR> $40<BR> <BR>MRA MIDDLEWEIGHT SUPERBIKE<BR> $150<BR> $100<BR> $75<BR> $40<BR> <BR>MRA OPEN SUPERBIKE<BR> $150<BR> $100<BR> $75<BR> $40<BR> <BR>MRA HEAVYWEIGHT SUPERSPORT<BR> $150<BR> $100<BR> $75<BR> $40<BR> <BR>MRA MIDDLEWEIGHT SUPERSPORT<BR> $150<BR> $100<BR> $75<BR> $40<BR> <BR>MRA OPEN SUPERSPORT<BR> $150<BR> $100<BR> $75<BR> $40<BR> <BR>MRA AMATEUR GTO<BR> $125<BR> $100<BR> $75<BR> $40<BR> <BR>MRA AMATEUR GTU<BR> $125<BR> $100<BR> $75<BR> $40<BR> <BR>MRA SUPERTWINS GTO<BR> $125<BR> $100<BR> $75<BR> $40<BR> <BR>MRA SUPERTWINS GTU<BR> $125<BR> $100<BR> $75<BR> $40<BR> <BR>MRA NOVICE GTO<BR> $100<BR> $80<BR> $70<BR> $40<BR> <BR>MRA NOVICE GTU<BR> $100<BR> $80<BR> $70<BR> $40<BR> <BR><BR> <BR><BR><BR><BR> <BR>WMRRA OPEN SUPERSPORT<BR> $150<BR> $100<BR> $75<BR> $40<BR> <BR>WMRRA 750cc SUPERSPORT<BR> $150<BR> $100<BR> $75<BR> $40<BR> <BR>WMRRA 600cc SUPERSPORT<BR> $150<BR> $100<BR> $75<BR> $40<BR> <BR>WMRRA LIGHT WEIGHT SUPERBIKE<BR> $100<BR> $80<BR> $70<BR> $50<BR> <BR>WMRRA FORMULA THUNDER<BR> $100<BR> $80<BR> $70<BR> $50<BR> <BR>WMRRA FORMULA ULTRA<BR> $100<BR> $80<BR> $70<BR> $50<BR> <BR>WMRRA FORMULA 2<BR> $100<BR> $80<BR> $70<BR> $50<BR> <BR>WMRRA FORMULA 3<BR> $100<BR> $80<BR> $70<BR> $50<BR> <BR>WMRRA GTO ENDURANCE<BR> $150<BR> $100<BR> $75<BR> $40<BR> <BR>WMRRA GTU ENDURANCE<BR> $150<BR> $100<BR> $75<BR> $40<BR> <BR><BR> <BR><BR> <BR><BR>OMRRA 750 Superbike<BR> $300<BR> $200<BR> $100<BR> $50<BR> <BR><BR>OMRRA 600 Superbike<BR> $300<BR> $200<BR> $100<BR> $50<BR> <BR><BR>OMRRA 450 Superbike<BR> $300<BR> $200<BR> $100<BR> $50<BR> <BR><BR>OMRRA Open Superbike<BR> $300<BR> $200<BR> $100<BR> $50<BR> <BR><BR>OMRRA Formula Unlimited<BR> $150<BR> $100<BR> $75<BR> $40<BR> <BR><BR>OMRRA 250 GP<BR> $150<BR> $100<BR> $75<BR> $40<BR> <BR><BR>OMRRA 125 GP<BR> $150<BR> $100<BR> $75<BR> $40