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Jun 22, 2002

Foret Fastest In Misano World Supersport Qualifying

Copyright 2002, Roadracing World Publishing, Inc.<BR><BR>By Glenn LeSanto<BR><BR>The heat is on in Supersport<BR><BR>Fabien Foret refused to wilt in the intense heat at Misano, running just fast enough to grab pole position again. Temperatures soared up to 37<BR>degrees C (99 degrees F) with 50% humidity for the session, which was held mid-afternoon. Several riders suffered from the heat, either personally or mechanically.<BR><BR>Katsuaki Fujiwara was second fastest, but Foret claimed there was no pressure on him to ride faster. "I could have gone faster still, but no one was putting any pressure on me, so I didn¹t bother to push any harder in the heat."<BR><BR>Stephane Chambon finished with third on the grid for Sunday's race, despite suffering from bike problems which saw him pull off the track in the middle of a lap. Andrew Pitt made fourth fastest, after crashing out earlier in the session. His teammate James Ellison also crashed. Robert Ulm, riding for Van Zon Honda TKR in place of the injured Werner Daemon, is first man on the<BR>second row. Ulm lines up on the second row in front of Cogan Kellner and Casoli.<BR><BR>The Belgarda Yamahas struggled with carburation in the heat, while the teams running CBR Hondas claimed the fuel injection was coping with the<BR>conditions without problem.<BR><BR>Iain MacPherson dropped down to ninth after hitting his knee so hard on the curb while running a fast lap late in the session that he found he couldn't shift gear. "I ran off the track and then just sat on my bike trying to let<BR>the pain pass," explained MacPherson. Doctors trackside thought he was suffering from heat exhaustion and hussled him onto a stretcher. MacPherson, who is from Scotland, couldn't make his real predicament understood until he<BR>arrived back at the medical center.<BR><BR>Final World Supersport qualifying times:<BR>1. Fabien Foret, Honda, 1:37.669 <BR>2. Katsuaki Fujiwara, Suzuki, 1:37.864<BR>3. Stéphane Chambon, Suzuki, 1:38.021 <BR>4. Andrew Pitt, Kawasaki, 1:38.129 <BR>5. Robert Ulm, Honda, 1:38.201<BR>6. Christophe Cogan, Honda, 1:38.304 <BR>7. Christian Kellner, Yamaha, 1:38.315 <BR>8. Paolo Casoli, Yamaha, 1:38.324 <BR>9. Iain MacPherson, Honda, 1:38.396 <BR>10. Jörg Teuchert, Yamaha, 1:38.499 <BR>11. Alessio Corradi, Yamaha, 1:38.522 <BR>12. James Whitham, Yamaha, 1:38.586 <BR>13. Stefano Cruciani, Yamaha, 1:38.590 <BR>14. Piergiorgio Bontempi, Ducati, 1:38.590 <BR>15. Chris Vermeulen, Honda, 1:38.594 <BR>16. Kevin Curtain, Yamaha, 1:38.810 <BR>17. Karl Muggeridge, Honda, 1:38.990<BR>18. Christian Zaiser, Yamaha, 1:39.191 <BR>19. Antonio Carlacci, Yamaha, 1:39.210 <BR>20. James Ellison, Kawasaki, 1:39.308 <BR>21. Camillo Mariottini, Yamaha, 1:39.516 <BR>22. Gianluca Nannelli, Ducati, 1:39.728 <BR>23. Matthieu Lagrive, Yamaha, 1:40.183 <BR>24. Nigel Arnold, Honda, 1:40.217 <BR>25. Sebastien Charpentier, Honda, 1:40.439 <BR>26. Diego Giugovaz, Yamaha, 1:40.536 <BR>27. John McGuinness, Honda, 1:40.565 <BR>28. Cristian Magnani, Yamaha, 1:40.643 <BR>29. Claudio Cipriani, Yamaha, 1:40.673 <BR>30. Robert Frost, Yamaha, 1:40.936<BR>31. Norino Brignola, Suzuki, 1:41.321
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