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Sep 7, 2012

Dedicated To Deploying More Soft Barriers: Roadracing World Action Fund Reaches $1,000,000 In Donations

The Roadracing World Action Fund (RWAF) has topped the benchmark $1 million mark in donations, meeting and beating expectations that this goal could be reached before the end of the year. Over $70,000 in donations have arrived since June, bringing the fund's all-time total since its inception in 2001 to $1,005,629.69 as of August 12th, 2012.

Multiple fund-raisers and the efforts of racers, track-day riders, businesses, families and friends dedicated to reducing on-track injuries contributed to the extraordinary boost in donations. The Roadracing World Action Fund has already deployed 34 sections of Airfence-brand soft barriers this year, and now an additional 50 sections of Airfence are on order.

Fundraisers The Midwest Cafe Racing Association (MCRA), serving the St. Louis area motorcycle road racing community with events at tracks including Putnam Park, Gateway Raceway and Heartland Park Topeka, has been holding raffles at every meeting, track-day, and race event this season to raise funds for soft barriers. MCRA Treasurer Chris Duranowski wrote, "We have been raffling off many donations such as tires, suspension tuning, photo packages, helmets and track days to raise as much money as possible. Thanks to our sponsors Good Grip Racing, Velocity Calibrations, WFO Motorsports, Team Obscene Racing, ABI Photo and their generous donations, we have raised $4000 so far for the fund. We look forward to increasing that donation at our upcoming events"¦ We truly appreciate the opportunity to be able to use Airfence during our track days and races and the appreciation from the riders is overwhelming. If anyone from the Roadracing World Action Fund is in the St. Louis area, there are a lot of riders ready to shake your hand and thank you for a job well done!"

A charity ride-along program giving fans and members of the media the opportunity to take laps around Road Atlanta in the Monotracer fully-enclosed two-wheeler during the Big Kahuna AMA Pro weekend in April netted $455 for the Roadracing World Action Fund. The event was hosted by M1 PowerSports and the Monotracer's exclusive distributor, 21st Century Motoring, LLC, with 100% of the proceeds donated to the RWAF.

A Northeast Sportbike Association (NESBA) fundraiser held at Road Atlanta July 7th raised a single-event record of $20,000. The successful event, which organizers began planning back in February of this year, was held in conjunction with a NESBA track day, and consisted of a dinner, a silent auction, a live auction, a raffle, and the sale of commemorative T-Shirts.

The NESBA Mid-Atlantic Region held a fundraiser at New Jersey Motorsports Park (NJMP) on August 11th. The fundraiser, which raised $17,000, was also held in conjunction with a NESBA track day that weekend and consisted of a dinner on Saturday evening provided by NJMP at the Officer's Club, a silent auction, a live auction, and a door prize.

The Barber Motorsports Park Track Walk, which took place on the Thursday prior to the June AMA Pro race event, raised $1500 for the Roadracing World Action Fund. AMA Pro racers - 21 in all - volunteered to do the track walk with fans in attendance. The track walk was free to all June 22nd ticket holders and ZOOM Motorsports, the exclusive promoter at the Barber Motorsports Park, donated a portion of the day's ticket sales to the Roadracing World Action Fund.

In Memory of Carl McAllister: A concerted effort headed by Eric Wood of Woodcraft Technologies to raise enough to purchase a 6-foot section of non-inflatable Airfence dedicated to the memory of Carl McAllister brought in donations totally $1430. The Airfence section, to be deployed at New Hampshire Motorsports Park, will feature specially designed artwork featuring McAllister as he is well-remembered, riding his racebike with the #101 Expert plate. Donations were made by: Jeff Wood, $400; Eric Wood, $335; Steven Apsland, $200; John Scheehser, $100; Roger Chang, $100; Joseph Ribaudo, $100; Steven Oeschger, $75; Michael Curry, $50; Dave LaFrance, $50; and Jorge Valencia, $20.

Mike Moore Donations totaling $6,103 arrived from "Friends, CCS/ASRA Racers, and NESBA Members in Loving Memory of Mike Moore" and included contributions from David Van Ommeren, $1000 (whose total contributions to the Action Fund now total $2500); Dominic Chirico, $250; Solid Performance, $250; Amy Judd, $200; Frank Marzullo, $140, and various anonymous contributors. The total contributed included matching funds of $2500 by David Yarnall, who spearheaded the effort and gathered donations to honor Mike Moore, the NESBA Mid-Atlantic Director who suffered fatal injuries in a crash at NJMP last year.

A winning bid of $1026 was received for an Arai helmet auctioned by Chris Pontrelli with proceeds donated to the Roadracing World Action Fund in honor of Mike Moore through eBay's Mission Fish program. Pontrelli wrote that the anonymous winner then turned around and donated the helmet back to be re-auctioned, saying that he couldn't think of a better way to honor his friend than to contribute to a cause that helps riders safely enjoy the racetrack - something that Mike Moore was incredibly passionate about - and requested that his donation be listed as "A Friend of Mike Moore."

Pontrelli then re-auctioned the helmet, this time receiving a winning bid of $1425, the total proceeds of which were donated to the Roadracing World Action Fund.

Others who made donations to the Roadracing World Action Fund to honor the memory of Mike Moore include Jeffrey Headley, $300; James Curtis, $250; Paul Jakubowski, $200; Susan Graef, $150; Brian Donadio, $100; and Rodney Comegys, $50.

Richard Haner: Donations made in memory of Richard Haner, the father of former AMA Pro racer John Haner, include Paul Bordelon, $100; Ronny Lunsford, $100; Roy Payne, $100; and Evelyn Fisher, $50.

Making Donating a Habit: An early supporter of the Roadracing World Action Fund, Max MacAllister's Traxxion Dynamics has steadily donated over the years, reaching $12,501 in total donations over 11 years with the latest contribution of $751.

David Pierce has donated $500 - again - his sixth $500 check since 2005, for a grand total of $3000.

Joe & Andrea Marietta have donated $407 in memory of racer Jeremy Gordon each year since 2008, always on July 7th. Their grand total now stands at $2035.

Patrick Ryan has donated $50 yearly since 2009, and this year, Ryan upped his donation to $100, for a grand total of $250.

Donations at the Roadracing World vendor booth at Laguna Seca included those made by Duane Taylor, $105; Keith Souter, $100; Kenneth Johnson, $20; Scott Osborn, $5; Adam Brick, $5; and Kevin Foster, $5. Souter's total donations have reached $1100, and each of the nine donations over the past five years were made in person at various events. However, he recently e-mailed to say that the website donation listing should read "Keith & Patti Souter."

Summary of Recently Posted Contributions

(Contributor comments and dedications are included below with their listing. Total overall contribution appears in parentheses.)


NESBA Road Atlanta Fundraiser $20,000 

NESBA Mid-Atlantic Region/NJMP Fundraiser $17,000 

Fastrack Riders $10,000 

Mike Moore Memorial Fundraiser $6103 

MCRA $4000 ($6000) 

Barber Motorsports Park Track Walk $1500 

Chris Pontrelli $1425 ($1725) In Memory of Mike Moore 

A Friend of Mike Moore $1026 

Traxxion Dynamics $751 ($12,501) 

David Pierce $500 ($3000) 

Roger Lyle $500 ($2700) "In Loving Memory and Honor of Al Wilcox" 

M1 PowerSports/Road Atlanta MonoTracer Rides Fundraiser $455 

Joe & Andrea Marietta $407 ($2035) In Memory of Jeremy Gordon 

Jeff Wood $400 ($1400) In Memory of Carl McAllister 

Eric Wood $310 ($2335) In Memory of Carl McAllister 

Jeffrey Headley $300 In Memory of Mike Moore 

James Curtis $250 ($300) In Memory of Mike Moore 

Ciaran Ward $250 

Steven Aspland $200 In Memory of Carl McAllister 

Paul Jakubowski $200 In Memory of Mike Moore 

Bruce Porter $200 

Zachary Smith $200 

Ryan Nelson $120 ($195) 

Duane Taylor $105 

John Scheehser $100 In Memory of Carl McAllister 

Roger Chang $100 In Memory of Carl McAllister 

Keith & Patti Souter $100 ($1100) 

George B. Leavell $100 ($150) "To all the racers! Thank you, John, for setting this up and producing REAL results!" 

Paul Bordelon $100 In Memory of Richard Haner 

Patrick Ryan $100 ($250) 

Ronald Lunsford $100 ($600) In Memory of Richard Haner 

Roy Payne $100 In Memory of Richard Haner 

Shane W. Liles $100 "Dedicated to the loyal riders of Tiger Trackdays, and the new NOLA Motorsports Park." 

Brian Donadio $100 In Memory of Mike Moore 

Joseph Ribaudo $100 In Memory of Carl McAllister 

Travis Boatwright $100 ($200) 

Craig Beardsley $100 ($1050) 

Scott Rosey $100 ($250) 

Steven Oeschger $75 In Memory of Carl McAllister 

Christopher Slay $55 ($555) 

Louis & Karen Witwer $50 

Donald Proctor $50 

Anonymous in Jasper, FL $50 ($300) "To Cover Wilson's Walls. Most tracks are now working hard to improve their scenic appeal. Blue and white Airfence stands out unfavorably against most natural backgrounds. Green and white, or just plain green, would blend with most any landscaping." 

Kaz Khumush $50 

Jeff Thacher $50 

Michael Curry $50 ($150) In Memory of Carl McAllister 

Robert Staropoli $50 

Rodney Comegys $50 

Evelyn Fisher $50 In Memory of Richard Haner 

Dave LaFrance $50 In Memory of Carl McAllister 

Law Offices of White & Associates $50 

Steven Richardson $30 

Scott Arneberg $25 "Foo gave me the pipe!" 

Kenneth Johnson $20 

Jorge Valencia $20 In Memory of Carl McAllister 

David J. Kopfinger $20 ($270) 

Patrick Tormey $10 In Memory of Al Wilcox 

Kevin Foster $5 ($15) 

Adam Brick $5 

Scott Osborn $5


AMA Pro Racing $2000

August 12, 2012 Accounting Details to Date 

Road Racing Expenditure Details

Purchase of Soft Barriers: $763,804.59

Shipping/Customs: $39,909.28

Bank Fees: $1061.16

Air Fence* Deployment Crew Training: $700

Transportation & Installation: $10,569.78

Soft Barrier Repairs $3500

Corporation/Business Fees: $3208

Online Auction Fees: $327.46

Printing Educational Materials: $346.42

Misc Supplies: $98.01

Total Spent: $823,524.70

Total Donations Collected: $918,077.72

Misc. Income: $145.74

Cash on hand: $94,698.76

Dirt Track Expenditure Details

Direct purchase of soft barriers: $66,839.35

Shipping/Customs: $2717.72

Transportation & Installation $2174.77

Total Spent: $71,731.84

Total collected: $87,551.97

Cash on hand: $15,820.13

All administrative costs have been absorbed by Roadracing World Publishing, Inc.

*Trademark of Airfence Safety Systems Australia.

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