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Mar 21, 2018

Andrew Lee Triumphs In AFM Formula Pacific Race At Buttonwillow

Andrew Lee (14) leads Bryce Prince (74) at Buttonwillow. Photo by Oxymoron Photography.

Andrew Lee takes the Formula Pacific win in AFM season opener

Despite all the predictions of rain, Mother Nature treated the AFM and its members kindly and all races were ran in the 2018 season opener March 17-18 at Buttonwillow Raceway Park, in Buttonwillow, California.

Formula Pacific sponsored by Hustle Hard Racing started with Andrew Lee and his Kawasaki ZX-10R qualifying on the pole with Chris Siglin, Cory Call and Jason Lauritzen filling out the front row. When the green flag was thrown, it was Lee with the holeshot and he would stretch that lead to almost one second by the end of lap one. However, Bryce Prince on his Yamaha YZF-R6, who started from the second row, would get a great start and put himself into the action with Siglin and Call and by the end of lap one. After following Call around Siglin and then passing Call, Prince put his head down and tried and reel in Lee.

Prince was gaining ground each lap and on lap six got a great drive out of the Bus Stop. As the two made their way around Riverside, Prince overtook Lee and led as they crested Phil Hill. Prince maintained the lead for a lap until they came around to start lap eight. Prince ran a bit wide coming onto the front straight and Lee squared it up and authoritatively shot by to take the lead as the two crossed the start/finish line.

The order would remain the same until the checkered flag, despite some more attempts by Prince. Call, on his beautiful BMW HP4, crossed the finish line third, after getting a little separation from fourth-place finisher Siglin, who rode a BMW S1000RR, and Lauritzen on his Kawasaki ZX-10R.

Lee would also score solid wins in the Open Super Stock and Open Superbike by Pacific Track Time races making it a hat trick and a great start for 2018 as he preps for MotoAmerica round one at Road Atlanta. It also couldn’t hurt that he also scored the hat trick for Kawasaki Team Green contingency as relates to the ZX-10R.

Prince also had a couple of great 600 races with Deion Campbell and Brandon Crawford. In 600 Superbike-Keigwins @ The Track race, Stephen Rue on his Honda CBR600 got the holeshot and led through Turn One but Crawford made a pass in Turn Seven and took the lead. However, Prince, who started from the fourth row, and Campbell, who started from the fifth row, sliced and diced their way through the field on lap one to follow Crawford across the line.

As the four of them made their way around, Prince made a pass on Crawford as they entered Turn Three and the four of them could be covered by a handkerchief as they went through Riverside. As they finished the lap, Prince moved into first with Campbell, Crawford and Rue in tow. On the fourth lap, Campbell took over at the front and held off Prince to the checkered flag.

In the 600 Super Stock-Keigwins @ The Track race, Rue and his Honda repeated the holeshot with Crawford on his rear tire, and in Turn Five Crawford would made the pass on Rue. Prince and Campbell, who again started deeper in the grid, were quickly working their way forward and latched onto Crawford as they came across the line on lap one.

Prince worked his way past Crawford on lap two and Campbell followed, setting up some exciting side-by-side racing. As the pair came up on lapped traffic, Campbell used it to his advantage and got by Prince and led the race for lap four. However, Campbell couldn’t clear himself from Prince, and on the last lap, Prince made a pass over Lost Hills and led as they took the checkered.

Jeffrey Tigert came out on Saturday to race a Yamaha YZF-R3 in the 350 Super Stock race and was introduced to Marc Edwards, who rode his Yamaha YZF-R3 and is looking to compete in MotoAmerica’s Junior Cup series this year. Edwards got the holeshot and made a break to get away from the rest of the grid, but Tigert, who started several rows back, got a great start and using all his experience, pushed the first couple laps to put himself in second and chasing down Edwards. Behind this duo was another duo of an older rider versus a younger rider with Paul Johnson using every bit of his wisdom to keep another MotoAmerica Junior Cup competitor Brett Voorhees behind him.

Tigert was showing his strength from Turn Four to the Bus Stop every lap and used that strength to pull up alongside Edwards in Riverside every lap, actually passing him at one point. But Edwards seemed to flex his strength after the Phil Hill section of track and would take advantage of some great drives plus weight advantage to keep Tigert at bay on the front straight. Edwards would take the win with Tigert closely following him across the line, and Johnson held off Voorhees to take the last podium spot.

Edwards would go on to four more decisive victories on Sunday including wins in the Formula Three-HM Quickshifter race by 10 seconds and the Lightweight Twins-Spears Racing race by 12.1 seconds while preparing for MotoAmerica Junior Cup action.

The AFM would also like to thank our 2018 Club Sponsors: Axial Video, Bay Area Riders Forum, CT Racing, Cycle Gear, GP Suspsension, Motion Pro Inc., and Oxymoron Photography for their support. Please contact to find out how you too can get involved.

AFemme by MC Tech: 1. Valentine Welch (Suz), 2. AJ Jacobsen (Kaw), 3. Shiree Cano (Tri).

AFemme Novice by MC Tech: 1. Ann Nguyen (Tri)

AFemme LT Novice by MC Tech: 1. Guadalupe Vega (Kaw), 2. Christine Padilla (Kaw), 3. Aliki Karayan (Kaw), 4. Carla Cruz (Yam), 5. Bridgette LeBer (Kaw).

Clubman LT-Cycle Gear: 1. Stephen Dummit (Suz), 2. Christian Payne (Kaw), 3. Nikolas Thompson (Kaw).

Clubman MID-Cycle Gear: 1. Jake Whitcomb (Yam), 2. Luis Nunes (Yam), 3. Samuel Gluss (Hon).

Clubman HVY-Cycle Gear: 1. John Doerheit (Yam), 2. Ian Tanner (Kaw), 3. David Thomas (BMW).

Formula Singles: 1. Thomas Kendall (Yam), 2. Darrin Gauvin (Hus), 3. Yuri Barrigan (KTM), 4. Norbert Katona (KTM).

Formula Singles Novice: 1. Jason Lopez (Yam).

Formula 40 LT: 1. Dave Moss (Yam), 2. Ian Smith (Kaw), 3. Charles Almy (Yam), 4. Mark Elrod (Hon), 5. Darrin Gauvin (Hus).

Formula 40 MID: 1. Stephen Rue (Hon), 2. Berto Wooldridge (Yam), 3. Thomas Montano (Hon), 4. Chuck Sorensen (Klx), 5. Micha Larson (Yam).

Formula 40 MID Novice: 1. Brian Kellogg (Suz), 2. Luis Nunes (Yam), 3. Haim Beressi (Yam).

Formula 40 HVY: 1. Cory Call (BMW), 2. Jason Lauritzen (Kaw), 3. Jeremy Simmons (Yam), 4. Austen Martin (Yam), 5. George Myshlyayev (Kaw).

Formula 40 HVY Novice: 1. Christopher Farros (BMW).

Formula 50: 1. Gavin Botha (Kaw), 2. Joe Hittner (Yam), 3. Darnell Dorsey (Suz), 4. Bud Anderson (BMW).

Legacy 250: 1. Jordan Edginton (Kaw), 2. Terry Cheney (Hon), 3. Soua Yang (Kaw), 4. Pao Yang (Kaw), 5. Paul Sturges (Kaw).

Legacy 250 Novice: 1. CJ Bonura (Hon), 2. Ben Vu (Kaw).

Legacy LW: 1. Chad O'Hara (Kaw), 2. Charles Almy (Yam), 3. Mark Elrod (Hon), 4. Brandon Souza (Yam), 5. William Thaw (Suz).

Legacy LW Novice: 1. Stephen Doumitt (Suz), 2. Max Zeronian (Yam).

Legacy MID:1. Keir Leonhardt (Suz), 2. Ben Hodges (Suz), 3. John Nguyen(Suz), 4. Roger Baker (Yam), 5. Jennifer Lauritzen (Yam).

Legacy MID Novice: 1. Samuel Gluss (Hon), 2. Jesse Quinionez (Kaw), 3. Dillon Curtis (Yam).

Legacy HVY: 1. Keir Leonhardt (Suz), 2. Ben Hodges (Suz), 3. Jeremy King (Kaw), 4. John Nguyen (Suz).

Legacy HVY Novice: 1. Jesse Wawrzyczek (Suz), 2. Ian Turner (Kaw).

Lightweight Twins by Spears Racing: 1. Marc Edwards (Yam), 2. Brett Voorhees (Yam), 3. Paul Johnson (Kaw), 4. Patryk Buchcik (Kaw), 5. Jay Kinberger (Yam).

Lightweight Twins Novice by Spears Racing: 1. Nikolas Thompson (Kaw), 2. Joshua Ly (Kaw), 3. Ramkumar Subramanian (Yam).

Open Super Stock: 1. Andrew Lee (Kaw), 2. Jason Lauritzen (Kaw), 3. Chad Swain (BMW), 4. Peter Fry (Yam), 5. Manuel Segura.

Open Super Stock Novice: 1. John Doerheit (Yam), 2. Ian Tanner (Kaw), 3. Jesse Warwrzyczek (Suz).

Open Superbike by Pacific Track Time: 1. Andrew Lee (Kaw), 2. Jason Lauritzen (Kaw), 3. Sebastiao Ferreira (Yam), 4. Jordon Edginton (Yam), 5. Tyler Wolters (Yam).

Open Superbike Novice: 1. John Doerheit, 2. Ian Tanner (Kaw), 3. David Thomas (Yam)

Open GP: 1. Cory Call (BMW), 2. Jason Lauritzen (Kaw), 3. Jordan Edginton (Yam), 4. Kevin Murphy (Suz), 5. Chad Swain (BMW).

Open GP Novice: 1. John Doerheit (Yam), 2. Ian Tanner (Kaw), 3. David Thomas (BMW).

Super Dino:  1. Ben Hodges (Suz), 2. Roger Baker (Yam), 3. John Nguyen (Suz).

Super Dino Novice: 1. Stephen Dummit (Suz), 2. Max Zeronian (Yam).

Vintage: 1. Carry Andrew (Kaw), 2. Terry Cheney (Hon), 3. Kevin McKee (Yam), 4. Mark McKinney (Yam).

Vintage Novice: 1. CJ Bonura (Hon).

250 Superbike: 1. Marc Edwards (Yam), 2. Paul Johnson (Kaw), 3. Jay Kinberger (Yam), 4. Brett Voorhees (Yam), 5. Patryk Buchcik (Kaw).

250 Superbike Novice: 1. Ramkumar Subramanian (Yam), 2. Niladhar Odisetti (Yam), 3. Moua Vang (Yam), 4. Joshua Ly (Kaw), 5. Nikolas Thompson (Kaw).

300 World Super Sport: 1. Marc Edwards (Yam), 2. Patryk Buchcik (Kaw), 3. Darin Wade (KTM), 4. Jack Roach (Kaw), 5. Clifton Randall (Yam).

300 World Super Sport Novice: 1. Christian Payne (Kaw), 2. Nikolas Thompson (Kaw), 3. Joshua Ly (Kaw).

350 Super Stock: 1. Marc Edwards (Yam), 2. Jeffrey Tigert (Yam), 3. Paul Johnson (Kaw), 4. Brett Voorhees (Yam), 5. Jay Kinberger (Yam).

350 Super Stock Novice: 1. Moua Vang (Yam), 2. Ramkumar Subramanian (Yam), 3. Joshua Ly (Kaw).

450 Super Stock: 1. Dave Moss (Yam), 2. Paul Johnson (Yam), 3. Ian Smith (Kaw), 4. Charles Almy (Yam), 5.Mark Elrod (Hon).

450 Super Stock Novice: 1. Michael Welch.

450 Superbike: 1. Dave Moss (Yam), 2. Charles Almy (Yam), 3. Paul Johnson (Yam), 4. Ian Smith (Kaw), 5. Mark Elrod (Hon).

450 Superbike Novice: 1. Mike Welch (Suz).

600 Super Stock by Keigwins@TheTrack: 1. Bryce Prince (Yam), 2. Deion Campbell (Yam), 3. Brandon Crawford (Yam), 4. Stephen Rue (Hon), 5. Ilya Roytman (Yam).

600 Super Stock Novice: 1. Austin Phillips (Yam), 2. Jake Whitcomb (Yam), 3. Nick Csik (Yam).

600 Superbike by Keigwins@TheTrack: 1. Deion Campbell (Yam), 2. Bryce Prince (Yam), 3. Brandon Crawford (Yam), 4. Stephen Rue (Hon), 5. Keir Leonhardt (Yam).

600 Superbike Novice: 1. Jake Whitcomb (Yam), 2. Nick Csik (Yam), 3. Brett Butler (Tri).

650 Twin: 1. Sam Romick (Suz), 2. Chad O'Hara (Kaw), 3. Aaron Tulchinsky (Yam), 4. Fabian Morales (Suz), 5. Lance Lewman (Suz).

750 Super Stock: 1. Ilya Roytman (Yam), 2. Robert Brittain (Yam), 3. Berto Wooldridge (Yam), 4. Harm Jansen (Yam), 5. Fabian Fernandez (Yam).

750 Super Stock Novice: 1. Nick Csik (Yam), 2. Jake Whitcomb (Yam), 3. Chris de Bar (Yam).

750 Superbike: 1. Fabian Fernandez (Yam), 2. Keir Leonhardt (Yam), 3. Robert Brittain (Yam), 4. Ilya Roytman (Yam), 5. Micah Larson (Yam).

750 Superbike Novice: 1. Nick Csik (Yam), 2. Samuel Gluss (Hon), 3. Brian Kellogg (Suz).

Formula I by AV Spaces: 1. Brandon Crawford (Yam), 2. Stephen Rue (Hon), 3. Berto Wooldridge (Yam), 4. Fabian Fernandez (Yam), 5. Ilya Roytman (Yam).

Formula I Novice: 1. Austin Phillips (Yam), 2. Nick Csik (Yam), 3. Samuel Gluss (Hon).

Formula II: 1. Yuri Barrigan (KTM), 2. Johnny Radavero (Yam), 3. Sergio Morales Galvan (Yam), 4. Nobert Katona (KTM).

Formula III by HM Quickshifter: 1. Marc Edwards (Yam), 2. Mark Fitzsimmons (Hon), 3. Brett Voorhees (Yam), 4. Thomas Kendall (Yam), 5. Patryk Buchcik (Kaw).

Formula III Novice: 1. Nikolas Thompson (Kaw), 2. Joshua Ly (Kaw), 3. Niladhar Odisetti (Yam).

Formula IV: 1. Sam Romick (Suz), 2. Aaron Tulchinsky (Yam), 3. Charles Almy (Yam), 4. Dave Moss (Yam), 5. Ian Smith (Kaw).

Formula IV Novice: 1. Michael Welch (Suz).

Formula Pacific by Hustle Hard Racing: 1. Andrew Lee (Kaw); 2. Bryce Prince (Yam), 3. Cory Call (BMW), 4. Chris Siglin (BMW), 5. Jason Lauritzen (Kaw), 6. Jordon Edginton (Yam), 7. Peter Fry (Yam), 8. Chad Swain (BMW), 9. Tyler Wolters (Yam), 10. Stephen Rue (Hon).