World Superbike And Support Class Regulations Updated For 2020

World Superbike And Support Class Regulations Updated For 2020

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FIM Superbike & Supersport World Championships

Changes to the Regulations for 2020

The Superbike Commission composed of Messrs Gregorio Lavilla (WorldSBK Sporting & Organization Executive Director), Takanao Tsubouchi (MSMA Representative) and Franck Vayssié (FIM CCR Director) in the presence of Mr Paul Duparc (FIM CCR Coordinator and secretary of this meeting) met in the Dorna Headquarters, in Madrid, on 27 November 2019.

The Superbike Commission made the following changes for the 2020 FIM Superbike & Supersports World Championships Regulations:


Sporting Regulations
Sporting and Disciplinary Regulations – Effective Season 2020

Various clarifications in order to simplify the rules and to adapt them to decisions taken during the season were adopted. The most emblematic decisions were as follows:


Track limits on the last lap of the race

Any excursions of track limits on the last lap of the race that may have affected a race result must indicate that the rider in question was disadvantaged. If the FIM Stewards panel decide that there is no clear disadvantage, the rider will be penalised with a change of position or a time penalty.


Black Flag with Orange Disk

In harmonisation with the EWC and GP Regulations, riders who are required to leave the track by display of this flag must be authorised by an official to re-join the track.


The Commission reminded everyone that the new standards established by the FIM for all circuit racing disciplines managed by the FIM. This means that the single enhanced standard for helmets, (replacing the various national standards used before) will be applied for the Supersport riders in 2020.


Materials Used in “Sliders”

Some riders use knee sliders to which had been added metal studs. The sparks generated could disturb the following riders. It will be therefore prohibited to manufacture or modify knee or other sliders to include any material that, when in contact with the track surface, may cause a visual disturbance to other riders.


Management of the hand carried generator during the start procedure:

The current regulations limit the use to a hand carried generator with a maximum output of 2 kw. Current practice is for generators to be incorporated into a service cart with toolboxes, spare wheels and other equipment. If generator/equipment cart, trolleys and airblowers must be removed from the grid as soon as the board “3 Minutes” is presented, for organisational reasons, it was clarified that these generators, must have been disconnected prior the board “3 Minutes” is shown.


Technical Regulations

Technical Regulations

The Superbike Commission approved a number of clarifications and editorials with regards to the Technical rules:


In Superbike:

* Wings and Aerodynamic Aids – For active or dynamic aerodynamic parts ONLY the standard homologated mechanism may be used. The range of movement must be the same as that used by the homologated road machine in normal use – not the mechanical maximum.

* Concession parts – updates

* Option parts – updates

* Rev limits – updates

* Tyre pressure – Riders may be stopped in the pit lane during the exit from the box at any time by the SBK Technical Director or his appointed staff to check the tyre pressure.

* Concession part – The ‘optional’ cylinder head as used by the reference team must be available from the concession parts supplier.

* Generator, alternator, etc.- Only the originally homologated or approved concession flywheel may be used.

* Frame and sub frame – Important clarifications.

* Wheels – Angled air valves are compulsory.

* Bottom streamlining section – Important construction requirements


In Supersport 600:

* Concession parts – Clarification

* Rev limit – new values (tbc)

* Minimum weight – new weight values (tbc)

* Tyres – maximum quantity, logistics (* timetable) and clarifications.

* Tyre pressure – Riders should be ready for possible tyre pressure control at any time in pitlane

* Camshafts – Clarification, price and availability

* Transmission – Important clarifications: definition, allowances and limitations

* Electrics and electronics – Important changes and clarifications

* Wheels – Angled air valves are compulsory


In Supersport 300:

* Tyre stickers – Logistics (* timetable)

* Tyre pressure – Riders should be ready for possible tyre pressure control at any time in pitlane

* Crankcase covers – made from titanium are no longer accepted/permitted.

* Rev limits – New rev limits for 2020 (tbc)!

* Control electronics – Clarification: a) only accepted those listed on the approved parts list.

* Software and firmware used must be from the list of legal software/firmware versions published at

* Additional sensors/channels permitted to be replaced are – Front speed sensor (From ABS sensor) and Barometric air pressure

* Where external modules (may be fitted) – additional clarifications

* Data loggers – additional clarifications

* Suspension – Clarifications * pre-load adjusters.

* Wheels – Angled air valves are compulsory

* Fuel tank – No heat reflective material permitted (attached) to the bottom surface of the fuel tank.

* Fairing: – Air ducts cannot be added if they are not present on the original machine.

The 2020 FIM Superbike & Supersports World Championships Regulations will be available at FIMLIVE.COM within the next weeks.

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