We Ask Willie G. Davidson Questions

We Ask Willie G. Davidson Questions

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We Caught Up to Harley-Davidson’s Willie G. Davidson in the paddock at Daytona and asked him some questions, as follows:

RW: There are three Buell motorcycles on the front row of the AMA Pro Thunder race. How does that make you feel?

Willie G. Davidson, “Very good. Lot of friends here, the riders as well as the builders. Daytona’s always a great place to get the season off to a good start, and it looks like we’re doing it well.”

RW: How commited is Harley-Davidson to getting the VR1000 up to where the Harley-Davidson name is in the industry?

WGD: “We’re very commited. As you probably have observed, we have new players, a new organization. We have some terific talent that we’re devoting to this. So the company has bellied up to the bar with people and resources. We’re gonna make it work.”

RW: How soon are we going to see results out of that program?

WGD: “Racing as you well know, you’re very much involved in it, it’s a series of events that takes maybe a lot of patience, and it does take time to develop things. We’re on a path for success. That’s about all I can really comment on right now.”

RW: Is there a VR1000 in the works for the street?

WGD: “I can’t comment.”

RW: When do you think that you would be able to comment?

WGD: “Maybe…well, just stay tuned.”

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